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Side A

0010A - Dolby Surround Sound/Origin logo/Opening movie
0010B - Vet ("Get yourself some real food.")
0010C - Vet ("You ungrateful peice of...")
0010D - Maniac ("Good to see you too, Col.")
0010E - Seether ("I don't need to prove myself in some barroom brawl.")
0010F - Seether ("Let him go.")

B1 - Discover Pirate Base (Hellespont)
0200A - Tolwyn ("I'm putting you back in the cockpit.")
0270A - Eisen (Eisen welcomes Blair)
0280A - Vagabond ("Look what the solar winds brought in.")
0300A - Mission Briefing

B2A/B - Attack Pirate Frigate (Hellespont)
0340A - Catscratch ("You pullin' a number on me?")
0340B - Catscratch ("I've got stories alright.")
0340C - Catscratch ("Too many good people died.")
0360A - Mission Briefing (B2A)
0360B - Mission Briefing (B2B)

B3 - Recon Photos (Tyr)
0400A - Vagabond/Maniac (discussion about Border Worlds)
0410A - Mission Briefing (B3)

B4A/B - Hostage Rescue (Tyr)
0480A - Eisen (Eisen hides what he's doing on the computer)
0490A - Mission Briefing (B4A)
0490B - Mission Briefing (B4B)

C1 - Retake the Spacelab (Masa)
0540A - Paulsen ("We have much to discuss.")
0560A - Tolwyn (communique 1)
0570A - Maniac/Vagabond (Bioconvergence chemist)
0570B - Maniac/Vagabond ("too many higher ups around")
0570C - Maniac/Vagabond ("If I were you,I'd worry more about Vagabond")
0590A - Mission Briefing

C2 - Border Worlds Convoy (Masa)
0620A - Maniac gets slapped/TCN News/Tolwyn
0640A - Vagabond/Maniac (required chaperoning)
0640B - Vagabond/Maniac (Confed - Maniac)
0640C - Vagabond/Maniac (Border Worlds - Vagabond)
0650A - Eisen ("I'm being reassigned.")
0660A - Mission Briefing

C3 - Do You Defect? (Masa)
0710A - Tolwyn (communique 2)
0720A - Catscratch ("Is this the way wars start?")
0720B - Catscratch (Catscratch +1)
0720C - Catscratch ("I think an oath of loyalty should be something.")
0730A - Eisen ("I'll be shipping out soon.")
0740A - Maniac ("Some of these guys aren't exactly friendly.")
0740B - Maniac ("I'm supposed to drop by Eisen's cabin")
0740C - Maniac (Seether comes on board.)
0780A - Maniac ("There you are." "Compliments of the Maniac.")
0800A - Mission Briefing

D1 - Defend the Intrepid (Silenos)
0890A - Defect/Fire on the Intrepid

D2 - Nebula Sweep (Silenos)
0970A - Pliers ("Fighting on our side, huh?")
0970B - Pliers ("I can use all the help I can get out there")
0970C - Pliers ("Specs are specs.")
0990A - Sosa ("Confed has a lot of skeletons in its lockers.")
1000A - Maniac ("At least when I go it'll be in a cockpit.")
1010A - Eisen/Panther/Hawk ("I think we need a Captain.")
1020A - Mission Briefing

D3 - Destroy the Lexington (Silenos)
1080A - Pliers ("I just got done stripping them down for parts.")
1080B - Pliers ("I hope you put the pieces to good use, Pliers")
1080C - Pliers ("Without authorization?")
1100A - Vagabond/Catscratch ("Welcome to our new sleeping quarters.")
1110A - Mission Briefing

E1 - Convoy in Distress (Orestes)
1200A - Seether/Paulsen (fly away from destroyed Lexington)
1200B - Seether/Paulsen (fly away from operational Lexington)
1200C - Seether/Paulsen (Seether slits Paulsen's throat)
1200D - Seether/Paulsen (Seether slits Paulsen's throat - uncut)
1210A - Sosa/Eisen ("Holes in the data.")
1221A - Panther ("We should think of something better to do...")
1221B - Panther ("So you think the good guys will win?")
1221C - Panther ("Get used to it, Col.")
1230A - Mission Briefing

