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Movie File Index

WING COMMANDER 3 - List contributed by Fenris

Movie 1: Origin Logo
Movie 2: Intro
Movie 3: Blair & Hobbes Reunion
Movie 4: Blair meets Rollins
Movie 5: First time in Bar, Vagabond challenges Hobbes at cards
Movie 6: Blair meets Vagabond
Movie 7: Holo letter from Angel
Movie 8: Blair and Maniac Reunion
Movie 9: Blair almost meets Flint
Movie 10: Mission 1 Briefing
Movie 11: Blair meets Rachel
Movie 12: Blair and Hobbes discuss Mission 1
Movie 13: Blair meets Vaquero
Movie 14: Blair meets Cobra
Movie 15: Briefing: patrol, possible capship
Movie 16: Blair & Rachel get to know each other
Movie 17: Briefing: escort medical supply transport; chew out for not flying with crew
Movie 18: Blair meets Flint
Movie 19: Briefing: escort civilian transport, Skipper threat
Movie 20: Flash's flashy arrival
Movie 21: Blair and Rachel discuss Excalibur
Movie 22: Eisen gripes about Flash, Victory comes under attack
Movie 23: Blair chews out Flash for slacking
Movie 24: Maniac gripes about Flash, embarrassed by Flint & Blair
Movie 25: Briefing: attack Kilrathi transports attacking Tamayo 2
Movie 26: Rachel announces Excalibur status for Tamayo 2 mission
Movie 27: Blair & Flash argue over use of Excalibur in combat, Flash challenges Blair
Movie 28: "Kick the little twerp's ass!"
Movie 29: Victory in duel with Flash
Movie 30: Defeat in duel with Flash
Movie 31: Flash leaves
Movie 32: Thrakhath & Melek plot Locanda's downfall
Movie 33: Blair & Flint discuss action in Locanda
Movie 34: Flash apologizes, applies for combat flight status
Movie 35: Blair & Vagabond discuss Kilrathi bioweapons
Movie 36: Blair & Cobra discuss Kilrathi bioweapons
Movie 37: Blair & Hobbes discuss Kilrathi intentions in Locanda
Movie 38: Briefing: sweep of hostiles from Locanda
Movie 39: Briefing: intercept bioweapons headed for Locanda IV

Movie 1: Elevator
Movie 2: Blair enters & leaves Flight Deck
Movie 3: Wingman selection
Movie 4: Boarding
Movie 5: Scramble
Movie 6: Landing
Movie 7: Blair & Rachel talk after mission
Movie 8: Major mission success
Movie 9: Aftermath of killing wingman
Movie 10: Eisen chew out for ejecting
Movie 11: Rachel unhappy about being overruled
Movie 12: Task force jumps

Disk 2

Movie 1: Blair chews out Flint for personal vendetta
Movie 2: Blair chews out Rollins for destroying morale
Movie 3: Memories of Angel
Movie 4: Blair and Eisen talk about Flash or good performance in Locanda
Movie 5: Briefing: defend sector base and jump point
Movie 6: Rachel talks to Blair about loss and self-destruction
Movie 7: Blair and Maniac snipe at each other about Rachel
Movie 8: Briefing: escort supply convoys to sector base
Movie 9: Blair & Flint discuss action/Flint asks to go back on flight roster
Movie 10: Briefing: escort weapons convoy, Eisen's reaction to decision about Flint
Movie 11: Eisen chews Blair out for poor performance
Movie 12: Briefing: cover evac of sector base
Movie 13: Briefing: escort evac through pulsar
Movie 14: Briefing: Eisen's reaction to Flint decision, escort evac convoy
Movie 15: Rachel complaining about recon work
Movie 16: Cobra & Blair discuss incursion into Kilrathi space
Movie 17: Blair & Vagabond discuss concerns about military nature of targets
Movie 18: Blair & Vaquero discuss nervousness behind enemy lines
Movie 19: Rollins is still paranoid
Movie 20: Blair & Hobbes discuss Kilrathi martial psychology
Movie 21: Briefing: eliminate Kilrathi patrols
Movie 22: Flint is optimistic
Movie 23: Flint & Blair: everybody's pessimistic
Movie 24: Briefing: convoy raiding in nebula
Movie 25: Briefing: escort Victory out of nebula and to the jump point
Movie 26: Thrakhath & Melek discuss failure to trap Victory, decide to send "the trigger"
Movie 27: Cobra accuses Hobbes of complicity with the Kilrathi
Movie 28: Flash is freaking out
Movie 29: Maniac gripes to Blair about nebulae & asteroid fields
Movie 30: Thrakhath sends dire warnings
Movie 31: Briefing: protect destroyers, destroy pursuers
Movie 32: Blair talks to Flint about her father
Movie 33: Briefing: destroy all Kilrathi in nebula
Movie 34: Briefing: escort task force to new jump point
Movie 35: Thrakhath assures the Emperor of imminent victory
Movie 36: Briefing: clear asteroid belt
Movie 37: Briefing: intercept Kilrathi reinforcements
Movie 38: Briefing: destroy Kilrathi base
Movie 39: Admiral Tolwyn arrives aboard the Victory
Movie 40: Blair and Flint discuss Angel and Tolwyn
Movie 41: Tolwyn unveils the Behemoth

