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Wing Commander CIC Mail Bag

Welcome back to the WC CIC Mailbag, as painfully overdue as it is. In this edition, Death gives an unusually serious answer to set a WC fan straight, followed immediately by him, LOAF, Kris, Trelane, Hades and Byydo mocking various people.

Subj: swc
Date: 5/4/2001 6:44:41 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Death : I'm not sure I want to know what prompted this username...



I have a suggestion about adding a swc section to the ships database on the wc cic website. plese respond.


Death : The ships in Super Wing Commander are the same as in WC1 and its add-ons. The differences in appearance don't necessarily make them different ships, just like the different look of the Kilrathi in each game that involved them don't make the Kilrathi all of different races.

LOAF : Still, here's a nifty index of all the SWC ship pictures that I made just for you. Hit me.

Death : Now on to the mocking...

Subj: Blawblawblawblawblawblaaaaaaaw...
Date: 5/6/2001 1:21:31 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Mailbag! Hi ChrisReid! ^_^ And Cpl Hades, and Death&Byddo... Interesting. I didn't know ChrisReid went to UW. My dad went to UW. Did you know it takes about 28 drops of blood to fill one of those little medicinie vials? Not that I'd know anything about that... PLease post this on Mailbag so you can mock me relentlessly in MST3K style. I'll even throw in some incoherent babbling for you...heheheh GoGOlLDFISH LIKEY! IF tHE CHOW mOoSS, wearI it! mOVE tHE horSIe!!!!! ^_^;;;;; Um, gotta go drink more Carbonated Sugar Water now...Ciao!

Death : For some reason, I don't think I can mock Bob any more than he's mocked himself. Though, the silly anime-type emoticons are deserving of special ridicule, or would be if some dimbulbs wouldn't jump in with the "racist" accusation BS.

Cpl Hades : It's a shame Byydo isn't around right now to hurt people who spell his name wrong. Although I'm not quite sure myself why I'm responding to such a blatant attempt at attention seeking.

Bob McDob
Fear me!

Death : Will you settle for us laughing at you instead?

From: PrinceThrakhath
To: CIC Chat Zone

No listen up you little american collage baby face. Every single American solider can talk to me in this way and I'll know its meant for fun. But if some stupid asshole like you starts talking with me like that, then its over.

LOAF : In eight or nine years you'll turn eighteen, and you'll have the option to join the military. I urge you not to do so. You are, quite clearly, the biggest problem with the armed forces. You're the reason that there is so much dislike of them among the civilian population.

Death : Somehow, I can't help but laugh at the thought of some mental 12 year old calling me or any of the other CIC staffers "baby face". Not, mind you, that I really try to stop the laughter. Oh, and newsflash, you sorry-assed wannabee soldier boy (I don't buy your claims for a minute; I was in the military, and know/knew quite a few military people, and even the immature ones showed far less immature stupidity than you continue to show), the "collage [sic] baby face" types are the folks who pay the federal bills. Without the citizens contributing their hard-earned dollars, the military wouldn't be worth 2 squirts of warm urine.

Don't start up with some lame "you don't understand" comment, as I was there, unlike you. I very much understand in a way you couldn't possibly fathom.

The Academy thing I mentioned being nuts is critizised by many many people WITHIN your so great military. And that for a good reason. That's all I wanted to say with that comment. And I had much nice discussions about that with some US soldiers. And for talking about you kicking out butts in some world wars, then go study some history lessons or join the military yourself.

Trelane : What exactly does this mean? There have been two World Wars and Germany lost both of them. I knew that before I even took any History courses and how does joining the military help make this fact any more evident?

Not a single soldier on this world, no matter from what country would have insulted be in such a stupid way. But you college babe think you are allowed to ha?

LOAF : You're that pathetic element thereof that has no respect for his duties -- who simply wishes to be lauded for having said duties. "Oh, I'm in the military, that makes me more special than everybody else, since I'm defending them", you seem to have decided. You clearly haven't learned that the military is simply part of society -- a valuable part, but no more important than anything else. You're doing a job -- this doesn't give you the right to think that you're better than anyone. One of the things you're theoretically defending is my ability to "insult you in such a stupid way". Thinking otherwise makes you a hypocrite.

Death : Here's a big bright-neon-sign hint for you, Thraky: You are not a soldier, and even if you were you're no more important than the tens of millions of other people who have fought, bled, and died for their country, and they are no more special than the hundreds of millions of people out there who were and are earning a living, and in the process providing the funding that makes the military possible. Get off your high horse before you get a nosebleed from the altitude.

