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Wing Commander CIC Mail Bag

This week ace, Frosty and special guest Chris Reid heroically try to start this ball rolling yet again.

Welcome back everyone to the exciting world of the CIC Mail Bag. Quick explanation about the everloveable Byydo. As you probably know Byydo left us a few months back in pursuit of some happier settings and greener pastures. It's going to be hard to do the Mail Bag without him, because not only was it his whole idea, but he was certainly the best at it.

(Trelane)I should start sending my comp sci homework to various web sites and see if they'll do it for me.(/Trelane)


dear chris you know i am one of your royal fans of windcommander of anytype..i was suggesting a new type of game for wc. well my idea is have almost all of the ships available in wc from the very first espioside of the game in a trainie kind of flight simulater complete with surroundings that ties in with the game, a survival guide .. if you run out of fuel or missiles or shields.. also a battle net...where people can come in and test their skills know stuff like that..

That's not a new idea.. we'll have to see what happens.

o yea..there is one other thing that i was woundering if any of the wc staffs are free at to help me with my super easy program. i think it just maybe take your staffs 15 mins to 30 mins..its about 250 lines long and it is a bank account for loans and here it is...

I don't know much programming personally.. but I've cc'd this message to the staff..

( i just need to get it working..and if it works ill buy everysingle wc serious from now to the end of next year.) + movies. thank you very much for taking your time and i am deeply appriciate it. ps. please reply asap or within4 hours. A BIG THANKS byebye

/*lucky jiratanan comscipd; 2 bank account for loans*/ #include //includes #include #include #include #include /*a) Payment_Number (pno) b) Interest_Paid (ipaid) c) Principal_Paid (prinp) d) New_Balance_Due (nb_due) e) Monthly_Interest_Rate (mi_rate,) f) Monthly_Payment(mon_pay) g) Cumulative_Interest (cumu_inter) h) Paid_to_Date (pt_date) i) Government_Tax (gov_tax)*/

Edited for space

This is one of my personal favorites


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IndoMerchant! co-founders
Rendi Wardhana
Sony Wiriosuparto

Interesting discussion about the relation between Privateer militia and the Border Worlds

Scott M. Greene

Hey. I'm a Wing Commander guy, probably not as all-knowing about the WC-universe as you, but there is something I think you might find interesting to know. I have noticed that you have put the Gladius and Talon as WC-Privateer Confed. ships in your ship database. Unfortunately there are not as Confed as they might seem. The Talon is a semi-outdated, civilian accessible vessel flown by the pirates and the militia of Gemini. First thing you notice is that Confed will not fly semi-outdated craft. Only the state-of-the-art does for them. Next up is that Confed never fly's civilian accessible craft. Next is the Gladius. It IS a confed craft ... but not in Privateer. Why? SEMI-OUTDATED!! At least compared to the Stiletto and Broadsword. This is too a militia craft. Now for the final chunk o' the puzzle. We all know what the Boarder Worlds MILITIA (hint hint hint) is, does, will do and did (protected the in-systems from terrorist attacks and Kilrathi invasions during the Kilrathi-Terran War). What did the militia in Privateer do? Same thing huh? So the only possible thing left to assume is that the Gladius and Talon are Border Worlds Militia ships right? I found this very interesting when I thought about it, and you might too. Even though Origin may not have known it, they not only put the Boarder Worlds in a game before WC4 so we could see what they really did, but also showed them as being the hand-me-down technology guys they have always been. Just thought you might like to hear this.

Scott M. Greene

We know the ships are general militia ships, it's not a huge leap to assume what eventually became the Union of Border Worlds had them as well as they've got everything else.

The Combat Information Center wants you! Oh wait no we don't...

Justin Bielawa

I honestly can't say I'm good at anything but my ball is in your court.

If only everyone could keep their damn balls out of my court I'd be a lot happier.

I'm willing to help out the CIC in anyway I can so let me know if you ever need some pointers or help or anything because God knows we need to keep this site upo!

Yeah we really do don't we? Now that you mention it we could use any money you'd like to send on a monthly basis...since we do have to keep this site upo and all.

I'm probably best with the film and the books, both of which I'm quite familiar with (though NO ONE HAS END RUN!!!!!!! ARRRRRRRRRRRRGH!).

I have End Run...I think LOAF has End Run...Chris too...Tre...Hades...Hadrian...Kris...Byydo...Frosty.....

I've talked to Roberts once, and writer Telep a few times.

Talked to Roberts huh? The thing that's terrible is that Roberts had to talk to that'

Matthew Lillard never responded to my mails but it was worth a try. To make things even bigger, I'm an offical member of the International Mark Hamill Fan Club, which I've written articles for. I'm also an extremely overly-done film freak, who, as you might well know, is trying to write a script better than Kevin Droney. I'd like to direct it too but, hey, chances are...?