Disk 3


Movie 1: Rachel belittles the Behemoth
Movie 2: Rollins tells Blair about wierd coded transmissions
Movie 3: Blair & Tolwyn talk about their relationship
Movie 4: Briefing: mine jump points to cover Behemoth
Movie 5: Briefing: sweep all Kilrathi from Behemoth's path
Movie 6: Someone sends specifications of Behemoth to Thrakhath
Movie 7: Vaquero offers Blair tickets to end-of-war party
Movie 8: Rachel gripes about Tolwyn and being neat
Movie 9: Briefing: Tolwyn takes command, clear the system to protect Behemoth
Movie 10: Behemoth force jumps
Movie 11: Blair and Maniac talk about Tolwyn
Movie 12: Cobra tells Blair her story
Movie 13: Blair and Tolwyn discuss Tolwyn's assumption of command
Movie 14: Blair reassures Eisen
Movie 15: Briefing: cover firing of Behemoth
Movie 16: Behemoth blows Loki VI to kingdom come
Movie 17: Blair & Hobbes discuss Behemoth, Hobbes thanks Blair for his loyalty
Movie 18: Briefing: escort Behemoth to Kilrah
Movie 19: Kilrathi Pakhtahns destroy Behemoth
Movie 20: Thrakhath reveals Angel's fate to Blair
Movie 21: Tolwyn departs
Movie 22: Company or the bottle?
Movie 23: Flint expresses sympathy/disgust at Blair's drunkeness
Movie 24: Rollins and Cobra tell Blair that the coded transmissions continue
Movie 25: Paladin arrives, confesses his knowledge of Angel's demise
Movie 26: Briefing: clear Alcor system
Movie 27: Vagabond tells Blair about Severin's crimes
Movie 28: Cobra's death
Movie 29: Eisen cleaning out Vaquero's/Cobra's locker
Movie 30: Briefing: extract Severin
Movie 31: Atmospheric entry
Movie 32: Vagabond slugs Severin
Movie 33: Leaving the atmosphere
Movie 34: Blair's funeral
Movie 35: Cobra's funeral

