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Wing Commander CIC Mail Bag - The Lost Edition

Pampala Nyaa! In this edition of the Mail Bag TC, Hades, LOAF, ChrisReid, Kris and Byydo are confronted with their horrible terrifying pasts, except not Kris, because he's scared of the past and doomed to repeat it.

Subj: SO virus
Date: 98-08-27 18:27:38 EDT
From: (McCoy, Mike)
To: (''), ('')

Here's the official statement:

ORIGIN understands that some of the files from the initial Secret Ops downloads were infected with the CIH virus. The infected files were present on the "East" Secret Ops FTP server between the hours of noon and 2:30 PM, CST Thursday, August 27. These infected files have been removed and replaced with clean, uninfected files that are now available for download. If anyone downloaded files during this time, please consult the McAfee web site for information on how to scan your files for the CIH virus. The web site can be located at: (the site address is case dependant)

We regret that this virus was found in the Secret Ops files. Thanks for your patience and understanding.


I've posted this to the SO chat board.



TC: That sure sucked for the total of three people at the time that I knew with broadband...

ChrisReid: Let's see.. Hadrian.. Dundradal.. and that's all I can think of.

Hades: Wizzy, as he then called himself. Yay, three.

ChrisReid: Did he really? I thought about mentioning him.. but for some reason I thought he got cable later. He'd have been the type of person to have it in 1998 though.

Subj: AAAAH!
Date: 1/22/99 7:24:04 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Evan Adnams)

I was just looking at the front page and noticed somthing was different, for some reason we have Arial set as the font for the news. This is no simply bad. Arial is and never was meant to be used as anything but a title or headline. How did this happen? This needs to be changed quickly....It doesnt match the rest of the site. It also is wrong from the design point of view.

ChrisReid: AAAAH!


TC: Hadrian, when will you learn? Arial should also be used for captions and tables!

LOAF: Get out of the way, please, oh, my, this is terrible, oh, my, get out of the way, please! It is burning, burst into flames and is falling on the mooring mast and all the folks we...this is one of the worst catastrophes in the world!...Oh, it’s four or five hundred feet into the sky, it’s a terrific crash ladies and gentlemen...oh, the humanity!

Hades: One day we should change the font to Comic Sans MS and really scare the crap out of him.

Subj: Re: Trivia - August 3, 1998
Date: 98-08-03 18:21:57 EDT
From: (Barrie Almond)
To: (Christopher Reid)

I love these techie questions...can do 'em right away. :)

ChrisReid: Nobody thought this email was funny, but me. I thought it contained a clever connection for those reading between the lines. See, this was sent before the CIC opened and Hades liked techie questions. Then years later Hades made CIC Green (and today CIC Green Advance) which was the ultimate WC techie resource. See, that's funny. Ha ha! Silly Hades.

Q97: Tigershark, Wasp, Epee.
Q98: Shrike, Scimitar.
B49: Dragonfly rocket.

Barrie "Cpl_Hades" Almond

Subj: Trivia
Date: 98-08-11 15:12:49 EDT
From: (Barrie Almond)

Hey Chris. Last ever trivia for me, unless you change the rules and let me play CIC trivia :)

Q99: Tyr VII

Q100: Abducted from a relay station in the Hhrass system, recovered from Dula VII

B50: Let see...there was Cobra, who was held for 10 years in a slave labor camp, Dr Severin who was taken prisoner for a year, an inmate on Alcor V, Chris Blair who was sorta held in captivity in that WCA episode 2 by those rebel guys, Maniac who was with Blair in that WCA episode, Angel who was held on Kilrah in 2669, Maniac who I think officially was captured by a Kilrathi Dreadnought for a short time after his eject pod was picked up on Kilrah on the T-Bomb run, and Dekker who was kept in a Kilrathi POW/Slave Labor camp after being captured during Repleetah.

That's all that I can think of right now. I don't know how many of those qualify either. Oh well, maybe that'll be just enough to get me to the scoreboard number 10 slot. Doubt it but it'd be nice. :)

ChrisReid: See, the humor is in how long and funny his response to B50 is..

Barrie "Cpl_Hades" Almond

LOAF: Also in that his last name is 'Almond'. Heh heh, Nut-Boy.

Subj: Trivia
Date: 98-08-17 08:08:07 EDT
From: (Barrie Almond)
To: (Chris Reid)

Here's some more bonus question answers. I hope this gets to you before you finish up because my ISP has outage problems (again) right now. Here goes:

Dr. Brody held on the Black Lance base in 2673 Jason Bondarevski held prisoner by Kruger. Thrakhath held on the Bonnie Heather. Blair held on TCS Gettysburg by mutineers. Jason Bondarevski held on TCS Concordia. Scorpion was captured on Ayers Rock (Well kinda. For a short while until he was killed anyway) Daughter of Senator Noram Blagger kidnapped by a weird freak (OK, I'm getting desperate now:) Admiral Tolwyn held for a short time aboard BWS Intrepid in 2673. Blair held by those weird alien things in that "Lords of the sky" WCA episode. Maniac held same as above. Philip, Spirit's fiancé held at the Heaven's Gate starbase.