E2 - Comm Station Inflitration (Orestes)
1270A - Pliers (MIPs)
1270B - Pliers (Cloaking device)
1270C - Pliers ("Get it ready Pliers.")
1270D - Pliers ("What do I look like, a test pilot?")
1290A - Maniac/Vagabond (Maniac beats Vagabond in cards)
1300A - Hawk ("I'm awake.")
1300B - Hawk ("We didn't start this thing.")
1300C - Hawk ("But didn't you relish the kill?")
1310A - Mission Briefing
1330A - Vagabond's death
1360A - Vagabond's funeral

F1 - Hunt Down Eisen (Silenos)
1380A - Paulsen/Seether ("We will prevail.")
1390A - Catscratch ("It just gets worse.")
1400A - Mission Briefing

F2 - Seether Comes Along (Silenos)
1440A - Paulsen ("Border Worlders, they're barbarians most of them.")
1450A - Catscratch ("Seether has taken over Eisen's cabin.")
1450B - Catscratch ("Takes a lot of nerve.")
1450C - Catscratch ("He was bound to.")
1460A - Seether ("We've seen each other.")
1470A - Mission Briefing

F3 - A Second Chance (Silenos)
1520A - Seether ("That man was a POW!")
1550A - Mission Briefing

G1 - Rescue Kilrathi (Orestes)
1610A - Hawk/Panther ("Welcome to the Union of Border Worlds.")
1620A - Tolwyn/Paladin ("What the devil is going on out there?")
1630A - Eisen/Sosa ("Is [the data] what you wanted?")
1640A - Eisen/Maniac ("I tried to blow you two out of the sky.")
1650A - Maniac ("You thought Vagabond lost the will to live...?")
1680A - Mission Briefing

G2 - Confederation in Disguise (Pasqual)
1720A - Eisen/Hawk/Melek/Sosa ("I've seen that before.")
1740A - Panther/Catscratch ("And now we're helping them get home.")
1740B - Panther/Catscratch ("A warrior only fights when prevoked.")
1740C - Panther/Catscratch ("Eisen hasn't been wrong yet.")
1750A - Melek ("You are suggesting high-tech payback?")
1760A - Hawk ("We'd be better off if their kind was obliterated.")
1760B - Hawk ("Just tell me where to shoot.")
1760C - Hawk ("I'd expect that from a pilot like Catscratch.")
1770A - Captain Eisen ships out
1780A - Captain Eisen flies out in the shuttle
1800A - Mission Briefing

3630A - Losing Endgame 1
3670A - Banshee losing power/Vesuvious capture
3670B - Ejection pod - Vesuvious capture
3670C - Hellcat losing power/Vesuvious capture
3670D - Paulsen (Traitor)
3670E - Imprisonment
3670F - Tolwyn (Closing speech to Great Assembly/Vote for War)
3670G - Firing Squad
3670H - Tolwyn (Launch the Attack)

Carrier Walkthroughs
5150A - to Lounge
5150B - from Lounge night
5150C - from Lounge day
5150D - from Flight Control to right
5150E - to Flight Control night
5150F - to Flight Control day
5150G - from Flight Control to left
5160A - to Eisen's cabin

7330A - Eisen (Lexington ejection)
7340A - Paulsen (Lexington ejection)
7370A - Eisen (Intrepid ejection)

8000A - Lexington Jump Out
8000B - Lexington Jump In
8001A - Intrepid Jump Out
8001B - Intrepid Jump In
8002A - Hellcat Planetary Descent
8003A - Hellcat Planetary Ascent
8004A - Vindicator Planetary Descent
8005A - Vindicator Planetary Ascent
8010A - Jump In (personal)
8011A - Seether (Blows up station on Nephele)

Side Two

E2 - Comm Station Infiltration (Orestes)
1270A - Pliers (MIP introduction)
1270B - Pliers (Cloacking Device)
1270C - Pliers ("Get it ready Pliers")
1270D - Pliers ("What do I look like, a test pilot?")

