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We got a new webcam for DragonCon 2005, so we fed a live 640x480 feed during the convention. The file size for each picture is smaller than that of the thumbnails for the regular gallery, so the original images are available below.

Day Four Gallery - Monday, September 5, 2005

ChrisReid: We tested the webcam for the first time at ace and Blonde's apartment in New York.

LOAF: In this photograph, noted ghost whisperer Chris X. Reid speaks to the disembodied spirit of Hades, who died in a wheat-threshing accident two hundred years ago today.

ChrisReid: The first of many shots of us playing with Nintendo DSes.

LOAF: ace is stuck in a giant venus flytrap! Just like that famous musical turned movie! (Annie!)

ChrisReid: Sleeping

LOAF: Yup.

ChrisReid: One of the cats kept getting into my bed.

LOAF: I think I know which one!

ChrisReid: There she is up close.

LOAF: There she goes, just a walkin' down the street

ChrisReid: ace broke two chairs by sitting on them.

LOAF: I believe Frosty actually broke these chairs at 8kon2k4 and just never told ace.

ChrisReid: Scary Hades!

LOAF: What a syrup-titious turn of events.

ChrisReid: scary shadow!

LOAF: It's scenes like this that made The Seventh Guest the sexiest video game of 1995.

ChrisReid: This is our feed going live from Atlanta. We originally hung the camera off a painting, but then we lowered it to a lamp.

LOAF: Because we all have awful, awful hair.

ChrisReid: Death arrived first after us on Thursday afternoon.

LOAF: I can only see half of him. For all we know this isn't so much Death as it is one of those TOS aliens that's half black and half white. Please do not e-mail me to tell me what those aliens are actually called.

LOAF: ace has decided that blonde would rather die then spend more of her life in an asylum.

LOAF: You may think the best part of this picture is ace smothering blonde. No, no, sir - the best part of this picture is seeing Chris arrive in the frame, excited to save the images.

ChrisReid: Shades got his first look at Prophecy Advance when he arrived that afternoon.

LOAF: Well, he was still around when I got there, so he must not have been blown away.

ChrisReid: Flight suits everywhere.

LOAF: I've seen bigger.

ChrisReid: People in #Wingnut wanted to see our badges.

LOAF: I'll tell you what I told the guy who wanted $400 to take out a hit: Goku isn't people.

ChrisReid: Frosty's here!

LOAF: That badge has a Frosty on its ass.

ChrisReid: LOAF dances for #Wingnut.

LOAF: Don'tcha wish your girlfriend was hot (like me)? (Rather, I also wish your girlfriend were hot.)

LOAF: And if you elect me president, here's what I'll do to our precious natural forest preserves!

ChrisReid: And there's Halman.

LOAF: Hey Halman, where's the Hawaiian fire?

ChrisReid: Don'tcha?

LOAF: The best part of that video is how incredibly happy all the girls seem to be.

ChrisReid: Yeah, you do.

LOAF: Some do not.

ChrisReid: Trelane wanted to see my Nintendögs shirt.

LOAF: You can see your Nintendogs shit if you walk them regularly.

ChrisReid: Someone caught me making a funny face and Blonde doing something weird with her shirt.

LOAF: Actually, Chris is taking out his dentures.

ChrisReid: Just back from swimming.

LOAF: What are headboards for, anyway?

ChrisReid: For some reason, we haven't changed out of our swimsuits yet.

LOAF: Better do it tout suit-e.

ChrisReid: I got pretty tiring making daily late-night picture galleries.

LOAF: A guy walks into the doctor he says "Doctor, it hurts when I do this", and so the doctor looks at him and he says: I'm sorry, son, but you have cancer. And also I slept with your wife.

ChrisReid: First thing Friday morning we hit the gym.

LOAF: And missed the party.

ChrisReid: And Frosty wears his shirt.

LOAF: Thankfully, Frosty is wearing his shirt in every single picture we have. Frosty has stayed at my house for weeks at the time and has never, ever felt the need to strip off all his clothes and invite me into the bathroom. That's just what true friends do.

ChrisReid: Friday was also a good day for CIC Polo Shirts.

LOAF: We were going to rent some horses and mallets and play actual CIC Polo, but the greens fees were exhorbinant and also there's no such thing as that.

