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Wing Commander CIC Mail Bag - August 10, 2004

In this edition of the Mail Bag Hades, LOAF, and ChrisReid return to critiquing emails sent to us.

Subj: I think you are making a mistake
Date: 7/27/04

Ended July 25, 2004
What do you think about Dr. Derek Smart making Freespace 3?
Excellent news!: 121 (25.31%)
That's great!: 28 (5.86%)
I'd play It!: 121 (25.31%)
Couldn't be happier!: 27 (5.65%)
What's Freespace?: 181 (37.87%)
Total Votes: 478

Your new poll doesnt suggest that WingCommander fans doesnt know what Freespace is, they are suggesting that they dont want Derek Smart, also known as the Infamous Flamer, to make another "sim".

Hades: Your email suggests that someone didn't get the joke.

Have you heard of Battlecruiser3000 AD? and its follow ups? All of them were seriously underproduced and had more dream features than real ones. Derek Smart is also a flamer/troll of the first degree and his exploits in that area, mostly defending his game and his reputation, can be found below link.

Hades: The CIC staff are veterans of which was subjected to crossposts from that comp.sys.sci-fi group. We've known about the stupid little flame war since before Derek Smart invented coke machines or whatever he did with them.

I suggest, that you first distribute that link to your Website, let them read, and THEN make a poll asking wether or not you want Derek Smart to make your games. Also do a check for Battlecruiser and read the reviews there.

ChrisReid: We mentioned that link on July 16, two weeks before you sent your email.

Plz dont reply to this message as it is a one-use account.

Hades: So you signed up to hotmail or whatever just so you could mail that to us? Were you scared that we were going to reply and make fun of you? You lose.

LOAF: Unfortunately, I've never heard of Battlecruiser3000 AD -- as recent polls have shown, Wing Commander fans are generally unfamiliar with other space sims. In one survey, a whopping 37.87% of Wing Commander fans had never even heard of Freespace - the game that killed the entire space sim industry!

TC: That's just confusing. :(

Subj: I really really need attention
Date: 6/25/04
From: Kazan

I do not, and will not, ever condone your irresponsible behavior in turning a single gaming series into a scapegoat for the poor actions of Electronic Arts. Just because their concepts for Privateer Online were compared to the currently existing FreeSpace 2. This does not substantiate your claim that "Because FreeSpace 2 sucks and failed that causes Privateer Online to get canceled".

We all know about the self-fullfilling prophecy the companies (EA, Interplay) and others setup in the Space Flight Combat Simulation Genre. The predicted that the genre was failing, so they insufficiently advertised new games in the genre, leading to the downfall of games in the genre! EA ignored the fact that the Wing Commander franchise had massive momentum behind it, and a large community looking forward to the next game, myself included. They squandered that opportunity and just about killed the series from a comercial standpoint!

Your immature attempts to silence someone who opposes you and finds your behavior absolutely deplorable are right in line with your personality. You are deplorable, you are not the kind of person I want representing Wing Commander.

I am working to support Wing Commander, I am donating my coding time to write features for use by the Wing Commander Saga. Soon I am starting a new game engine project and I hope to bring the Wing Commander Saga online as the dataset from which to test on. You are harming the Wing Commander Community by your immature and petty actions.

ChrisReid: Oh no! :O

Go ahead - .htaccess my * accounts, my * accounts and my * accounts [I highly caution against banning DOE subnets BTW]. It would just prove that everything I have ever said about you and your tyranical actions.

Hades: Oh no! Not the DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY! Please don't.. make my electricity bills more expensive or something.

LOAF: The best part is that we actually had to go to a message board about keeping Betta fish to find this. If we ban the DOE, their genetically enhanced super-fighting fish are going to mess us up (old-school). I think recent events have taught us that the one thing Freespace and Wing Commander fans have in common is that none of us can stand Kazan. And maybe that's a start.

Sent: Thursday, August 28, 2003 9:26 PM


Hades: What's a Cow Horse? That picture looks more like a dog to me.

ChrisReid: Scamper Hill?

LOAF: The Other Day, at the WORKING COW HORSE show...

KissmeBaby9x: Nice to meet you!
BadBoy: What's going down?
Kissmebaby9x: I have a dog named Whisle.
BadBoy: No you do not! NO YOU DO NOT!
Kissmebaby9x: I do! I do too!
BadBoy: The only way you could possibly expect me to believe is if you were to e-mail me a picture and a copy of the dogs supposed papers.
Kissmebaby9x: Maybe I will! MAYBE I WILL!

Subject: Contacting the CIC Staff
Date: 11/6/2003 1:16:57 PM Pacific Standard Time

Does this have anything to do with Sirius Satellite Radio?

sincerly, kristi sesso


Subj: Dear Human Resources Department
Date: 2/13/04

I am interested in securing a position with your company and would greatly appreciate your assistance on this matter. Throughout my career, I have been directly responsible for the successful planning, development and implementation of numerous systems and have experience with a broad set of applications including financial, investment, media, retail, CRM, B2B/B2C E-commerce, and the Application Service Provider (ASP) solution-delivery model.

In addition to my technical strengths, I also have considerable experience in the areas of sales and marketing, facilities and personnel management, and recruitment and team building.

I am accustomed to dealing with a diversity of personalities and skill-sets, and have the ability to effectively convey solution benefits and ROI to client technical and executive members. One of my strongest assets is my ability to function as a 'trouble-shooter', in that I can quickly bring resolution to lingering or dysfunctional issues. I also bring with me that critical ability to evaluate systems and implementations with regards to how they will affect the company's bottom line.

I am a U.S. citizen. I am well-traveled, and am open to extensive travel and/or relocation. I have attached my resume for your review. I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you further about my background, and the ways in which I can bring value to your organization.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Imran Anwar

Hades: Well, Inram. I'm glad you wrote. Kris has been demanding an obscene wage lately. Perhaps we can work something out. How good are you at insulting people?

LOAF: Dear Mister Anwar,

The Wing Commander Combat Information Center's Department of Human Resources has reviewed your recent application. We are pleased to offer you a highly paid position among our highly charged workforce.

That's exactly what I'd be saying if we were the worst company in the universe. Another thing I'd be saying is "You think we should produce a sequel to a crummy Descent spinoff? Sounds like money in the bank! Make sure the capships are BIG!"

ChrisReid: Thanks for the cover letter though, I'll be sure to use it when I search for a new job soon.

Subject: Request for linking to us from your resource page.
Date: 10/4/2003 3:20:41 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Good Afternoon:

Please consider adding a link to us on your resources page:

We are Foodservicedirect - a leading online supplier of restaurant supplies including cookware, glassware, bar supplies and paper supplies.

Thanks for your consideration!

Randy Smith
Marketing Services

Hades: Thanks, but we've already bought our supplies of CIC glassware.

LOAF: Jokes on you all when I open CIC: Hot Dogs next year.

ChrisReid: I'd kill for a hot dog with a CIC logo on it.

ChrisReid: Hey, even though it took us two years to do another mail bag, you really should send us submissions! Keep those emails coming! The Mail Bag depends on you! Email to contact us.

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