G3 - Escort Melek (Orestes)
1850A - Catscratch & Sosa ("Oh, you got me some veggies!")
1850B - Catscratch & Sosa ("Guess I'd better check into that.")
1850C - Catscratch & Sosa ("I have.")
1860A - Dekker ("We're ready to work.")
1870A - Mission Briefing

J1 - Dead Zone (Peleus)
1901A - Banshees (Jammed radars)
1990A - Mission Briefing
2000A - Pliers ("...beefing up people's armor.")
2000B - Pliers (fixes ship config after you leave)

J2A/B - Jam the Jammer (Peleus)
2040A - Pilot ("I owe him one.")
2050A - Pilot ("...he's a real prince.")
2060A - Mission Briefing (Wilford's message)
2060B - Mission Briefing (J2B)
2060C - Mission Briefing (J1B)

KA/LA - Circe/Speradon
2080A - Dekker ("Someone's in a mighty big hurry to make tracks.")
2110A - Maniac ("You'll never guess who's in the hold.")
2120A - Tolwyn ("Am I your POW then, Col.?")
2120B - Tolwyn ("You'll be released.")
2120C - Tolwyn ("I can't let you go.")
2130A - Tolwyn (Tolwyn leaves)
2140A - Dekker/Maniac ("I can't believe you let him go!")
2160A - Dekker/Maniac ("Admiral Tolwyn's escaped.")
2170A - Wilford (Circe/Speradon message)
2170B - Panther/Hawk ("We're heading for Circe.")
2170C - Panther/Hawk ("We're heading for Speradon.")
2220A - Maniac/Dekker (fight)
2220B - Maniac/Dekker (Maniac gets punched)
2220C - Maniac/Dekker (Blaur interceeds)

KA - Shut Down the Tank Offensive (Circe)
2180A - Tank Battle
2240A - Mission Briefing (message from Wilford, Maniac eyes Dekker)
2240B - Mission Briefing (Sosa hands Blair RC)
2240C - Mission Briefing ("Loading Briefing")
2240D - Mission Briefing (Blair presses RC)
2240E - Mission Briefing (Wilford briefing for KA)
2240F - Mission Briefing (Wilford briefing for KB)
2240G - Mission Briefing (Wilford briefing for KC)
2350A - Panther ("If you don't do something about [Maniac]...")
2350B - Panther ("I'll talk to him.")
2350C - Panther ("It'll mean more coming from you.")
2380A - Maniac/Catscratch (Maniac teaching Catscratch)
K3A/B - Catscratch (Circe)
2390A - Sosa (message from Circe - data)
2400A - Mission Briefing

K4A - Supply Line Revisted (Circe)
2470A - Catscratch (Maniac's failed student)
2480A - Catscratch's funeral
2490A - Pliers ("Cloacking gadget")
2490B - Pliers ("Make me invisible.")
2490C - Pliers ("That's the thanks I get?")
2500A - Sosa ("I know you tried.")
2500B - Sosa (Sosa yells at Blair)
2510A - Hawk/Panther (Discuss Eisen and their options)
2510B - Hawk/Panther ("Just hope that Eisen gets to the right people.")
2510C - Hawk/Panther ("We get ready for the fight of our lives.")
2520A - Mission Briefing
2520B - Mission Briefing (Supply Line)
2520C - Mission Briefing (Ground Attack)

K4B - Sabotage (Circe)
2530A - Mission Briefing
2540A - Disable Vessel

LA - Steal Fighters (Speradon)
2570A - Jump In With Fleet
2600A - Mission Briefing (Wilford)
2600B - Mission Briefing (just come in and use remote)
2600C - Mission Briefing ("Loading Briefing")
2600D - Mission Briefing (use remote)
2600E - Mission Briefing (Steal Fighters)
2600F - Mission Briefing (Manufacturing Plant)
2600G - Mission Briefing (Attack Carrier)
2690A - Hawk ("Your friend is really starting to...")
2690B - Hawk ("You want me to talk to him?")
2690C - Hawk ("You take him too seriously.")

L3A/B - (Tough Decision)
2710A - Mission Briefing (Wilford)

L4A - Mission Resumed (Speradon)
2740A - Pliers (Extra missile?)
2740B - Pliers (Sorry about that boy...extra missile?)
2740C - Pliers ("I like the sound of that.")
2740D - Pliers ("I'd rather have the speed.")
2750A - Mission Briefing (Sosa)
2750B - Mission Briefing (Go aftrer convoy)
2750C - Mission Briefing (Go for that shipyard)

L4B - Escort Defectors (Speradon)
2760A - Mission Debriefing (Sosa)