I've always tried to talk with you about WC. I also never was afraid to be corrected if I was wrong with something. But for some reason you and your asskisser club (Yes Vanhecke, you're one of them) think you have always to insult people who try to talk on a same-level basis.

Trelane : I'm not sure exactly who the Asskisser Club is, perhaps you're referring to LOAF's Merry Guild, which is club involving much ass-kissing, but is entirely unrelated to this CZ. Anyway, just because Kris or any of the other administrators sides with LOAF doesn't mean they're kissing his ass.

Death : My guess is he's referring to the CIC staff, offhand. As for the asskissing accusation, it's easier for simple minds to blame someone else for their own personal problems than to admit that they might be the problem, and not a victim of a problem caused by someone else.

I don't go here to kiss your feet. I come here sometimes to talk if I see an interesting topic. But now its finally over. I am not here to be insulted by some idiots who think they are something better and praise themselves with stuff they haven't even done a fart for.

LOAF : Here's a shocker: Your opinion is not more important than mine because you're in the Air Force! And being in the Air Force does not give you a carte blanche to offend everyone else with impunity as you did below. You perform a duty just like everybody else here. Only you, however, seem to think it's especially important -- Chris Reid sells video games, but he doesn't go around snapping at everybody who doesn't like Half-Life.

Byydo : I told Chris Reid that Diablo was boring, and he STABBED ME IN THE LUNG.

LOAF : You also, apparently, have some very serious anger management issues... saying incredibly stupid, rediculous things like you ended your last post with indicates all the more that you'd be a very bad soldier... (perhaps the sort responsible for the aforementioned horrific defeats <G>?)... Which is to say, get some help. We're all happy to discuss Wing Commander with you -- despite your disgusting actions at agwc and your web site -- but if you attack us, we will defend ourselves. Very well, apparently.

You should really think about the way you are handling other people. YOu have pissed me off for a very long time now..

LOAF : Perhaps you should consider the fact that you're one angry young man among thousands of people who are happy here -- maybe you are the problem?

Death : Again, it's easier for simple minds to say others should change, instead of looking at the possibility that the simpleton may need to change.

Besides, if you're getting "pissed" over words regarding a fictional game universe, then maybe you should consider looking into anger management classes.

somehow I always came back and tried again on a normal level..mainly because I like WC...but now it over. This entire CIC community may have big knowledge but also consists of the biggest assholes I've ever met. Now kick me out of this crap if you feel better then, I won't come back anyway. You just have crossed the line. Better never meet me in real life college boy or I'll rip your ass off that bad that you'll never know again if you are boy or girl

LOAF : Are you coming on to me?

Trelane : Who wants to bet that he's lying and will actually come back? Aside from this being a serious threat to one's physical well-being (if someone were to say this to me in real life, I would probably call the police and have him arrested,) I also just don't understand it. Is "college boy" supposed to be an insult? There are millions of college students in the US alone, I don't understand why anyone should feel that going to college is a bad thing. Second, if I was going to attack someone I would try to do something more effective than "ripping their ass off". It isn't a easily detachable body part and would take a great deal of effort to rip off.

Now so this won't be interpreted as a personal attack against one individual, here's a quote from a thread I read a couple days ago: "idiot of the year 2001.. shut the fuck up unless you actually know what you're talking about".

Face it, LOAF knows more about Wing Commander than everybody. He could probably knows more WC trivia than everyone who's even worked for Origin. If he says something about WC, he knows what he's talking about and probably has several sources to prove it. So basically, don't bother trying to argue with LOAF over the validity of a WC fact, because he's right. Just accept it.

Byydo : You know, I sort of missed this whole conversation and have absolutely no idea what's going on here, so, uhh, here's a picture I took last month in Japan.

Don't ask.


Death : ... and good riddance.

Kris : For the first time in its 36 month existence, the CIC Mail Bag will reply to an editorial. Enjoy!

Hi Wing Commanders! We haven't mentioned them before, because we wanted to keep this site out of trouble.

Kris : Hehehe. You should have thought of that before you started copying our content.

Death : Why keep it out of trouble? That's just about the only time the site gets acknowledged anyhow.

But today I found and read something I really couldn't believe. The Wing Commander Combat Information Center, one of the biggest fan pages about Wing Commander on the net, has released this article/editorial one week ago. I won't do what I'd like to now: commenting it.

Kris : It's hilarious how he then goes on... to comment on it!

