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Shotglass: Hey Maverick, how ya holdin' up? I'd heard that we were going to get some R and R, but something came up. Feels like we haven't had any leave since I signed on. Blasted cats keeping us busy.
Maverick: Yeah, I could sure do with a rest myself.
Shotglass: I think everyone could. Bossman is looking pretty ragged these days. Maybe we'll get a break soon.

Spirit: MAVERCK! Would you care to join us? It will be nice to have a real break, especially after operation Thor's Hammer.
Bossman: I was certain that we wouldn't survive that mission. I'm glad I as wrong, at least this time.
Spirit: Maverick-san, is something troubling you? You see distant and pensive.
Maverick: No, I'm fine, I'm just tired. Thor's Hammer wore me out.
Spirit: If you are certain then. But remember, I will always listen if you have a need. I heard there is a chance that we may not get to go directly to R&R. I would not mind so much if we did not, as I could not spend it with my fiancee. He is assigned elsewhere and I cannot even be told for security reasons.

Bossman: Maverick! How's it going? I really hope we get leave. I haven't seen my wife in ages. And I've never even met my daughter! I'd really like to get to know her… so if something happens to me… she might have a chance to remember me. She'll be a year old next month. Can you believe its been a year since she was born? Oh, that was before you joined us on the Tiger's Claw. I'm sorry I'm so depressing, Maverick.
Spirit: That is all right, Kien. We understand.
Bossman: Thank you Spirit, I've appreciated your support all these months.
Spirit: Think nothing of it. That's what comrades are for.
Bossman: Yes, I suppose, still I will not forget your kindness.

Halcyon: I hope everyone's been enjoying this trip so far… because you're going to have to do some real work again. We've received reports of a Fralthi moving to Tartarus system. We need to take care of it now, before it arrives. So we can maintian our mission status when we get there. I know I can count on you to get the job done.
Iceman: What about shore leave?
Halcyon: That's one reason we need to take out this Fralthi now, Iceman, to ensure the safety in Tartarus. These are your assignments. Maverick, you'll be Alpha wing, with Hunter as your wingman. You'll fly a Rapier - a good all purpose ship. Go to Nav 1, in order to avoid the minefield between us and the Fralthi. Destroy the Fralthi and return to the Tiger's Claw directly.
[Colonel Halcyon assigns the other pilots to their duties]
Halcyon: Remember, the main objective is to destroy the Fralthi. Don't risk using up your missiles on stray fighters. Stick to your guns and only use missiles when absolutely necessary. And something else I wanted to mention. Hunter did a bolter yesterday, a 2 point touch and go landing. He managed to snap off one of his ship's laser cannons, break 3 aerials and terrify the flight deck crew. Pilots, we use the ACLS, our auto-landing system, for very good reasons. The next hotshot pilot who tries a manual control landing will be scrubbing decks for a week. Is that understood? All right pilots, prepare for launch. Dismissed.


Halcyon: So how did it go out there, Maverick? Did you get that Fralthi?
Maverick: Yes sir! We wasted her right on schedule.
Halcyon: Good, that's just what I wanted to hear. The destruction of that Fralthi was vital. Good work. Well Maverick, you got X and Hunter got X. Okay. Get some rest before your next mission, Lt.

Shotglass: Have a drink, Maverick! We've got something to celebrate! I just heard the news from Major Chapman on the Austin! The Confed fleet chased the Kilrathi strike force from Vega prime. It was kinda weird actually. There wasn't a major battle or anything like that. The cats just closed up shop and left.
Maverick: It sounds like they had somewhere else they wanted to go, Sam.
Shotglass: Makes you wonder, doesn't it? But still, they ran away. That's a victory for our side, isn't it?

Knight: Maverick! We were just talking about you, Angel and I. She says you've been doing special work for the Colonel. Can you tell us about it?
Maverick: I'm afraid not. Not yet anyway.
Knight: Ah yes. Well we understand.