M1A/B - Planet FT957 (Telamon)
2790A - Pliers ("What the heck is this?")
2800A - Pliers ("Want to take one up?")
2800B - Pliers ("Let's give it a go.")
2800C - Pliers ("Could be booby trapped.")
2840A - Sosa (SOS)
2890A - Mission Breifinf (Blair)
2900A - Blair/Dekker (Landing on Telamon - with Dragon)
2900B - Blair/Dekker (Landing on Telamon - with Vindicator)
2900C - Blair/Dekker ("How come we don't look like . . . him?")
2900D - Blair/Dekker (Landing on Intrepid - with Dragon)
2900E - Blair/Dekker (Landing on Intrepid - with Vindicator)

M2 - Blair's Jump (Callimachus)
2930A - Sosa (candles)
2940A - Maniac (Message from Admiral Wilford)
2970A - Mission Briefing (Blair)

M3 - Jump Back (Axius)
2950A - Blair (Meet Black Lance)

N1A/B - Sneak By Ella/Flash-Pak (Ella)
3200A - Tolwyn ("There's been a security breach.")
3220A - Dekker ("What'd you find?")
3230A - Hawk/Panther ("A ship our size has other options.")
3230B - Hawk/Panther ("Flash-Pak is off limits.")
3230C - Hawk/Panther ("We'll use the Flash-Pak.")
3240A - Briefing ("Slip past the Ella superbase.")
3250A - Briefing ("I'll carry the Flash-Pak.")
3300A - Intrepid flies past Ella (intact)
3300B - Intrepid flies past Ella (destroyed)

N2 - Vesuvius (Ella)
3330A - Intrepid catches up to Vesuvius - Scramble

N3 - St. Helen's (Sol)
3370A - St. Helen's jumps in - Eisen briefing

N4 - Try Again (Sol)
3410A - Battle over Sol
3410B - Pliers ("I can rig this Flash-Pak for you.")
3410C - Pliers ("Load her up Pliers.")
3410D - Pliers ("Could be suicide.")
3440A - Tolwyn ("I'm the one who's invincible.")
3460A - Mission Briefing - Eisen
3460B - Mission Briefing ("A little bell-ringer called the Flash-Pak.")
3460C - Mission Briefing ("We'll all do the best we can sir.")

O1 - Seether (Sol)
3490A - Mission Briefing

O2 - The Great Assembly (Sol)
3510A - Great Assembly (Towlyn's Promotion/Blair's arrival.)
3510B - Great Assembly (Seize the moment.")
3510C - Great Assembly (Careful. Fools rush in.)
3510D - Great Assembly ("Let him speak.")
3510E - Great Assembly (You're not sucking me in.)
3510F - Great Assembly (Two can play at that game.)
3510G - Great Assembly (Dance around him.)
3510H - Great Assembly (Confront him.)
3510I - Great Assembly ("Do you deny having anything...")
3510J - Great Assembly ("Harmony is maintained through control.")
3510K - Great Assembly (He'll trip himself up.)
3510L - Great Assembly ("Control at what cost?")
3510M - Great Assembly (Paladin's question of Black Lance to Tolwyn.)
3510N - Great Assembly (Answer from "He's mad with power.")
3510O - Great Assembly (Answer from "He'll trip himself up.")
3510P - Great Assembly ("Effective soldiers require effective tools.)
3510Q - Great Assembly (Like bioweapons?)
3510R - Great Assembly (Like secret, unmarked fighters?)
3510S - Great Assembly (Tell them more.)
3510T - Great Assembly (Attack Towlyn.)
3510U - Great Assembly ("What is the expensive of these achievements?")
3510V - Great Assembly ("If perfect our methods of killing..."/Trial)
3510W - Great Assembly (Instructor ending)
3510X - Great Assembly (Admiral ending)
3510Y - Great Assembly ("The price of freedom is eternal vigelence.")
3510Z - Great Assembly (Blair is taken away.)

3630A - Losing Endgame 1
3670A - Banshee tractored in
3670B - Ejection pod tractored in
3670C - Hellcat tractored in
3670D - Traitor endgame
3670E - Losing Endgame 2a
3670F - Great Assembly (Tolwyn's speech when Blair removed.)
3670G - Losing Endgame 2b
3670H - Fleet attacks by Tolwyn's orders
7380A - Pliers (Ejection)
8001A - Intrepid jump out
8001B - Intrepid jump in
8004A - Vindicator Planetary Descent
8005A - Vindicator Planetary Ascent
8006A - Vindicator/Shuttles planetary ascent
8009A - Dragon Planetary Descent
8010A - Jump In (personal)
8013A - Seether ("Fight hard."/Comes up behind Blair in Dragon)

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