Disk 4


Movie 1: Thrakhath and Melek discuss Severin's extraction with the Emperor
Movie 2: Maniac rubs it in about Cobra's death and Hobbes' betrayal
Movie 3: Rollins and Blair discuss Vagabond's assault on Severin
Movie 4: Briefing: secure Freya system
Movie 5: Rachel hits on Blair
Movie 6: Blair negotiates with Eisen for Vagabond's release
Movie 7: Flint hits on Blair
Movie 8: Briefing: ground attack on Kilrathi shield generator
Movie 9: Atmospheric entry
Movie 10: Leaving the atmosphere
Movie 11: Vagabond thanks Blair for getting him out of the brig
Movie 12: Briefing: hold Freya jump point
Movie 13: Decision about Flint
Movie 14: Decision about Rachel
Movie 15: Decision about Rachel after turning down Flint
Movie 16: Decision about Flint after turning down Rachel
Movie 17: Flint's tirade after rejection
Movie 18: Briefing: Temblor Bomb test
Movie 19: Rachel's tirade after rejection
Movie 20: Entering the atmosphere
Movie 21: Temblor Bomb test successful
Movie 22: Leaving the atmosphere
Movie 23: Blair and Flash discuss prospects of nuking Kilrah
Movie 24: Blair talks to Vaquero about the end of the war
Movie 25: "Weepy nostalgia from the hardened card shark?"
Movie 26: Briefing: escort capships to Hyperion staging area
Movie 27: Flint complains about being left off Blair's wing, now that they're dating
Movie 28: Briefing: defend Freya jump point
Movie 29: The opposing fleets gather
Movie 30: Eisen tells Blair he is honored that they served together
Movie 31: Briefing: jump to Kilrah system and commence Temblor operation
Movie 32: Blair speech (no sound)
Movie 33: Briefing: proceed to secondary supply depot to arm and load T-bomb
Movie 34: Briefing: commence bomb run
Movie 35: Entering Kilrah's atmosphere
Movie 36: Kilrah explodes, Melek surrenders, Blair contemplates the future
Movie 37: Briefing: defend the Proxima-Sol jump point
Movie 38: Briefing: take as many with you as you can
Movie 39: The Victory rams the Hvar'kann
Movie 40: Blair is captured and killed, Earth is carpet-bombed
Movie 41: Cobra's funeral
Movie 42: blooper

WING COMMANDER 4 - List contributed by Fenris

Disk 1

Movie 1: Intro
Movie 2: Blair and Maniac arrive at Confed HQ
Movie 3: Blair and Eisen reunion
Movie 4: Blair and Vagabond reunion
Movie 5: Briefing: fly escort against pirates
Movie 6: Blair meets Catscratch
Movie 7: Briefing: attack pirate frigate/search and destroy
Movie 8: Blair, Maniac, and Vagabond discuss Border Worlds
Movie 9: Briefing: ground recon
Movie 10: Blair tries to discuss recent assignment with Eisen
Movie 11: Briefing: hostage extraction
Movie 12: Lexington jumps
Movie 13: Entering the atmosphere
Movie 14: Leaving the atmosphere
Movie 15: Seether dusts a space station in an Avenger
Movie 16: Captain Paulsen arrives
Movie 17: Blair enters/leaves the room
Movie 18: Blair attempts to visit Eisen
Movie 19: Eisen chew-out for ejecting
Movie 20: Blair is stripped of his commission by Tolwyn, returns to the bar. (watch the monitor behind Blair in the bar)

Disk 2

Movie 1: Blair recieves communique from Tolwyn, inquiring about the situation
Movie 2: Blair, Vagabond, Maniac, and Catscratch discuss biochemist, Paulsen
Movie 3: Briefing: Paulsen takes command, recapture space station
Movie 4: TCN interview with Tolwyn
Movie 5: Blair, Maniac, and Vagabond talk about Confed edict requiring escort of UBW ships
Movie 6: Eisen reassures Blair about his change in status
Movie 7: Briefing: intercept Border Worlds convoy in Confed space
Movie 8: Blair recieves communique from Tolwyn, telling him to keep looking and ignore Paulsen
Movie 9: Catscratch expresses concerns to Blair about missions
Movie 10: Blair and Eisen discuss Confed, Eisen says farewell
Movie 11: Seether arrives on the Lexington
Movie 12: Blair talks to Maniac, who is uncharacteristically somber
Movie 13: Briefing: Paulsen explains Eisen's demotion, intercept Eisen and Maniac
Movie 14: The defectors make it aboard the Intrepid, meet Panther and Hawk
Movie 15: Blair meets Pliers
Movie 16: Blair talks to Sosa, who is hand-decrypting Eisen's intercepted messages
Movie 17: Blair talks to Maniac about their grim situation
Movie 18: Eisen is made captain of Intrepid
Movie 19: Briefing: scout nebula
Movie 20: Pliers tells Blair about stripping Confed fighters down
Movie 21: Vagabond, Blair, and Catscratch talk about their decision to defect
Movie 22: Briefing: escort Intrepid to back-door jump point
Movie 23: Intrepid escapes after destroying/disabling Lexington, Seether kills Paulsen
Movie 24: Blair, Eisen, and Sosa discuss holes in intercept data, decide to hit Confed comm station
Movie 25: Blair talks to Panther about the never-ending war
Movie 26: Briefing: protect Border Worlds convoy
Movie 27: Lexington jumps
Movie 28: Intrepid jumps
Movie 29: Jump transition
Movie 30: Blair is stripped of his commission by Tolwyn, goes back to the bar
Movie 31: Blair is captured and executed, Confed goes to war with the Border Worlds
Movie 32: Paulsen chew-out for ejecting
Movie 33: Eisen chew-out for ejecting
Movie 34: Origin logo

