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Special Halman Gallery

Hades: We met a guy sitting in the Hyatt lobby doing free sketches (we did give him a donation though) so we decided it would be a good idea to get one of Halman. The description we gave him was "Halman next to a catgirl. Because that's as close as he'll ever get to a woman." And it was done, but wait.. that catgirl looks really pissed off at him. Later that night we set off on a mission to recreate the scene with real women. There weren't many catgirls at 2am but we still got some good shots.

Halman: This was a lot of fun. I think we initially sat down to see what he was doing because Frosty had to go to the bathroom. And then we sat around for 20 minutes so Hades could pay ten dollars for a free sketch.

Hades: Hal remembered to do the thumbs up, but the girl's pissed off look needs work. 4/10

Halman: I think I offended her. When I asked her to pose with me, she got really close and I had to push her away so I could get my hand up for the thumbs up. 7/10

Hades: Oh dear. She didn't even try to look pissed off. 1/10

Halman: She was very, very drunk. Make of that what you will. 1/10

Hades: That's more like it. It looks like she is genuinely irritated by Halman's presence. 8/10

Halman: I have to say, I like her costume. The skirt bit is terrifically short. 8/10.

Hades: Once again Halman's plea of "Can you look pissed off at me?" goes unnoticed. There is an extra mark for her friend in the middle who is making his opinion of Halman known. 3/10

Halman: It's surprising more of these don't have jerks in the background. Other than the whip though, she doesn't look angry enough. 2/10

Hades: This girl makes an effort, but a smile is trying to break through I think. It's amazing how difficult it seems to be for these girls to not smile. 7/10

Halman: Eh, I can't say I blame them. I'm pretty great. I really wanted to read what her shirt said, but I didn't think it would be polite to stare at her chest. 8/10

Hades: No no no! Spidergirl looks more like she's checking Halman out instead of pissed off at him. Stick with Spiderdude behind you, Spidergirl. Wait, I think he's checking out Halman as well... 0/10

Halman: Like I said, who can blame them? If I remember right, she kind of giggled when I asked her to look angry and said she couldn't. 0/10

Hades: This is more like it. No disapproving glare, but points for threatening to shoot Halman. 5/10

Halman: I really like how it doesn't look like she has a top on(It was pretty non-existant anyway). 6/10

Hades: "Hey miss, can you look pissed off at me?" "What the fuck is wrong with you?" The perfect pissed off look. 10/10

Halman: Hehehehehe yeah. She was the only one who really managed to nail it. 10/10

Hades: Mission accomplished! Great job Halman, we'll get the bail money in the morning.

Halman: I was really worried that asking her to take a picture with me would send her into angry cop mode. Instead she really, really nice.

Here are a couple of bonus pictures. What follows can probably be considered Not Work Safe and may in fact scar you for life. You have been warned.

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