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Although convention events are still ongoing on the last day of DragonCon, most of us spend a lot of time packing and getting ready to travel home.

Day Four Gallery - Monday, September 5, 2005

ChrisReid: Sunday night everyone's last night in Atlanta, so Monday morning is usually especially rough. Frosty and I stayed up till 8:00 am working on the picture gallery. Everyone else mostly got to bed by 6:00 am.

LOAF: Here's some internet keywords so people using search engines can find this picture: hotel beds, beds, sleeping, bed covers, comforters, box springs, mattresses, glowing green skull, pillows, asleep, in bed, flower print sheets.

ChrisReid: And then it's time to pack.

LOAF: I just pressed the 'pack' button on that remote control and I was done. Try to prove I didn't, Culture Anthropologists In the 31st Century.

ChrisReid: Down to three flight suits in the closet.

LOAF: There were only fourteen pilots left out of the forty-four that he had called pups only weeks before.

ChrisReid: Halman's not taking the free inflatable sword with him, so he has to make use of it while he can.

LOAF: You're my friend and all, Halman, so I'm sorry to have to say this... but this is the nerdiest photograph ever taken, including that famous picture of Stalin, Churchill and FDR playing Dungeons and Dragons.

ChrisReid: While we were cleaning, we came across LOAF's proposed improvements for Valatie, New York..

LOAF: Now when a natural disaster destroys Valatie, NY I'll be a shoe-in as the next mayor.

ChrisReid: Nobody won a million nuggests at Chick-Fil-A.

LOAF: Well, we all agreed that we'd split the million nuggets ten ways if one of us won. Now on an unrelated note, I'm having one million nuggets for dinner.

ChrisReid: The elevator wait can stretch on for an hour on Monday morning, so eventually we took the stairs.

LOAF: Go Wildcats!

ChrisReid: When you kill another attendee at DragonCon, you add their badge to your collection.

LOAF: She was nice enough to go buy me a badge for next year because I'm very, very lazy.

ChrisReid: We pack a lot of luggage.

LOAF: I had one bag, and that was too much. Next year I'm bringing two less shirts and one fewer pant.

ChrisReid: On the final day of the convention, you get rock bottom prices on registration for next year. Prices seem to go up each year, but it's still more than half off the convention passes bought at the door.

LOAF: Yeah, rock bottom prices... if that rock is semi-precious amathyst!

ChrisReid: The last meal in Atlanta is something of a somber event.

LOAF: Like most people, you're probably wondering -- where'd LOAF guy? Well, I'll tell you... I went to the airport so I'd be there when my flight took off. This was not something Halman and Frosty were worried about.

ChrisReid: It's not surprisingly to find people passed out in odd places on Monday.

LOAF: Somewhere, Saavik #2's head is exploding.

ChrisReid: Hades shares pictures taken the night before.

LOAF: Actually, Hades is using his time card to look at this very picture. Halman is smiling because he just read my comment and thinks time cards don't exist.

ChrisReid: Eventually it's time to take the never-ending elevator into the bowels of Atlanta.

LOAF: There's two kinds of subway systems, only two: ones with escalators that break down constantly and ones whose escalators never break down. Somehow, MARTA is the latter.

ChrisReid: The MARTA train isn't so bad in the afternoon.

LOAF: Allow me to offer a counterpoint: yes, it is.

ChrisReid: People kept cutting in front of Frosty, so they bumped him to a later flight.

LOAF: Well, as the bible says, anyone who flies US Airways is a jerk.

ChrisReid: And then he got searched in the holding tank.

LOAF: In all fairness, he probably shouldn't have made "I'M GOING TO BLOW UP A PLANE" the phrase that makes his Nintendog sit.

ChrisReid: And searched again.

LOAF: And he certainly shouldn't have kept trying to explain the plot of the Kris Kristofferson airline crash/time-travel thriller Millenium to the guards.

ChrisReid: Time was getting short for Halman's flight, and when we arrived at his gate, the door was already being sealed. He got marched up the tube, and we had to find a replacement flight.

LOAF: He didn't make it? Well, that's TUBE BAD.

ChrisReid: There's not much left to do at this point but to sit and wait.

LOAF: Airline travel is six hours of waiting and five seconds of sheer terror.

ChrisReid: The last goodbyes are always sad.

LOAF: Then we went home and created elaborate holodeck simulations of ourselves meeting in Paris.

ChrisReid: It gets dark quick in Atlanta.

LOAF: I can explain that... sometimes, Mr. Sun gets so tired of putting two scoops of raisins into every box that he lets the Earth rotate away and face his sexy girlfriend, Miss Moon, instead. I think you see where I'm going with this.

ChrisReid: Airplane snacks.

LOAF: Airtran gives you a variety of subpar foods -- fat free Cheese Nips, white honey oreos, not-yo-cheese and so forth. ENJOY!

ChrisReid: Bye Atlanta. See you next year!

LOAF: Not if this year is 1864 you won't.

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