Angel: Maverick! Did you hear what happened on the last patrol? Nearly all the pilots encountered enemy warships! And one of the Tactical officers said that there might be more Kilrathi in this area. Fortunately we are not alone in this sector. If we need combat more pilots, they will transfer personell from the TCS Austin. I truly hope that we will not need those other pilots, but this could be an excellent chance to compare tactics with them, non?

Halcyon: Come in Maverick, I need to speak to you.
Maverick: Yes sir?
Halcyon: I have a mission for you. One that's vitally important to our cause. We have been contacted by a Kilrathi Colonel who wishes to defect. I need you to fly out to meet him and guide him back to the Tiger's Claw . He will be in a Dralthi, and we want that ship intact. Do whatever is necessary to keep it that way, understood?
Maverick: Yes sir!
Halcyon: Good, the details of the mission are already entered into your flight recorder. If you encounter the enemy, remember. Your first priority is the safety of that Dralthi. If you can get a clear shot oh 'em go ahead, but don't risk the mission. You'll be in a Rapier. That's all, dismissed.


Halcyon: Well Maverick, I understood you made it back safely with the Dralthi and Colonel Ralgha.
Maverick: Yes sir.
Halcyon: Lets hear your report.
Maverick: Yes sir. I ran into a few wings of Kilrathi on the way, but took care of 'em. When I arrived at Nav 1, the convoy was under attack, but we got rid of them. The trip back was uneventful.
Halcyon: Good, I couldn't have hoped for better results. I can't give you a medal for this mission, Lt., due to its sensitive nature, but I believe you deserve one. You have my thanks, Maverick
Maverick: Thank you, sir.
Halcyon: Yes, very well, then. Dismissed.

Comm Officer: Colonel, Jump point is 8 seconds away… 5, 4, 3, 2.
[The Tiger's Claw jumps into the Cairo system].

Shotglass: Maverick, let me pour you a drink. I've heard that this system is really in Kilrathi space… and that we're here on some sort of covert mission.
Maverick: Oh?
Shotglass: Yes. Have you heard anything about it?
Maverick: No, nothing.
Shotglass: Hmm. I can't figure why we'd be here if it was, all by ourselves… unless it was for covert activities. I guess we'll find out, if they think we need to know.

Hunter: Hey Maverick, how's it going? I've been talking with Bossman here about flying. I love flying, I'd be happy enough if that's all I had to do. I keep having this dream where I'm out in my ship, just flying on and on. It's so peaceful… and then I wake up, no more to it.
Maverick: Interesting Hunter, do you think it means anything?
Hunter: Yeah, that I'd better get out of this blasted war. It's not happening soon, so I'll just deal with it. By the way Maverick, I wanted to thank you. You've been a good friend through all this, I value that. Sorry I'm getting all choked up on you.

Bossman: Maverick, it's good to see you. You haven't been around much lately.
Maverick: Yes, well. I've been busy. The library got a new shipment of novels in.
Bossman: Oh, yeah right, you've probably got a new friend.
Maverick: No, it's not that, I'm just tired.
Bossman: You're not sick, are you?
Maverick: No, I'm fine. Thanks for asking though, Kien.

Halcyon: All right, pilots, let's get to work. We're here to assure the safety of other Confederation ships. There's a Kilrathi fleet heading this way, and we're pulling out… in order to stage an attack later, while they aren't expecting it. Tactical is guessing that it's a strike force, smaller than the fleet that attacked the Goddard colony. But we don't know that for certain. They may just be passing through but we just don't have the firepower to risk a big battle yet. That day is coming soon, however, and I know we'll be ready for it. Now for your assignments.
[The Colonel gives out specific orders to each wing, and then…]
Halcyon: Epsilon wing will be Maverick and Maniac. Maverick is wingleader. You will follow your programmed navcomp course. Rendezvous with the corvette and proceed to Nav 2. You need to go through Nav 1 to avoid a minefield between her and Nav2. I don't think the Venture could make it through. Once the Venture has jumped return to the tiger's Claw directly through that field. If you meet the enemy, engage only to ensure the safety of that corvette. If you can avoid them, do so. That's all then, pilots. Dismissed.