Instead I want you, the visitors of this page, to go there and read it for yourself. Then go to #wing-commander and the WCDC's message board and judge for yourself. The 'jealous guy', how the CIC called the founder of #wing-commander, is one of the most decent men I've ever met in my life.

Kris : A decent guy? What awful, awful people you must hang out with the rest of the time then.

Death : Yes, Eagle-1 is so decent that he kicks and bans random people just because they also go to #wingnut, or are connected in any way, no matter how remote, with the CIC.

That's sarcasm, for those without the proper browser plug-in.

And Maverick_^ - he told me that he hasn't visited the #wingnut channel for over 4 months and had never written a single insulting e-mail to the CIC. Since I know this guy for a while I do believe him. But my personal opinion doesn't matter here.

Kris : If you believe the guy who's always harassed us, then I guess it's true that your opinion doesn't matter.

Byydo : Wait, is this the same guy as before? He was a lot meaner last time. This is confusing :(

Come and find out yourself. You can find a 'how-to ' text here, if you don't know how to join the #wing-commander channel. I am not a guy who tells people what opinions they should have. I ask them to look at the facts and find out the truth themselves.

Kris : For anyone thinking of asking about us in #wing-commander, be warned that mentioning the CIC results in getting "the talk" from the 'decent' Eagle-1, if you're not instantly kicked and banned.

Death : Ah, but you see, if they go to #wing-commander they don't get the risk of having their theories, accusations, and other assorted crap shot down. Whereas if they go to #wingnut, where the CIC staff usually hangs out, they may have to actually defend their comments. Lord knows we can't have that!

Oh..another thing. We've received a not very nice e-mail, insulting us for not telling you, who won the mentioned WC Development Team patches . Well.. we originally thought you are intelligent enough to just visit the auction and look yourself, but ok..LOAF did win it. He's also they guy who wrote the article above and who is leading the CIC, in case you don't know him.

Kris : The seller had the picture of these patches up on, so I assume it was a bit of a 'WC Revival exclusive' (the seller had also asked us to report on the auction, though). There's no reason why you shouldn't have reported on the outcome of the auction. You chose not to, because it just so happened that a CIC staff member had won. And I really like how you insulted your readers' intelligence there. Now that's good journalism!

There also is no 'CIC leader', you should hate us all equally.

Cpl Hades : Besides that, what has that got to do with us? The email you are referring to wasn't sent by a member of the CIC staff. Yay for guilty by association!

However..this will be the first and last time we'll ever mention the CIC again on this site. This is for personal reasons

Kris : Sure. We understand you can't mention the site whose news you blatantly steal. Afterall, we're just collage babyfaces!

and we hope you'll understand that we don't like to cooperate with people who keep openly insulting us and other wing commander fan pages.

Thanks for listening :)

Kris : No, thank you.

Death : Thank you for providing a laugh, WC Revival. I needed it.

Byydo : You know, this reminds me of an episode of Lupin III I saw in Japan... It was all in Japanese, so I had no idea what the hell was going on, but I watched it anyway. In the end, this guy with a sword (I think his name was Goemon) sliced Lupin's car in half right down the middle, which made Lupin really mad- so then Lupin tried to run down the samurai guy with the remaining 1/2 of his car, which for some reason still worked okay. The two of them disappeared into the sunset as the credits rolled.

Kris : Lunix power-users are our superiors!

Subj: Help Wing Commander win the "port to linux" vote
Date: 4/28/2001 10:13:16 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (HellcatV HellcatV)

Wing Commander is lagging about halfway through the games list...we need to make sure Wing Commander is ported to linux so it lives past the demise of windows! and thus is with us for all eternity

Death : Yes, of course a company that makes billions of dollars of profit a year, and has been making money for almost two decades now is fated to die, just like a propellerhead OS is guaranteed to be on everyone's computers by some magical transformation of bits on hard drives. How could I have missed that? Thank you so very much for pointing that out to me.

(I suppose I could've just suggested that he up the dosage on his meds, but "Windoze drools, Linux rules!" morons hold a special place on my List Of People That Annoy Me, and are worth the extra effort for sarcasm.)

Cpl Hades : Irony of the Moment : Hellcat ported his Linux game to.. Windows! Shame no one will be able to play it once all copies of Windows in the universe magically implode.

Remember, folks, we can only do the next edition of the mailbag if we get letters. Feel free to send in stuff to, and we'll reply as soon as is convenient for us. Like after our first cup of coffee.

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