Disk 3

Movie 1: Pliers introduces Blair to makeshift cloak
Movie 2: Maniac beats Vagabond at cards
Movie 3: Blair and Hawk talk about combat
Movie 4: Briefing: clandestine insertion of Vagabond and Sosa at comm station
Movie 5: Vagabond's death
Movie 6: Vagabond's funeral
Movie 7: Blair and Catscratch are commended by Paulsen for pursuing Eisen
Movie 8: Blair and Catscratch talk about the others' defection
Movie 9: Briefing: Search and destroy
Movie 10: Blair and Paulsen discuss the Border Worlds and the "new breed" like Seether
Movie 11: Blair and Catscratch talk about Seether and his fellows
Movie 12: Blair talks to Seether about Seether's ideas of strength
Movie 13: Briefing: destroy the Intrepid
Movie 14: Seether murders a UBW pilot
Movie 15: Briefing: destroy the Intrepid
Movie 16: Lexington is destroyed/disabled, Seether kills Paulsen
Movie 17: Blair and Catscratch arrive on Intrepid, meet Panther and Hawk
Movie 18: Tolwyn tells Paladin of Blair's defection
Movie 19: Blair, Eisen, and Sosa discuss the info from the comm station
Movie 20: Maniac tells Blair of Vagabond's death, Eisen explains his defection
Movie 21: Blair meets Pliers
Movie 22: Blair talks to Sosa about decoding
Movie 23: Blair talks to Maniac about their grim situation
Movie 24: Maniac is despondent about Vagabond's death
Movie 25: Briefing: answer SOS
Movie 26: Melek tells about the attacks on his ships, Hawk tells about knowing Seether
Movie 27: Blair, Panther, and Catscratch discuss how wierd it is helping Kilrathi
Movie 28: Melek and Blair discuss payback, high-tech and otherwise
Movie 29: Blair and Hawk discuss "Kilrathi foreign aid"
Movie 30: Eisen says he is personally delivering his data, Blair meets Wilford
Movie 31: Eisen leaves for Confed space
Movie 32: Briefing: eliminate renegade attackers in Pasqual
Movie 33: Lexington jumps
Movie 34: Intrepid jumps
Movie 35: Paulsen chew-out for ejecting
Movie 36: Eisen chew-out for ejecting

Disk 4

Movie 1: Blair interrupts Catscratch and Sosa's cuddling
Movie 2: Blair meets Dekker
Movie 3: Briefing: secure Kilrathi starbase
Movie 4: Two Excaliburs destroy BW fighters, Intrepid ordered to Peleus, discovers jamming
Movie 5: Briefing: search and destroy through Peleus
Movie 6: Pliers explains modifications for jamming
Movie 7: Interrogation of guy from the Nephele bar if you helped him
Movie 8: Interrogation of guy from the Nephele bar if you didn't help him
Movie 9: Briefing: destroy jamming capship
Movie 10: Jamming clears, Dekker makes a command decision
Movie 11: Maniac tells Blair to "go see."
Movie 12: Blair speaks to Tolwyn, in the hold
Movie 13: Tolwyn leaves the Intrepid
Movie 14: Dekker tells Blair he thinks it was a bad idea to let Tolwyn go
Movie 15: Blair and Dekker chew out Maniac for letting Tolwyn go
Movie 16: Communique from Wilford: Speradon or Circe choice
Movie 17: Fighting in Circe system
Movie 18: Maniac and Dekker bicker
Movie 19: Briefing: Circe missions
Movie 20: Blair and Panther discuss Maniac's indiscretions
Movie 21: Maniac gives Catscratch some "advice"
Movie 22: Circe gives Intrepid their information take from their surveillance web
Movie 23: Briefing: destroy enemy supply route, Catscratch volunteers to snatch satellite
Movie 24: Bearcats under construction at Speradon
Movie 25: Pliers shows Blair MIPs, makeshift cloaking device
Movie 26: Blair and Pliers talk about cloaking device
Movie 27: Briefing: Speradon missions
Movie 28: Blair and Hawk discuss Maniac's attitude
Movie 29: Briefing: convoy raid, Catscratch volunteers for satellite grab
Movie 30: Intrepid jumps
Movie 31: Entering the atmosphere
Movie 32: Leaving the atmosphere
Movie 33: Escorting shuttles out of the atmosphere
Movie 34: Pliers chew-out for ejecting
Movie 35: Origin logo