Halcyon: Welcome back, Maverick. Lets have your report.
Maverick: Yes sir. We ran into some Kilrathi fighters at Nav 1, but they were no trouble. Then half way to Nav 2 we came accross a Ralari and some Krants. It was close for a while, but we scragged the Ralari and the Venture got out safely. On the way back we met some Salthi in the minefield, but they were no trouble.
Halcyon: Good, you did well then. Lets look at the flight recorder data. Your kills totaled X, Maverick. Maniac was blanked. You're dismissed pilots.

Shotglass: Hi there, Maverick. Have you talked to Spirit lately? I'm worried about her. She's been depressed, since she heard her fiancee might have been captured. I know you two are close, mayb eyou can figure it out.
Maverick: I'll see Sam, I'm not a psychiatrist though.
Shotglass: I know, but you're a friend. I think that's worth more.

Spirit: Ahh, hello, Maverick-san. Perhaps you should talk to Jazz. I'm afraid I'm not very good company tonight.
Maverick: That's what Sam says, Spirit. Would you like to talk about it?
Spirit: They confirmed that my fiancee was captured by the Kilrathi.
Maverick: I'm sorry Mariko, I wish there was something we could do.
Spirit: I thought that he could be rescued, that there was a chance of it - But I cannot lie to myself any longer. I have never truly hated the Kilrathi, even though they caused my father's death… not until now.

Jazz: Hi there, Maverick! Getting used to life aboard the Tiger's Claw has been easy. It's a smaller ship than the Austin. You know, a man could get used to this.
Maverick: We like it, Colson.
Jazz: Yes, well, I wasn't used to it. The Austin is so formal, and everyone here is so layed back. And Colonel Halcyon is much more easy going than Admiral Tolwyn. I don't see why the Admiral doesn't like him, he seems fine to me.

Halcyon: Ah, yes, Maverick. I've got another secret mission for you. I need you to fly that capture Dralthi out to retrieve some broadcast data. It shouldn't be too difficult, but the secrecy factor is vital. Which is why I'm trusting you with it.
Maverick: Thank you sir. What are the details?
Halcyon: You are to infiltrate behind enemy lines and obtain vital information. We've equipped the Dralthi with communications computers that will simulate a real Kilrathi pilot. When you touch base at your Nav points the computer simulation will begin transmitting and will contact any capital ships to request certain information. Once the computer has acquired the data - then get out of there fast. We don't know how long these computers can deceive the Kilrathi. We think there are several capital ships maneuvering through your Nav 1. You'll fly to that Nav point, transmit to the capital ships, and then get the hell out of there. Remember Maverick, make sure you get back.
Maverick: Yes, sir, I'll do my best, sir!
Halcyon: The techs have refitted these Kilrathi ships with some human control mechanisms and added our own targeting systems, but we still don't know how they'll fly in combat. So watch your six. Good luck Maverick, I know you won't disappoint me. Dismissed.


Halcyon: Welcome back, Maverick. Lets hear your report.
Maverick: I was able to move in close and target 2 Snakeir carrier at Nav 1.
Halcyon: Excellent Maverick, we'll get that data to tactical right away.
Maverick: And I succeeded in destroying both carriers.
Halcyon: That wasn't your mission Maverick, but it'll deal a very demoralized blow to the enemy. Good work. Maverick, your flight recorder says that you killed X. All right, we transmitted a message indicating that you ran into some rocks in that asteriod field. With any luck, the Kilrathi will believe that you were destroyed. Get some rest, Armstrong.

Shotglass: Hi there, Maverick. How are things today? Doing well, I hope. I've been in a good mood all day. Can't really say why. No reason, I guess. I just feel like sharing it around, you know? Here, have a glass on me.
Maverick: Thanks Sam.

Paladin: Hey, lad, share a drink with me? How are they treatin' ye these days? I 'ave no complaints myself. Just thinkin' about what to do when I retire next week. Think I'll get me a small ship and fly around the galaxy. Of course, it'll put me in hock till the end of time… but I can't think of what I'd rather do.

