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By Christopher Reid and Barrie Almond


Part 1 - Abbreviations

    Section 1 - Games
  • WC1 - Wing Commander 1
  • SM1 - Wing Commander 1: The Secret Missions
  • SM2 - Wing Commander 1: Secret Missions 2: Crusade
  • WC2 - Wing Commander 2: Vengeance of the Kilrathi
  • SO1 - Wing Commander 2: Special Operations 1
  • SO2 - Wing Commander 2: Special Operations 2
  • WC3 - Wing Commander 3: Heart of the Tiger
  • WC4 - Wing Commander 4: The Price of Freedom
  • WCP - Wing Commander Prophecy
  • WC5 - Wing Commander Prophecy
  • WC6 - The Sequel to Prophecy and Secret Ops
  • SO - Wing Commander Secret Operations
  • WC5.5 - Wing Commander Secret Operations
  • WCSO - Wing Commander Secret Operations
  • WCA - Wing Commander Academy Game or Cartoon (sometimes Armada)
  • Armada - Wing Commander Armada
  • P1 (or Priv) - Wing Commander Privateer
  • RF - Wing Commander Privateer: Righteous Fire
  • P2 - Privateer 2: The Darkening
  • WCP2 - Privateer 2: The Darkening
  • P3 - Privateer 3
  • WCP3 - Privateer 3
  • POL - Privateer On-Line
  • SWC - Super Wing Commander
    Section 2 - Novels
  • FF - Freedom Flight
  • ER - End Run
  • FA - Fleet Action
  • HotT - Heart of the Tiger (WC3)
  • PoF - Price of Freedom (WC4)
  • AS - Action Stations
  • FC - False Colors
    Section 3 - Misc
  • agwc (or a.g.w-c) - Newsgroup
  • BOT - Battle of Earth/Terra
  • Claw - TCS Tiger's Claw
  • Excal - Excalibur Heavy Fighter
  • Vamp - Vampire Class A Space Superiority Fighter

Part 2 - Questions (may contain spoilers)

Q: Where can I get details for specific missions from?
A: The Newsgroup! That's what it's there for, if you have any questions for any missions not covered here, feel free to ask.


Section 1 - Wing Commander 3

Q: How do I complete the Alcor 5 Planet Mission in WC3?
A: You must destroy all targets, fighters, tanks, buildings. You will receive the "mission objectives accomplished" message once for ground targets and again for fighters.

Q: How many endgames are in WC3?A: Three Winning and one major Losing Engames. The three winning are determined by your love interests in the games, the losing will come up after Proxima/Sol. There are several other places where the game may end, but they aren't official endgames (like chasing down Thrakhath and not returning to the Victory).

Q: Why is the screen pink/purple colored in WC3 or WC4?
A: You are most likely in a Nebula. The distortion effects include a purple screen.

Q: Is there any way to save the Behemoth?
A: No there is not, the Behemoth is always destroyed.

Q: Where and how do I cloak in the last part of the last mission in the game?
A: Before you autopilot from Nav 3, hit CTRL+C to Cloak. Your final wingman must be dead or sent home. Cloak again once you have descended to the surface.

Q: How do I get past the mission in the Sol system with a Dreadnought?
A: You can't, it's the end of the losing track. It's a nice accomplishment to do so, but you must go back to before when you jumped to the Proxima System to continue in the game.

Section 2 - Wing Commander 4

Q: How many endgames are in WC4?A: Four, two losing and two winning. Losing endgames include being discharged and ending up at the Nephele Bar or having Confed go to war with the Border Worlds. Winning endgames include becoming an Admiral or Flight Instructor.

Q: How do I get each endgame in WC4?A: The Nephele Bar Losing Endgame occurs when you lose Tyr 2 or choose not to defect at your first choice and are shot down. All other losing paths will lead to the other LE. The Admiral ending will occur if Hawk's morale is highest at the end of the game and likewise the Instructor Ending will come about if Panther's morale is higher than Hawk's.

Q: How many CD's are included with WC4?
A: Six. The holder you receive has seven slots, but the game only consists of six CD's.

Q: Can you view the video in WC4 out of the game?
A: Yes, use Ripper to rip out the Origin avi files and play them with xanmovie. Ripper can be found
here and xanmovie on the Kilrathi Saga or Crusader CD's.

Q: How can I win the mission to destroy the Intrepid after I turn down Eisen's second defection offer?
A: You can't, you must defect the first or second time Eisen offers or you cannot proceed in the game.

Q: Where can I find the Mace, Starburst, Coneburst or Bearcat fighter?A: All are acquired in the Speradon System. "Capture Fighters" for the Bearcat, "Capture Carrier" for the Mace and the third one will get you the Starburst and later the Coneburst. Note: you can fly the Bearcat in multiple missions.