Disk 5

Movie 1: Blair chews out Catscratch and Maniac
Movie 2: Catscratch's funeral
Movie 3: Blair and Pliers discuss cloaking device
Movie 4: Blair and Sosa talk about Catscratch's death
Movie 5: Blair, Hawk, and Panther talk about Eisen's chances
Movie 6: Briefing: finish off supply line, or insert Dekker's Marines to command center
Movie 7: Briefing: insert Dekker's Marines to command center
Movie 8: Wilford orders a mission to disable unidentified ship
Movie 9: Blair and Pliers talk about more firepower
Movie 10: Briefing: convoy raid or escort defectors
Movie 11: Briefing: escort defectors
Movie 12: Pliers: "didn't go bang..."
Movie 13: Pliers introduces Blair to the Dragon
Movie 14: SOS from Telamon
Movie 15: Briefing: investigate the Telamon situation
Movie 16: Blair and the Marines land on Telamon
Movie 17: Blair and Sosa talk about the evil they face
Movie 18: Blair and Maniac recieve communique from Wilford about Axius
Movie 19: Briefing: recon in Axius
Movie 20: Blair infiltrates Black Lance base, Tolwyn's megalomania revealed
Movie 21: Intrepid jumps
Movie 22: Entering the atmosphere
Movie 23: Leaving the atmosphere
Movie 24: Jump transition
Movie 25: Blair is captured and executed, Confed declares war
Movie 26: Pliers chew-out for ejecting
Movie 27: Origin logo

Disk 6

Movie 1: Seether reports Blair's infiltration to Tolwyn
Movie 2: Blair tells Dekker about Tolwyn, talks to Pliers about flashpak
Movie 3: Blair, Hawk, and Panther discuss use of flashpak on Ella superbase
Movie 4: Briefing: escape Ella superbase forces
Movie 5: Briefing: flashpak Ella superbase
Movie 6: The Intrepid escapes Ella
Movie 7: The Intrepid jumps in just behind Vesuvius; Tolwyn orders attack
Movie 8: Eisen to the rescue
Movie 9: The fight continues, Pliers offers Blair the use of the flashpak on the Vesuvius
Movie 10: Tolwyn goads Blair, orders Seether to kill him
Movie 11: Briefing: take out the Vesuvius
Movie 12: Briefing: get to Earth to testify before the Assembly
Movie 13: Debate in the Assembly, Tolwyn's trial and suicide, Blair as instructor, Blair in Tolwyn's place, Blair arrested and war declared
Movie 14: Blair stripped of his commission by Tolwyn, returns to the bar
Movie 15: Blair captured and executed, Confed declares war
Movie 16: Pliers chew-out for ejecting
Movie 17: Intrepid jumps
Movie 18: Entering the atmosphere
Movie 19: Jump transition
Movie 20: Seether challenges Blair
Movie 21: Origin logo

WING COMMANDER PROPHECY - List contributed by Wedge009


0000.WVE Origin
0001.WVE Dolby Surround
0002.WVE Wing Commander: Prophecy
2160.WVE Briefing
2165.WVE Briefing
2170.WVE Briefing
2175.WVE Briefing
2180.WVE Briefing
2185.WVE Briefing
2190.WVE Briefing
2195.WVE Briefing
2435.WVE Debriefing
2440.WVE Debriefing
2445.WVE Debriefing
2450.WVE Debriefing
2470.WVE Debriefing
2480.WVE Debriefing
2490.WVE Debriefing


