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The Third Annual DragonCon Parade took place Saturday morning. Lots of attendees had great costumes.

Day Two Gallery - Saturday, September 3, 2005

ChrisReid: I took some flak because I wasn't smiling when I woke up on Friday, so I fixed that on Saturday.

LOAF: I miss flak. *BAM* *POW* *WIZZOW*. I guess Armada was a little to real for little Johnny Averagegameplayer.

ChrisReid: The parade marchers had to assemble at 9:00 am, so everyone suited up early.

LOAF: Concordia would have launched eighty craft by now. If the furballs jump us, we're cooked.

ChrisReid: Frosty helps LOAF install his tail.

LOAF: And that's the closest Frosty ever came to getting some tail. *Wizzzow*! Also, a joke involving Tail Mix.

ChrisReid: The parade was very well organized this year. The convention assigned us two monitors to help us sort our place in the line.

LOAF: I guess you never heard of a little thing called PRIVATEER 2! Also, what's that rainbow centipede flag in the background for? Were we double-booked with the Atlanta Homosexual Caterpiller Festival?

ChrisReid: Star Wars fans make up the largest single group in the parade.

LOAF: I like how there's a giant cloud of stormtroopers, but the guy with the giant camera is photographing a geeky looking asian guy.

ChrisReid: Everyone anxiously awaits the start time. The parade has to go like clockwork because of the city permits.

LOAF: Tyger, tyger, burning bright, in... my hand.

ChrisReid: Many groups have cars or floats. This one is for Speed Racer.

LOAF: Nope, that's Johnny 5's car from Short Circuit 3.

ChrisReid: The Klingons have a very cool battle cruiser.

LOAF: Do we have a picture of it?

ChrisReid: Once we have our place in line, it's time to unfurl the banner.

LOAF: That was my worst unfurling ever!

ChrisReid: Hello!

LOAF: Greidings.

ChrisReid: One of the rare shots of me from further away than arm's length.

LOAF: This is Jessica, my '92 Seneca wagon. I totally pimped her out with some mag wheels, an eight track and a home-made sunroof.

ChrisReid: Ready to go.

LOAF: The cheese stands alone.

ChrisReid: The Ghostbuster fans have very elaborate equipment.

LOAF: As each year passes more and more of our greatest Ghostbusting generation passes on and we are left only with the history of what they accomplished (killing the Marshmellow guy and whatever happened in the second movie.)

ChrisReid: These colonial marines are there for the Aliens series.

LOAF: Why do they call you 'Tex'? It's short for Textopher!

ChrisReid: The eight-foot Wookies were very impressive.

LOAF: Yeah, this universe feels like a B-wing pilot.

ChrisReid: And we're off! Thousands of people line up along the route.

LOAF: Two geeks holding a blank white banner? Sounds like a photoshopportunity.

ChrisReid: The parade was a huge success. The number of marchers doubled to almost 900.

LOAF: During the course of the parade twelve babies were born and six old men passed away. Truly a circle of life... or, if you will, a wheel of time.

ChrisReid: Maid service was a bit inconsistent, so Blonde took it upon herself to clean the room.

LOAF: There's no such thing as levels of canon or different precedences and there's no such thing as a contradiction, only unexplained points -- general rule: it's all good. - The Third Law of LOAF

ChrisReid: After the parade we made another tour of the dealer rooms. I found a neat Snoop Dogg figure and the Doom 3 board game.

LOAF: You know what's sad? They sell Snoop Dogg dolls but not Wing Commander movie action figures. You know what's sad and also not reasonable? They sell Snoop Dogg dolls but not Ginger Lynn sex figures.

ChrisReid: This Predator was pretty neat.

LOAF: "Will you sign my cast?" "YES" To my bestest pal...

ChrisReid: Costumes.

LOAF: Red versus Blue.

ChrisReid: Costumes.

LOAF: And so my idea for a costume was 'What if Louis XIV put a badger on his head?'

ChrisReid: LeVar Burton was signing autographs in the walk of fame.

LOAF: No offense, but there's absolutely no way to take a worse picture of Geordi than this.

ChrisReid: Marina Sirtis was seated at the table directly next to him.

LOAF: There's something slightly icky about Counselor Troi.

ChrisReid: Dozens of other actors were organized in the Walk of Fame to provide easy access for autographs and pictures.

LOAF: After we saw this guy we went to an Elton John concert and then played Crusader: No Remorse all night.

ChrisReid: The main access routes between the hotels got very packed.

ChrisReid: In the afternoon, some of us went to the Star Trek Cavalcade Q&A session.

LOAF:Saavik #2 thinks everything is very, very erotic.

ChrisReid: Saavik, Trip Tucker, Counselor Troi, Geordi and Rom answered questions fo an hour.

LOAF: This is just the sort of thing Saavik #2 would find very erotic. I'm not sure if she's just playing the weird sex thing up because of the audience or if she's actually a creepy, creepy person. Both options are good.

ChrisReid: This was a neat car sign.

LOAF: Nothing promotes safe driving like taping a sign over your back window.

ChrisReid: People attended a wide variety of panels today. Periodically we'd find eachother back in the hotel room to compare notes and plan our next event.

LOAF: Yes, I know, Thufir, I'm sitting with my back to a Frosty.

ChrisReid: Halman was sketched by an artist in the lobby.

LOAF: Watch out, Halman, there's a creepy guy in back of you trying to grab your chest!

ChrisReid: A few of us squeeze in dinner before the Webcam panel.

LOAF: ace's burger has the American flag (stars and stripes), while Chris' features the Russian ensign (a glob of poorly cooked meat).

ChrisReid: The Mr. Star Wars competition took place early in the night. You had to be a pretty big Star Wars fan to get some of the jokes, and the contest's participants were unable to keep up at times.

LOAF: No, you don't, since they only had one joke: that Vader's "NOOO" sounded funny. You know how many times that joke works? Once, outside the theater after you saw the movie the first time. And then NEVER AGAIN.

ChrisReid: Teonnyn stopped by to show off his new Mega Man costume.

LOAF: He's not the real Mega Man. The real Mega Man is a character.

ChrisReid: The lobbies are full of costumed guests on Saturday night. These three are from Final Fantasy X-2.

LOAF: The X-2 set a speed record of Mach 3.2, but killed its pilot in the process. Let this be a lesson, Final Fantasy dorks.

ChrisReid: This was just some random dork juggling a single ball.

LOAF: Looks like he really DROPPED THE BALL...s.

ChrisReid: There didn't seem to be as many creative and polished outfits this year.

LOAF: A better joke would be 'SINE ME', and then everyone would do trig functions on the board. Everyone who's hip.

ChrisReid: The Hyatt hotel also instituted a bunch of bad rules that constricted traffic flow and made checking out costumes more difficult.

LOAF: One of these policies was that if you take a picture, Satan here will kill you.

ChrisReid: Twilight Zone surgeons.

LOAF: Those are Crius Hospital surgeons.

ChrisReid: Random convention attendees between hotels.

LOAF: Batman and Girl Batman -- together at last.

ChrisReid: And we ran into Monee.

LOAF: I'm not sure why we didn't see Tye or Monee at all this year.

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