In any event, drop me a line...



I think Frosty's trying to say, "Welcome to the staff."

HCl's page goes down, and billions die...

Scott M. Greene

Have you Guys seen HCl's WC page lately? Neither have I!!! HE SHUT IT DOWN!!! (sob... sob... sob...) I really like his work and feel that he should stick with it.

You may have noticed we reported about this on December 15.

I've never been particularly fond of anything he's done, and, quite frankly, I find his website to be a vile and ugly pit of broken links and unfinished promises. Yeah HCl, you go!

But his reason's are valid (see the page in place of his site). I agree with him that Wing Commander is, if not dead, dying. Don't chunk my e-mail in the garbage just yet!! HEAR ME OUT PLEASE!!

I was ready to chuck this letter when you asked if I'd read HCl's page lately.

My first reason is that, Chris Roberts, the very creator of Wing Commander is no longer ALLOWED to work on it due to his departure from Origin.

Then who directed the WC movie?

And over the years we have seen some degrading and even corruption of the Wing Commander Series.

What's that supposed to mean?

I am a real WC nitpicker here so bear with me. Look at the movie. It just BARELY hung with the plot of WC1 and beared no resemblance to any other Wing Commander game or book.

Right, it was a new story that took place shortly before WC1.

Chris Roberts made the movie, yet you call it corrupt. This is depsite the fact that you worry over his departure from Origin.

The Cats were no longer cats but some sort of bipedal Xenomorph with a weird on-ship atmosphere.

The Kilrathi were never cats to begin with. You may have also noticed they look different in absolutely every product they're featured in.

The Confed ships were completely redesigned (not complaining, just would have been nice to recognize the ships before the gave their names). Not to mention WC: Prophesy was a big step-down in tradition.

Prophecy was a back-to-basics appraoch that came closer to WCI/II than the others did. It was returning to traditions that had been left behind in WCIII.

The ships and enemy were OK, but the mission layout, plot, and loss of "interactive movie" qualities didn't make me think it should be made a classic like WC1, WC2 or WC3 but that it should have been thrown out and remade!

Funny, WCI/II weren't interactive movies, and you left out WCIV, the *most* interactive of them all.

Not to mention I missed the loadout screen. Picking out the missiles was one big thing I liked doing... Then there's the lack of creativity. When WC was going good they made quite a few "spin-off" games like Academy and Armada. I wouldn't mind seeing an Armada II.

How is this a lack of creativity? It's more a lack of funds to throw away on side-projects. Games cost a lot more to make than they used to.

Privateer II and the rumors of 3 aren't too exciting for me.

Privateer 2 came out in 1996, Privateer 3 was cancelled and replaced in 1998.

And plus there's the fact of redundancy. Doom was a very popular game when it came out and almost everybody played it and it's sequel Doom II. But how many people still play Doom or Doom II. Well, the one thing I don't want us to do is to agree to all this and LET it die.

As far as we know, WC is doing great, with the movie raking in profits worldwide, and rampant rumors of a Wing Commander Online game. Nobody is letting anything die, this is just the calm before the storm.

Got a good Idea for a new WC game? Spam Origin with E-mails about it!!

Yeah, then they're really not delete our eMails without reading them since they like SPAM.

That'd be rather silly. I doubt they'd throw away the millions they've already invested in the next game because they got a couple dozen conflicting opinions on what they should do with their Wing Commander franchise.

Got complaints?

Nope. Those who are impatient might though.

Let Origin hear them!! If they think we like what they're giving us the they wont try to make it much better!!

But I like WC:P/WCM, and so do a lot of other fans.

And last but not least... try to always keep a schedule for WC!! Mario shut down his page because he had no time. That is OK since he is in a University and he has to focus on that. But if your just siting on your ass at home watching TV, then go to your computer, play some WC or log on and participate in Web Activities.

I'd like to know exactly who you're addressing here. All the CIC staff members are at college, and I'm a Junior in high school. I also work 30 hours a week. I'm never on my arse doing nothing.

Or read one of the fairly new WC novels!! And let Origin know of your thoughts and opinions

Origin doesn't publish WC books, and it's not like they're gonna threaten the authors with cement shoes if they don't change it to what a couple fans think is the way WC *should* be. Grow up.


Fat chance that'll happen.

Thanks for listening,
Scott M. Greene, A.K.A. The Conquerer

I liked him a lot better eight pages ago...

We'd like to just thank everyone who has written us for the past several months and for all of you who have yet to to talk to us, please drop us a line and look for us to come back every time...

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