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Wing Commander CIC Mail Bag

Today ace, Byydo, Chris Reid bravely battle the forces of evil in a heroic attempt to rid the world of stupidity.

Old Granny Porno

Brian F. (Sly)

Not really Wcnews at ALL is what I'm saying here. My name is Sly. Familiar? It should be, 'cause I'm the guy who's two Angelfire Websites you royally fucked over.

Yeah, that was hilarious.

I didn't know Hotlinking cost you guys money, and I didn't know of any other way to HTML the awesome pics on your page to mine.

you can copy/paste the URL, but you can't store the file on your own server? I believe you.

So, four months of work on one of my pages goes down the crapper, and the other one, you perverts posted old granny porno on it!

What, you can't get a new account and reupload your site? And for the record : they both had a variety of pornography on them. Every image you hotlinked had been replaced.

Now believe it or not, I'm being nice here. I have friends who could screw up your pages and comps so bad...but I'm not going to.

Trelane's tip of the day: I'm only a biggot in the safety of my own home.

I just wanted you to know how DISGUSTED I was with what you people did. If you didn't like the Hotlinking Issue, you COULD HAVE E-MAILED ME AND TOLD ME TO CUT IT OUT. I would have stopped.

What would you have stopped? Would you have stopped loading the graphics directly from our server? What upset us the most (and excluded any kind of dialogue) was the fact that you neglected to give even the slightest bit of credit to the artists who made the artwork.

But now, instead you decided to delete four months worth of work and make the other one old granny porn.

It was Angelfire who decided to delete your account. And they would have done so with or without the pornography, because you were violating a copyright.

Sorry guys, but you sicken me. I don't care how many people view your site, but you just lost one viewer. : (

If you screw with the bull, you get the horns. Plain and simple. Don't ever hotlink, and always credit people for their work.

A special never-before-published Mail Bag response from before Byydo crossed the great sea to the west or whatever that place is that Bilbo Baggins or whoever went in the end of The Lord of the Rings.


Dear Ace and Byddo,

I have a few questions on a variety of subjects.

First of all, I'd like to ask about future Wing Commander games, both online or off. I always came to a Wing Commander game after it had been out for about a year. What are the signs that a new Wing Commander is on the way. Can you see it in the stares, do they have official press releases, can you throw the bones of chickens on the ground and interpret them so as to know when it will come out? Just wondering because I've never known before a game came out so this whole anticipation thing is new to me.

Press releases and magazine/online previews are the traditional way, but I wouldn't rule out daemonic invocation, since that's the only reliable way to get a realistic release date.

Second, just how cannon are the novels. For example, in WC3 book, Vaquero dies over Kilrah. Would he be considered dead in the WC universe? Just an example.

They're supposedly all canon, except for the parts where they directly conflict with the game, in which case the game takes precedence.

Third, what is the CIC's connection with Origin in any official or un-official way?

The CIC resides on a web server owned and administered by Origin, but they are not involved with the content of the site.

Fourth, How do they make the jello into cubes on the jello commercials? Is there an invention called a jello cuber or do they put it in ice cube trays?

I think they use a pair of high-frequency MASERs to separate the Jell-o atoms on a subatomic level. Then they simply pour heavy water (D2O) onto the mass to cool it below critical, absorb the excess Jell and O particles, and wash the blood off. At least that's what LOAF told me.



Yay, more old Byydo!

Christine Little

Dear ace and Byydo,

First I want to say I really like WC, in fact it's the only science fiction thing I like in any way. It's also my favorite computer game. In most games the entire thing is centered on blowing things up. Or kiling communists. Or killing monsters. Or something equally pointless.

Killing communists isn't pointless, it's a way of making the world safer for carpet-bagging robber barons and their amoral thieving fascist practices.