ChrisReid: Shut up.

Hades: Hey, it was one point per person and *you* forced me to think of a lot of people so I could get up to #10 on the scoreboard so quit blaming me. :(

LOAF: Those aliens had a name! It was... uhm... hmm. Dioscurians!

Barrie "Cpl_Hades" Almond

LOAF: Heh heh heh.

Subj: Congradulations, guys!
Date: 98-08-16 22:45:24 EDT
From: (Ben Lesnick)
To:, CReid1701@AOL.COM,,,

Heya CIC staff (and Boomer), just wanted to drop you all a line to congradulate you all on the great job you've been doing, as that we just reached 10,000 hits! (G) Everybody's done better than I ever expected, you're all a credit to the Confederation and such:) Thanks for all of your help, lets keep this pace up...:) Quick status report, I'm hoping we can get our new Secret Ops site up by Wednesday, but I'm worried about meeting the timeline deadline... there's always hope (G) Anyway, great job guys, you've done excellent work and deserve all the praise we've been getting:)

TC:Now, let's look at the timeline's progress...

August 23rd 1998 News Update:
Sorry, due to technical problems (24 hour installation of Windows 98 and an addiction to DVDs) the timeline is delayed for a few days. Expect it up soon, sorry about that.

ChrisReid: Wow, LOAF had DVDs back in 1998

December 19th 1998 News Update:
... the Encyclopedia and Timeline are coming along well, and let me apologize for not having them done once again. They're gonna be pretty cool, though... it's really what I've always wanted to do for WC

August 10th 1999 News Update:
...And me? Well, I've decided to release the first part of the CIC's Wing Commander Timeline. This is the first of three segments, this one covering the pre-war era. I'm leaving to drive to UT tomorrow, and the second part (the war) will be posted when I return.

December 15th 1999 News Update:
Good news: expect a new part to the timeline real soon now (tm)!

Yay, it's been four years now! At least the rest of the timeline's been roughed out. :)

ChrisReid: See, it's like what they say about fine wine and children's chewable vitamins. They only get better with age. Except it's not really like that, but they do say "It's only delayed until it's released."

LOAF: Dash. Well, in my defense... I hate you all very much.

Long live the Confederation,
Ben "Bandit" Lesnick
The Wing Commander CIC
"You go, Loaf! Get some!" - JPG

Subj: Re: Trivial Comp... nevermind
Date: 98-03-30 17:49:34 EST
From: (Ben Lesnick)
To: (CReid1701)

Hehe, it may be a bit of a wait, Akkie pie decided to take my update for the other day, rid it of several posts and put his name on the remaining one:) I've sent him an update about the WOO stuff, but the lowdown is that P3 is not cancelled, it's just been delayed to add multiplayer, and that this June we're getting a WCP addon w/ new weapons, 48 new missions and a new plot...:)

LOAF: I think the joke here is that I hate Akkbar, but I really really like pie. Yes? No.

Long live the Confederation,
Ben "Bandit (LOAF)" Lesnick

Subj: Piss and Whistles
Date: 98-05-11 00:19:01 EDT
From: (ace Hyphen One)

God I was hoping I'd never be one of those pathetic people that had to go and send a desperate e-mail to everyone they knew and tell them how they're having computer problems and apologizing for being dead. Oh well...

TC: Why is the subject 'Piss and Whistles'? Because, really, I can't see how it relates to either piss or whistles. Overall, the message, in light of this, left me disappointed.

Subj: Re: Piss and Whistles
Date: 98-05-11 00:45:54 EDT
From: (Jukaga nar Ki'ra)

God I was hoping I'd never be one of those pathetic people that had to go and send a desperate e-mail to everyone they knew and tell them how they're doing research papers and going to be taking finals and apologizing for being brief, untalkative, and generally antisocial. Oh well...

Subj: Re: Piss and Whistles
Date: 98-05-11 03:14:00 EDT
From: (Ben Lesnick)
To: (Jukaga nar Ki'ra)

Byydo wrote:

Dash it all, but I was hoping I'd never be one of those pathetic people that emails things to a frickin list of people that actually includes himself to tell them stuff and then apologizes for it. Anyway, sorry...

(erm, get better soon ace 'n Byyd...)

Subj: To the ops of #Wing-Commander
Date: 98-06-20 09:55:48 EDT
From: (Wayne Howard)

Hello, Friends!

ChrisReid: It doesn't get much more classic than this.

With the coming of Secret Operations, we can expect good attendance, I think. And this would be a good time to go over some of out goals for the channel, and to reconsider what is expected of us as ops.

ChrisReid: Woah, don't rock the boat with your radical theories! New WC game? Good attendance? Who'd have thought?

1) Please don't ridicule the guests for saying stupid stuff. It's best to either discuss the issue courteously, or just ignore the silly comments. But please don't demean anyone with sarcasm. And the guests are allowed to disagree with our personal views on things, or to take unpopular positions without being made to feel small.

