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-=Wing Commander=-

Amiga: Low (32?) color graphics version. The only real difference is that the fighters menu in the trainsim has 'rotating' images of the fighters instead of simple VDU line drawings. No one in the universe knows why this is. (People often say that the music sounds better in the Amiga version... but my experience is that it sounds fairly similar to the original game's music played on an MT-32 or LAPC-I.)

CD32: Identical to the original A500 Amiga version, except with 256 color graphics.

SegaCD: The SegaCD version is visually similar to the original PC release, but it also includes full speech (and the requisite awkward console control scheme). The Sega CD was called the Mega CD in Europe and Japan.

SNES: Another low (16?) color version. The SNES version has a host of weird Nintendo-requested minor changes (the Blue Devils are the 'Blue Angels' - things like that). There's some obvious tricks to get around the low amount of memory on an SNES cart, too - for instance, SNES WC1 doesn't have unique graphics for the Jalthi... it's just a Salthi that's been turned green. There is also a seperate, stand-alone SNES version of the Secret Missions addon... it's fairly cool, as it includes a unique intro sequence (Kilrathi talking about the Sivar weapon) and an 'extended' Tiger's Claw takeoff scene that makes use of some Mode-7 landscaping stuff.

FM Towns: Visually identical to the PC version - the only significant change is that it has a Redbook audio soundtrack instead of MIDIs and Japanese speech inflight. The FM Towns is a Japanese computer. They were the first computers to ship with CD-ROM drives standard -- so the FM Towns ports of many early Origin games have full speech (Ultima 6 is the famous one).

3DO: This is 'Super Wing Commander'. All of the graphics are redone in Privateer-level VGA. It has some new 'bridge' plot points (characters occasionally mention stealth fighters) and a 'middle' set of addon (SM1.5!) missions about blowing up the Sivar's base. Full speech, ships look different, people look different, etc. Amazingly, of all the ports this one *plays* most similar to the original game.

Macintosh: (See 3DO.)

-=Wing Commander II=-

FM Towns: Has Redbook CD audio tracks instead of MIDI files. Otherwise identical.

SNES: Never released! Had color VDUs and a streamlined 'action' style of gameplay.

-=Wing Commander Armada=-

FM Towns: Same as the PC release.

PC 98: Same as the PC release. The PC98 was a Japanese computer that ran special versions of MS-DOS and Windows 95.

-=Wing Commander III=-

Macintosh: Same as the PC release.

PSX: Surprisingly similar to the original PC version. Has some video sequences added (news reports).

3DO: Higher quality video, full color VDUs, alternate mission layouts (ie, different enemies at different points) and generally a mode 'arcade' sense. Pre-rendered video segments replace ground missions. Includes a few new ships (gun platforms. WC4-style triangle transports, etc.), missiles (the Vampire missile!) etc. Some video scenes cut from the original game are re-incorporated.

-=Wing Commander IV=-

DVD: Same as the PC (Win95) version, but with high quality video sequences - as clear as a real movie rather than a... Xan movie.

Macintosh: Identical to the initial PC release.

PSX: Cuts out a significant amount of video and missions (no Circe Series, for instance). Ground missions replaced with new space-based missions with similar objectives. Briefing videos altered slightly to represent this.

-=Wing Commander Prophecy=-

DVD: Never mass produced. See WCIV DVD.

GBA: Entire game redone as a handheld port. Video sequences are done as either fly-rendered segments or talking heads. Has a multiplayer mode.

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