Wing Commander is the only game that i've played that actually has a good story. I found that the story was best in Wing Commander 2, even though it was just a cartoon. Wing commander 3 was good too, but I thought that blowing up Kilrah was a bit extreme. Also, most of the Humans had a blind hatred to Kilrathi, not like in WC2 when enemy civlians were not targeted. I remember once in Special Ops 1 (I think) a Confed Commodore was actualy court martialed for firing on Kilrathi civilian transports leaving Ghorah Khar. Also, in WC2 not all Kilrathi hated humans. Ghorah Khar and some other planets actually defected to the Confederation. I found the Kilrathi-hating really started in WC3. I'm hoping that in the next single-player Wing Commander game there'll actually be some Kilrathi on your ship. They're good pilots, and we're all out to kill bugs, so it makes sense. I loved flying with Hobbes, too bad he turned traitor :( I never really understood why he did that. (Apart from the blowing up his homeworld thing)

The missing scene explaining this can be found in the CIC's Files section (I think).

Anyway, Your sites really cool. It's the best Wing Commander one I've ever seen.


Christine Little

More old Byydo


Dear CIC mailbag,



i was at the record store the ohter day and i was faced with an incedible dilemma I wanted to get a good queen cd and they didn't have one i wanted there was one that sounded well until i noticed there wasn't any Bohemain rapsoddy on it there was another one that did have bohemian rapsoddy only it was two cds and costed a lot more than the first one i was talking about they're both greatest hits aldums by the way please help me decide which one is weller to get? Bye

First of all, stupid, the name of the song isn't "Bohemian rapsoddy". Only a soddy gimboid like you would screw up the title of one of the most popular songs ever. For your informarion, Mr. Kolokov, the name of the song is "Bohemian Raspberry". Anyway, you should get the expensive one, because by doing so you pay more money, which is good, because money has germs on it and you don't want to carry those germs around. Also, by supporting Queen you can help their lead singer, Freddie Mercury- I heard he's been sick lately and when he gets better he'll probably have huge medical bills to pay. This way he can pay them himself without having to borrow money from his girlfriend.

Your freind 1st Class Rear Admiral Kolokov

Haha, "Rear Admiral", any idiot can tell you there's no such rank, you foolish oaf. Next you'll be telling us you're a Front General or something.


The next WC play becomes thus as Secret Ops? I with Secret Ops one minute into the play unfortunate there did not feel merged! That at all still times is a WC play with actors planned? WC Secret Ops make Wing Commander broken according to my opinion! No atmosphere from which one with to be torn to be able can. Unfortunate however there I must probably look around for another space simulation.

Wow, are you using some sort of translator to talk? Secret Ops was a great game and there's no reason to look for any other series.

Privateer Two

Jay Bruzaitis

I first got started with wing commander with WCII, and I played it like an addict for weeks(i was only 12 or so, so i wasn't that good), unfortunately, I slacked off and missed out on WC3 and WC4(still trying to find 'em offline though), but I've played Prophecy, Special Ops, Armada, Academy, Privateer, and Privateer two, the last being the subject of this submission. I noticed in the Privateer 2 manual the "Unknown Ship". i haven't gotten very far in the game yet, but that unknown ship haunts me as looking strangely like the Talon from Privateer one. First of all, am I right, but secondly, if i am right, how is the ship unknown to the Tri-system if it is such a success for pirates and retros in the Gemini Sector? Is the timing of Privateer two early compared to its predecessor? Anyway, chances are it isn't really the Talon, but it just looks a hell of a lot like it.

The Talon in P2 was kind of an easter egg put in there. Privateer two is set like 100 years after WCP.

Besides that, I'd like to say that despite the naysayers, I thought Prophecy was excellent, and I hope that the rumored WC Online avoids the bugs and general minor disappointments of most online multiplayer games(that I've played at least). Anyway, great job with trashing every idiots comments(i hope mine aren't included in those ranks)

You Laugh at me because I'm DIFFERENT
I laugh at you because you're ALL THE SAME

Ship Database problems, except not really...

Smokey Korn

on your ships database under nephilim on the secret ops page the stellar accretion device is nothing more than a kraken or ship killer in dry dock now i never played secret ops but i know what a ship killer in a dry dock looks like cause i got WCP and they show that same picture in WCP and i can easily find out it that ship is really in WCSO cause my friend has it

That explains it. The accretion device is a dry dock with a comm relay attached to it.. It doesn't look anything like a Kraken..

We'd like to just thank everyone who has written us for the past several months and for all of you who have yet to to talk to us, please drop us a line and look for us to come back every time...

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