Jazz: Hey Maverick. I hear you've been doing some special work for the Colonel. Can you tell me about?
Maverick: I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about, Colson.
Jazz: Yeah, sure. Got to keep it secret, I know. Maybe some time when Paladin's not around you'll fill me in?
Paladin: If the man says he doesn't know what ye're talking about, he doesn't know. Leave him be, boy.
Jazz: Oh, so you're a part of it too Taggart. I'm beginning to get the picture.
Paladin: Don't mind him, lad. He's too full of curiosity and mischief to make real trouble.

Halcyon: All right, pilots, settle down. Lets get to work. Today we have been assigned basic patrol missions.
[you listen as the Colonel completes the mission assignments]
Halcyon: …and Omega wing is Maverick and Maniac. It's a normal three point patrol. Hit Nav 1 carefully, we've have reports of Kilrathi activity in this sector. Nav 2 should be clear, but stay alert, intel's been wrong before. Nav 3 is a last quick stop, then come back to the 'Claw. Any questions?
Maverick: Yes sir, we are to engage the enemy, correct?
Halcyon: Yes, unless the odds are against you. Use your best judgment. No more questions? Very well, then.. Dismissed.


Halcyon: I'm glad you both made it back. I have some bad news for you, pilots. We lost Bossman today. He and Angel were ambushed by several wings of Kilrathi Imperial Guard. They didn't have a chance.
Maverick: Is Angel okay, sir?
Halcyon: She wasn't badly hurt. They'll let her out of sickbay in a few hours. We'll postpone the funeral until she and Boss's wife can attend. And I just finished a vidlink conversation with the TCS Austin. We'll be keeping Jazz and Doomsday for a while. All right, Maverick, lets hear your report.
Maverick: Yes, sir. Nav 1 was full of Kilrathi. I lost count, but they weren't much trouble. There was a Fralthi and two Jalthi at Nav 2. The Fralthi's history, sir. Finally, at Nav 3, there were several wings of medium fighters. Once they were taken care of it was back to the Tiger's Claw.
Halcyon: Good job. Let's go over the flight recorder data. The recorder shows you credited with killing X, Maverick. Maniac didn't take down any enemy ships. Well, get some rest pilots. Oh, and drop by my office later Maverick.

Comm Officer: Colonel, Jump point is 8 seconds away… 5, 4, 3, 2.
[The Tiger's Claw jumps into the Anchorage system].

Shotglass: Hello, Maverick. Drinks are on the house today. Here's a toast to Bossman, one of the last great pilots. I'm just glad I'm not Colonel Halcyon. How do you explain to a woman with a young baby that she's a widow? Oh, by the way, I heard there's a big offensive ramping up. We're gathering the fleet, getting it ready to attack a big Kilrathi base or something. I don't know anything more about it than that. You heard anything?
Maverick: No, that's news to me, Sam. If I do hear anything I'll let you know.
Shotglass: I appreciate that Maverick, thanks.

Paladin: Sit down, lad. I want you to talk to Jeanette…
Angel: There is nothing that any of you can say to me now. Bossman is dead, and it is my fault.
Paladin: Listen to me, lass. We all know the risks when we're flying out there. Believe me, there was nothing you could do. You an' him, against all those Kilrathi? We're lucky we only lost Bossman and not the both of you.
Angel: I am sorry, my friend, but I do not believe you.
Maverick: Angel, you're one of the best pilots in the Confederation, but Paladin's right, sometimes you just can't win.
Angel: but I should have saved him, and I did not. I have tried not to care about Bossman and you and the others in the squadron, knowing that any of you could be killed at any moment, but we all know that it's impossible not to care. Please, I wish to be alone now.

Angel: Forgive me, Maverick,. But I do not with to talk to you right now.
Maverick: Angel…
Angel: Non. Bossman died yesterday, flying at my wing. There is nothing you can say which would change that.

