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I'm tired

Day Three Gallery - Sunday, September 4, 2005

ChrisReid: Rise and shine! It's Day Three of DragonCon 2005.

LOAF: That white goo that ate people on Enterprise has killed ace and blonde. So it goes.

ChrisReid: Blonde manages her supplies.


ChrisReid: Blonde proofreads the CIC front page news before publication.

LOAF: Look closely in back of the computer: there's a fast food bag advertising the Million Nugget March.

ChrisReid: After the CIC was updated, it was time for lunch.

LOAF: I didn't update the CIC, but I did go and eat a meat tube. And you know what? It was the sweetest tube of assorted meat substances and bi-products that I ever did eat.

ChrisReid: ace made me not shave for three days.

LOAF: Join the Mobile Infantry and Shave the World.

ChrisReid: There were cleaning people around, but they didn't seem very interested in getting rid of the trash.

LOAF: ... and then blonde says "Oh, yeah, well, my bag of trash is even taller!" *pzinp!*

ChrisReid: A bunch of us went to "An Hour With Connor Trinneer" to meet Trip from Enterprise.

LOAF: Death asked two questions, but you can't blame him - Trip is a handsome, handsome man.

ChrisReid: Tricia Hefler plays the girl in the new Battlestar Galactica.

LOAF: A *girl* in space!? Ron Moore, you've outdone yourself.

ChrisReid: The Red vs Blue guys signed our Red vs Blue DVDs.

LOAF: Oh, my, his shirt implies that he's been drinking. Oh, oh, you know what'd be even funnier? If "DURNK" were kind of blurry! That would be the absolute height of comedy.

ChrisReid: Frosty bought the Doom 3 board game.

LOAF: If you want to shoot the Cyberdemon with your gun, turn to Page 240. If you don't want to shoot the Cyberdemon with your gun, why are you playing DooM?

ChrisReid: Death had all sorts of ribbons and gadgets attached to his badge.

LOAF: Excuse me, I've misplaced my Congressional Medal of Honor.

ChrisReid: Frosty built a cooler for the ice cream cake.

LOAF: And that's why I'm always telling people that Frosty is 'cooler' than Halman.

ChrisReid: And then we discovered the hotel has refrigerators.

LOAF: I guess we'd better throw in the towel! (to help stop leakage)

ChrisReid: With the cake safe, we all tried to go to dinner, but the wait everywhere was too long and we all split up to get something quick.

LOAF: With the cake safe... in the Cake Safe!

ChrisReid: The half hour wait at McDonalds wasn't quick.

LOAF: It went on for hours.

ChrisReid: The Costume Contest Masquerade was broadcast to all the DragonCon hotels.

LOAF: Despite the notable increase in quality, the folks at Dragon*Con TV managed to stay slightly more obnoxious than their abilities deserved.

ChrisReid: Halman served the cake during the contest.

LOAF: Halman is familiar with such things, as Trelane and I once abandoned him on an icy island full of Walrii.

ChrisReid: ace fashioned a pie scooper to help move the pieces onto plates.

LOAF: Pie scooper? I just met her!

ChrisReid: ace and Blonde.

LOAF: I love you, giant tube of space.

ChrisReid: As it got close to midnight, we all spread out looking for things to do. A lot of costumed people were hanging out in the lobby.

LOAF: Make me an angel / that lies in the Marriott / make me a poster / of Privateer 2

ChrisReid: Costumes.

LOAF: This is my brother Silas' biggest fan. Alternatively: look at that S-car go!

ChrisReid: It's Lilo! Or Stitch, I'm not sure.

LOAF: Stitch? That's not a real name... in Iceland! But here it's a good name!

ChrisReid: These Disney Princesses were in the Masquerade.

LOAF: Don't tell HOTT.

ChrisReid: These people's costumes kept falling off.

LOAF: That's what you get for stuffing dollar bills down their cleavage.

ChrisReid: It's Barf from Space Balls.

LOAF: He's going as Uncle Buck next year.

ChrisReid: It's Butters from the super hero South Park episode.

LOAF: What an incredibly odd costume to make added to an incredibly odd way of going about making such a costume.

ChrisReid: There's usually lots of random knights around.

LOAF: Only in the evenings. See, there's a huge difference between knight and day.

ChrisReid: The Green Man won an award for "most original costume."

LOAF: To which he replied: Costume?!

ChrisReid: Harry Potters.

LOAF: If I ever have to live in the magical world of Harry Potter, I hope the hat dealy makes me join Hufflepuff.

ChrisReid: Some red guy in a blue dress. Frosty figured it out: "Devil in a Blue Dress."

LOAF: It wouldn't be the first time Frosty 'figured out' a blue dress! *BONGO!*

ChrisReid: Exotic Chinese clothing I think.

LOAF: Those are Queen Amidala's parents Allyson and Beardo Amidala.

ChrisReid: Everyone took lots of pictures of the people in costumes.

LOAF: You know what could be used to draw their attention, though? What would really get them to notice you? Buying a small plastic hovercraft from the mall across the street.

ChrisReid: These guys busted into the lobby and started screaming the Team America theme song until security tackled them and made them quit.

LOAF: They look like a fun group. Wait, what's that thing that's not fun? Jerks, they look like jerks.

ChrisReid: LOAF and Rob McKay had a comprehensive discussion about End Run and Fleet Action's dates in the Wing Commander timeline.

LOAF: Rob McKay?! I just met him! And then we talked about timelines. I'm always happy to talk about timelines. In fact, call me to talk about timelines right now - 301 996 5834.

ChrisReid: Around 1:30 am ace decided he wanted to go back out.

LOAF: In this picture ace is clearly putting a human body into a heavy cloth space-bag. And we never saw Hadrian ever again. I hope.

ChrisReid: But everywhere we went kept closing as we arrived.

LOAF: I guess you might say you were BARRED from drinking there! *ZINGO!*

ChrisReid: We found Halman, Hades and Frosty and went to the consuite instead. They had unlimited nachos and Mountain Dew.

LOAF: Ewwwww. Crab juice, please.

ChrisReid: They had other free stuff to eat too.

LOAF: Yes... eat.

Photo of one hot girl getting her stomach licked by another hot girl removed by request of one of the participants

ChrisReid: As it gets later, people get more crazy.

LOAF: If I wanted to see women lick eachother I'd visit the internet. And I do. A lot.

ChrisReid: We regrouped in the lobby and Hades decided to lead an expedition to find friends for Halman (more on that later).

LOAF: I'd say such an expedition was doomed to failure before it even began, but that's what I said about Lewis' expedition to find friends for Clark.

ChrisReid: LOAF, ace and I stayed in the lobby and talked till 4:30 am.

LOAF: We did eachothers nails and played truth or dare.

ChrisReid: I've got a really cool "Received Calls" list (private is Hades).

LOAF: Actually, Hades is a corporal.

ChrisReid: Pictures of the Marriott are always impressive.

LOAF: It's a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there! Because it would be very, very expensive. And also there are no kitchens.

ChrisReid: Processing all the images and wrapping up for the night took till almost 8:00 am. Time to go to sleep.

LOAF: Kilrah, I die for you.

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