ChrisReid: LOAF and Blonde teach Shannon and Vegas some tricks.

LOAF: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and via bark mode is also transferred to Shannon.

ChrisReid: All dressed up and ready to go.

LOAF: Come back, zinc!

ChrisReid: All set for a night on the town.


ChrisReid: We're hot

LOAF: Or not.

ChrisReid: Hey, it's Halman again.

LOAF: With his giant camera, heavy framed glasses and floral print shirt Halman looks like a 1950s American tourist. Can y'all tell me where the arc dough triumph is?

ChrisReid: It's shortly after midnight, so the party's just getting started.

LOAF: We call this time "zero dark thirty", and by "we" I mean "False Colors".

ChrisReid: Saturday morning we all suited up for the parade.

LOAF: Parade you glad I didn't say apple?

ChrisReid: You can tell this shot is after the parade because of the green water bottle.

LOAF: And because it has the time and date printed at the bottom of the picture.

ChrisReid: Maid service was a bit spotty here and there, so Blonde made the beds.

LOAF: Maybe she just didn't understand how to properly make the bed on two coffeetables pushed together. They probably don't have living conditions quite that bad in Argentina.

ChrisReid: Most of us were traveling all week, so we all gather around the tv when there's hurricane news we haven't seen.

LOAF: Here comes the story of the Hurricane, the man the authorities came to blame for somethin' that he never done.

LOAF: It's odd that you picked the most uncomfortable place to sit along the di-bedtable ledge.

ChrisReid: Teonnyn dropped by in his Mega Man outfit (he's not the real Mega Man).

LOAF: Yeah, the real Mega Man is awesome.

LOAF: What goes in here? Hands? Ooooh.

LOAF: I don't know much, but I know that Rock is an android created as a lab assistant by scientists Dr. Thomas Light and Dr. Albert Wily; following treachery by Dr. Wily, Rock was converted into a fighting robot to defend the world from Wily's violent robotic threats. Thus he becomes Mega Man (Rockman in the Japanese original).

ChrisReid: ace and I work on CIC updates for the next day.

LOAF: Don't move your leg.

ChrisReid: Updates usually take a couple hours to finish.

LOAF: What is Halman doing? Eating the bulb out of a flashlight?

ChrisReid: Blonde cleans up on Sunday.

LOAF: blonde cleans up real nice.

ChrisReid: Frosty got the Doom 3 game.

LOAF: DooM't you glad I didn't say Heretic 2: Hexen?

ChrisReid: We all eat ice cream cake that LOAF, Hades, Frosty and Halman bought.

LOAF: Cake me to the moon!

ChrisReid: Everyone usually watches the costume contest masquerade together on tv Sunday night.

LOAF: And yet somehow every year it is extremely blowful. Someday we'll re-evaluate our priorities.

ChrisReid: Since Sunday was the last night, some of us didn't make it back to the hotel until pretty late.

LOAF: It also wasn't near as delicious as Sundae night.

ChrisReid: Frosty and Halman came back even later.

LOAF: You know they 'got some'... free ice from the ice machine.

ChrisReid: Then LOAF walked in and collapsed.

LOAF: Me falling asleep in their bed is every young woman's nightmare.

ChrisReid: Soon to be joined by Frosty and Halman.

LOAF: If I were Halman I'd demand this picture be taken out and shot.

ChrisReid: We worked on the nightly picture galleries for so long that it switched over from late to early.

LOAF: You can always sleep on an airplane. You know, unless you're a normal person who can't fall asleep in a tiny cramped space while exterior physics are causing you terrible pain.

ChrisReid: With morning sunlight streaming through the windows, I turned the light-enhancement filter off the camera. Things in the foreground get a more natural color, while the background is harder to see.

LOAF: I don't even know what those things are... and yet, I'm a world famous cheetah photographer. So, who's laughing now?

ChrisReid: I did manage to sleep for a couple hours before we got ready to leave.

LOAF: Bread, go to bread.

ChrisReid: Rise and shine, it's time to begin to slowly pack up.

LOAF: Wake up, Jimmy Newman.

ChrisReid: And here's the final sad picture before we signed off for DragonCon 2005!

LOAF: And to this day that picture is still at the CIC webcam picture. I don't want to have to wait 360 days for it to go away.

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