0010.WVE Introduction
0030.WVE Introduction
0050.WVE Introduction
0070.WVE Introduction
0090.WVE H'rekkah 100.8 Briefing
0096.WVE H'rekkah 100.8 Briefing
0170.WVE H'rekkah 100.8 Debriefing
0175.WVE H'rekkah 100.8 Debriefing
0190.WVE Post-H'rekkah 100.8 Cutscene
0240.WVE Post-H'rekkah 101.1 Cutscene
0270.WVE H'rekkah 102.0 Debriefing
0275.WVE H'rekkah 102.0 Debriefing
0300.WVE H'rekkah 103.5 Briefing
0350.WVE Jump to G'wriss
0370.WVE Post-H'rekkah 104.0/105.5 Cutscene
0390.WVE G'wriss 206.7 Briefing - Dallas high morale
0400.WVE G'wriss 206.7 Briefing - Dallas low morale
0430.WVE Post-G'wriss 206.7 Cutscene
0510.WVE Post-G'wriss 207.0/208.5/209.9 Cutscene
0540.WVE G'wriss 210.0/211.5 Briefing - Dallas high morale
0560.WVE G'wriss 210.0/211.5 Debriefing - Dallas low morale
0565.WVE G'wriss 210.0/211.5 Debriefing - Dallas low morale
0566.WVE G'wriss 210.0/211.5 Debriefing - Dallas low morale
0570.WVE G'wriss 210.0/211.5 Debriefing - Dallas high morale
0575.WVE G'wriss 210.0/211.5 Debriefing - Dallas high morale
0576.WVE G'wriss 210.0/211.5 Debriefing - Dallas high morale
2250.WVE Casey Dead
2350.WVE Midway Destroyed
2520.WVE Scramble
2542.WVE Piranha Launch
2545.WVE Tigershark Launch
2546.WVE Wasp Launch


0640.WVE H'hrass 313.2 Debriefing
0645.WVE H'hrass 313.2 Debriefing
0650.WVE Post-H'hrass 313.2 Cutscene
0710.WVE H'hrass 314.1 Briefing
0750.WVE H'hrass 315.2 Debriefing
0755.WVE H'hrass 315.2 Debriefing/Cutscene
0790.WVE T'lan Meth 416.3 Briefing
0830.WVE T'lan Meth 416.3 Debriefing
0835.WVE T'lan Meth 416.3 Debriefing
0850.WVE Post-T'lan Meth 416.3 Cutscene
0880.WVE T'lan Meth 417.4 Debriefing - Mission Success
0885.WVE T'lan Meth 417.4 Debriefing - Mission Success
0930.WVE T'lan Meth 418.0/419.5 Briefing
0940.WVE T'lan Meth 418.0/419.5 Briefing
0960.WVE Kilrah Wormhole Nearing Completion
0980.WVE Post-T'lan Meth 418.0/419.5 Cutscene
1050.WVE Post-T'lan Meth 420.0/421.5 Cutscene
1060.WVE T'lan Meth 422.7 Briefing
1090.WVE T'lan Meth 422.7 Debriefing - Attacked Kilrathi
1095.WVE T'lan Meth 422.7 Debriefing - Attacked Kilrathi
1100.WVE T'lan Meth 422.7 Debriefing - Ignored Hawk
1105.WVE T'lan Meth 422.7 Debriefing - Ignored Hawk
1120.WVE Post-T'lan Meth 422.7 Cutscene - Ignored Hawk
1130.WVE Post-T'lan Meth 422.7 Cutscene
1170.WVE T'lan Meth 423.8 Debriefing
1175.WVE T'lan Meth 423.8 Debriefing - Ignored Hawk
1176.WVE Post-T'lan Meth 423.8 Cutscene - Ignored Hawk
1200.WVE Post-T'lan Meth 424.4 Cutscene - Mission Failure
1270.WVE T'lan Meth 427.2 Briefing
1276.WVE T'lan Meth 427.2 Briefing
1290.WVE T'lan Meth 427.2 Debriefing
1295.WVE T'lan Meth 427.2 Debriefing/Cutscene
1340.WVE T'lan Meth 428.0 Briefing - Attacked Kilrathi
1350.WVE T'lan Meth 428.0 Briefing - Ignored Hawk (Mission Success)
1360.WVE T'lan Meth 428.0 Briefing - Ignored Hawk (Mission Failure)
1380.WVE T'lan Meth 428.0 Debriefing - Attacked Kilrathi
1385.WVE T'lan Meth 428.0 Debriefing - Attacked Kilrathi
2200.WVE Briefing
2205.WVE Briefing
2210.WVE Briefing
2215.WVE Briefing
2220.WVE Briefing
2225.WVE Briefing
2230.WVE Briefing
2235.WVE Briefing
2240.WVE Briefing
2245.WVE Briefing
2250.WVE Casey Dead
2270.WVE H'hrass Relay Station Destroyed
2290.WVE Casey Dead
2300.WVE Sol Invasion
2350.WVE Midway Destroyed
2500.WVE Scramble
2520.WVE Scramble
2541.WVE Panther Launch
2543.WVE Shrike Launch
2545.WVE Tigershark Launch
2546.WVE Wasp Launch