ChrisReid: We sure learned our lesson!

2) Try to just answer questions in good spirits, even if that's the twentieth time you've heard that particular question that day. It may not be new to you, but it's Big News to the person who asked it.

TC: If questions like "How long is the Tiger's Claw" are Big News (tm) to anyone, I'd say they should probably shoot themselves.

ChrisReid: I think I just heard a gunshot in Oxford, Connecticut.

3) Please be careful about 'kidding' with ppl. On IRC, you it's sometimes hard to judge a person's mood, and if the person has had a bad day, kidding can come off as cruelty.

ChrisReid: Wow, I thought that said "kidnapping" people. We're not that bad.

TC: Sadly, cruelty can also come off as kidding, ruining the intended effect.

4) Our purpose is to have a friendly, comfortable place to chat that feels warm and inviting to the guests. That's not always easy to do, given the various -occasionally clashing- personalities, but let's try anyway. :)

5) Kicking stinks. It's a last resort for those who intentionally are making trouble. In most cases you can take care of the situation in private message, gently asking the person to calm down or whatever. And please use respect and tact in your warnings. The idea is to defuse the situation, not exacerbate it.

TC: Kicking is a very good way to defuse the situation. :( It's like if you were to take half a bomb, and give it a good kick away from another half of a bomb

ChrisReid: Why would you only kick half the bomb away from you?

6) Finally let's all keep in mind the standard stuff. Try to greet the guests as they come and go, and basically to help them have a good time.

LOAF: 'Help them have a good time' makes #Wing-Commander sound a lot like a brothel. Also, how he was always trying to make us have sex with people for money.

And let's have a good time ourselves. We have a heck of a lot to look forward to.

Please let me know of any questions, comments of problems you may have with any of this, and we'll work it out. I'd appreciate your feedback!

LOAF: "We'll work it out" is Eagle-speak for "I'll secretly ban you in a fit of jealousy." But I'm not bitter. No-sireee.

Mmm, pit of jello-sy.


Subj: Stop changing Akkbar's site, either make your own or leave it the way it was..
Date: 98-06-25 20:11:44 EDT
From: Josh Patterson

Did Akkbar say you could change WCHS like you have? It is his site by personal copyright, and you have just gone ahead and changed it (staff page for example.) If you want you own site, make your own design and name. Leave WCHS to it's creator. Show some creativity and leave his design alone. He will be back I am sure, I'll bet he is just taking a break. Either restore it to the way it was back at or make your own till he gets WCHS up at a new permanent home. Don't steal his ideas

LOAF: Hey! Remember when we took over WCHS? That was fun, we should do that again. Does Akkbar have any other stuff we could take?

Hades: Akkbar owes you one third of a 3Dfx card. With interest and inflation, he probably owes you a whole card by now.

ChrisReid: Yeah, he owes me one too. God damn, I remember telling people in 9th grade I had one coming. Then there was that whole thing about him lying about having one and it burning out. Good memories, not funny for everyone else I suppose though.

A concerned Wing Commander Fan

Subj: Re: Stop changing Akkbar's site, either make your own or leave it the way it w
Date: 98-06-25 20:20:07 EDT
From: (Ben Lesnick)
To: Josh Patterson

Fear not, moron, we're doing just that.

ChrisReid: And we did! And now it's four years old.

Subj: Re: News
Date: 07/10/98

In a message dated 98-07-10 15:10:16 EDT, you write:

(( If you want to put our heads together on this over the weekend, email me at ))

How about That was our third choice since is already taken. The CIC wont be just news, but it's an easier and catchier url for us. Thanks,

ChrisReid: Woohoo!

Chris Reid

PS.. just kidding about the sort of..

TC: Damn you Chris Reid Co. of New York city. You ruined the dream.

LOAF: If there's one group that stood to benefit from the recent post-terrorism flag-buying, it was the Chris Reid Co. of New York City... although they seem to have gone out of business. Maybe the were destroyed! Irony!

Hades: Quick! Get ready to register when it expires!

Subj: Re: Fwd: News
Date: 98-07-13 13:25:30 EDT
From: (Ben Lesnick)

(( would be fine, but I'm like you.. it sounds kinda umm.. limiting (if not 'dry'). Doesn't communicate this is the 'locus' of wc fan activity. It *is* the center of activity isn't it ;) Guess that's why I was suggesting 'hq', or something along those lines.

Just suggestions tho. (none of which are 'catchy' ;) Want to keep brainstorming? Or you wanna go for wcnews? We got time ;) ))

Back! I polled some other WingNuts, and they all seemed to like best, even though the site isn't only news... plus, sites with the word news in the URL are usually more than just news, so I don't really think that'll be much of a problem... Anyway, lets go with, unless you have any other ideas (G)?

Long live the Confederation, Ben "Bandit" Lesnick

LOAF: I'll dry you, Boomer!

ChrisReid: And there we go. History in the making. We'll be back to normal next time, and we kept all the emails you sent. Keep them coming! Click here or email to contact us.

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