Q: What happens to Catscratch if I let him die/live in Circe/Speradon?A: If you let him die, Sosa will be pretty ticked at you. If you can try to save him, but fail, Sosa wont be happy, but wont blame you. If you want to save the kid, go in for the Longbow ASAP, tractor in his ejection seat and then blow up his Avenger. Sometimes he does not remain on the flight roster however (and sometimes he does).

Section 3 - Privateer (and its add-on Righteous Fire)

Q: That green ship keeps attacking me! What do I do?A: You need to talk to Captain Goodin in any Mining Base outside of Rygannon.

Q: I've destroyed the Steltek drone, now what?A: You're done! Talk to Admiral Terrell and get ready for Righteous Fire.

Section 4 - Privateer 2: The Darkening

Q: How many endgames are there in P2 and how do I reach them?
A: Three, two Losing and one Winning. If you fail to save Rhinehart's ship your diary will permanently say "Shit. Guess I'd better get used to the life of a drifter..." If you fail the mission to save Sheila Nabakov it will read "That's it, brother, the prodigal son is coming home." Those are both Losing diary entries. If you win the game, your diary will read "Time to tie up loose ends..."

Q: I can't solve the kidnapper's math puzzles. What are the Nav Points I should go to in order to try to save the Senator's daughter?
A: Nav 36, 120 (Athos), 24 then 21.

Q: Where do I get the Kraven MkIV Lasers?
A: Your only chance is when you receive an email from Ralph McCloud. Save him and then meet him at Sinner's. He will give you your first Kraven and then you will be able to purchase more.

Section 5 - Wing Commander Prophecy

Q: Do you need to have a 3dfx card to play the 3dfx Test?
A: Yes

Q: Which ships are the Bombers?
A: Skate T's and red Mantas are the torpedo carriers. Mantas and clustered Stingrays can also damage capital ships.

Q: How do I win the mission where Stiletto always finds the Jammer?
A: Start looking before the last Alien is destroyed. Use CTRL+T to turn off smart targeting.

Q: Which ships in the convoy consisting of the TCS Redeemer, TCS Barkley and TCS Porter can I save?
A: The TCS Barkley and TCS Porter always go down, but you can save the TCS Redeemer. However, saving the Redemeer is not required to finish the game.

Q: Is there any way to save Dallas?
A: No, he either dies on your wing if you're friendly toward him or by himself. Either way, he'll be dead before the second disc.

Q: Is there any way to save Hawk?
A: No, like Dallas, he'll either die on your wing if you attack the Kilrathi or on his own.

Q: What can I do to proceed when the "Carrier is Lost" message pops up while I'm still in the launch tubes?
A: Play Simulator Mission 6 or 7, or delete your autosave.gsw file.

Q: Where do I fire tha targeting disk?
A: The disk must be launced at the Bridge of the Triton Transport.

Q: Why do I get sent back to "Defang the Beast" mission if I die/eject in the mission afterwards (Dreadnought Assault)?
A: That is a "double mission." You must complete both to continue in the game.

Q: How do I get to the Hellespont/Alcor System missions?
A: Fail the third G'wriss System mission, but be sure to succeed in the final (usually second) Hhrass System mission.

Q: Can I fly any of the alien ships?
A: Yes, type "alswantsmoreships" in the Simulator menu.

Section 6 - Wing Commander Secret Ops

Q: Will we see Christopher Blair
A: Highly unlikely, Episode One Fiction says Blair is presumed dead.

Q: What class is the TCS Cerberus?
A: The Cerberus is a Hades Class Strike Cruiser

Q: The Documentation I downloaded doesn't work.
A: Download the fixed Docs from the CIC Files Section.

Part 3 - Special a.g.w-c Features

Homepage - You've just come from there.

FAQ's - What you're reading now. Our FAQ's attempt to answer some of the most common problems on the Newsgroup.

ICQ List - We have an official ICQ List through mirabilis now!

IRC Channel - DALnet #Wingnut, the place for readers and posters of the newsgroup to relax and chat about Wing Commander.

Weekly Trivia - Every week I'll send out a few questions to test your Wing Commander knowledge. Each question is worth a certain number of points and the scores are kept on the agwc homepage.

WC5 Poll - A poll taken in summer 1996 by Gerthein Boersma on the Newsgroup and WWW to see what we wanted for the plot of WC5 (now WC Prophecy).

WC Midis - A while back Marc created some great MIDIs as a tribute to Wing Commander.

Jump FAQ - Phillip Langdale's interpretation on how Jumping works in Wing Commander.

Wing Commander 4.123106 - The incredible parody of WC4 by Gary Hladik. It took a year and a half to write and chapters were originally posted to agwc, in the end, it was over 500 pages long!

Last Updated: August 30, 1998 4:30 PM PST

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