1400.WVE T'lan Meth 428.0 Debriefing - Ignored Hawk
1405.WVE T'lan Meth 428.0 Debriefing - Ignored Hawk
1410.WVE T'lan Meth 429.5 Debriefing - Attacked Kilrathi
1415.WVE T'lan Meth 429.5 Debriefing - Attacked Kilrathi
1490.WVE Post-G'mar 530.4 Cutscene
1500.WVE G'mar 531.7 Briefing
1506.WVE G'mar 531.7 Briefing
1520.WVE G'mar 531.7 Debriefing
1525.WVE G'mar 531.7 Debriefing
1530.WVE G'mar 532.9 Briefing
1536.WVE G'mar 532.9 Briefing
1560.WVE Post-G'mar 532.9 Cutscene
1690.WVE H'rissith 636.2 Debriefing - Mission Failure
1695.WVE H'rissith 636.2 Debriefing - Mission Failure
1740.WVE H'rissith 638.3 Debriefing
1745.WVE H'rissith 638.3 Debriefing
1770.WVE H'rissith 640.8 Briefing
1776.WVE H'rissith 640.8 Briefing
1790.WVE H'rissith 640.8 Cutscene - Mission Success
1795.WVE H'rissith 640.8 Cutscene - Casey Killed
1840.WVE H'rissith 640.8 Debriefing - Mission Success
1850.WVE Post-H'rissith 640.8 Cutscene
1880.WVE Post-Kilrah 743.0/744.5 Cutscene
1950.WVE Kilrah 745.4 Briefing
1956.WVE Kilrah 745.4 Briefing
1970.WVE Kilrah 745.4 Debriefing - Mission Success
1975.WVE Kilrah 745.4 Debriefing - Mission Success
1980.WVE Kilrah 745.4 Debriefing - Mission Failure
1985.WVE Kilrah 745.4 Debriefing - Mission Failure
2010.WVE Kilrah 747.9 Briefing
2016.WVE Kilrah 747.9 Briefing
2030.WVE Kilrah 747.9 Cutscene
2050.WVE Ending
2200.WVE Briefing
2205.WVE Briefing
2210.WVE Briefing
2215.WVE Briefing
2220.WVE Briefing
2225.WVE Briefing
2230.WVE Briefing
2235.WVE Briefing
2240.WVE Briefing
2245.WVE Briefing
2250.WVE Casey Dead
2290.WVE Casey Dead
2300.WVE Sol Invasion
2310.WVE Midway Destroyed - Plasma Overload
2340.WVE Midway Destroyed
2350.WVE Midway Destroyed
2500.WVE Scramble
2520.WVE Scramble
2540.WVE Devastator Launch
2541.WVE Panther Launch
2543.WVE Shrike Launch
2544.WVE Vampire Launch
2546.WVE Wasp Launch

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