Halcyon: Ah, yes, Maverick, come in. I've got another mission in the Dralthi for you. It's much like the last one, only with two Nav points. I need you to fly that captured Dralthi out to receive some broadcast data, from a Fralthi. Do not under any circumstances attack that Fralthi.
Maverick: Yes sir.
Halcyon: All right, any questions?
Maverick: Other than the Fralthi, do I engage the enemy?
Halcyon: Not if it can be avoided, Maverick. If they attack, however, defend yourself.
Maverick: Yes sir, no more questions.
Halcyon: Good luck Lt. dismissed.


Halcyon: Well Maverick, lets have your report.
Maverick: Everything went fine, sir. There were Kilrathi at Nav 1, but they won't be going home.
Halcyon: And the transmission?
Maverick: It came right on time, sir.
Halcyon: Good, I appreciate your cooperation on these missions Maverick.
Maverick: Thank you sir.
Halcyon: At least that much good came of it. Dismissed.

Shotglass: Hello there, Maverick. What can I get you?
Maverick: The usual Sam, thanks. Anything new going on?
Shotglass: Not really. That offensive is looking pretty definite, but we still don't know where or when. I know the cats were building a research base there a couple years ago, but who's to say for sure? If you follow our pattern so far, we've been clearing a sort of path to that system. It fits. We'll find out for sure soon, I suppose.

Maniac: Hey Maverick! They finally let me out of sick bay! I was hoping that we'd fly a mission together… but I have to be back in sickbay in another hour. But I'm sure they'll send me back to active duty soon… and we'll fly a mission together then. I know how much you want to be my wingman, Maverick. And I know that we're going to do something important. I don't know what it is yet, but I'm sure we'll wipe out a lot of the furballs before they kill us. Won't that be great? Well, I guess I'll have just one more drink before I go back to sickbay.

Angel: Hello, Maverick. I've been writing a letter to Bossman's wife. I want her to understand what happened.
Maverick: Angel… it wasn't your fault. You have to understand that.
Angel: Je comprends, mon ami, but it is a very hard truth to face. I have always thought of myself as different from you and the others… that if I did not care about anything but myself and perfecting my skills, I could never be hurt, never feel pain or fear. But I was so very wrong, non? If you would, Maverick, just sit with me for a while. I think I need your company right now.

Halcyon: All right pilots, listen up, we've got a lot to cover. The Confederation, as you may have heard, is gearing up for a major offensive. When and where I am not yet authorized to reveal, so bear with me. We have been assigned escort duty, to get troopships to the vicinity of the offensive. I know I don't have to tell you how important this is, without those troops the offensive would be lost. Maverick, you and Doomsday are Alpha wing. Pick up your Drayman right outside the Claw, then head to Nav 2, via Nav 1. The Drayman will jump at Nav 2. We have reports of enemy activity directly between here and Nav 2. Come back that way and check it out. Any questions?
Maverick: No Sir.
Halcyon: Very well…
{You listen as the commander makes the rest of the assignments]
Halcyon: All right pilots, that's it. Go to it and good luck.


Halcyon: Lt., lets have your report.
Maverick: Yes sir. There were several wings of Kilrathi ad Nav1. Mostly Jalthi. They weren't much trouble. Nav 2 had four Krants, but they were also easy to take care of. The Drayman jumped out safely, right on time. And there were only 2 Salthi between Nav 2 and the Claw, sir.
Halcyon: Excellent, I did not want to tell you earlier, but that particular Drayman was carrying the Vice-Admiral of the fleet. Lets go over the flight recorder data. From the flight recorder I see you took out X Kilrathi ships. Doomsday didn't ice any of the enemy ships. Dismissed.

Shotglass: Maverick, what are you doing here? All pilots are supposed to be in briefing! You'd better get there immediately!

Halcyon: Let's get started. I've got some bad news. The Kilrathi somehow got wind of our location and mission. Patrols have reported many wings of Kilrathi fighters headed our way. Your job is to get out there and take care of them, protecting the Tiger's Claw.
[You wait as the Colonel assigns the other wings]
Gamma wing is Maverick and Doomsday, with Maverick as wingleader. Follow the patrol in your Nav computers, destroying any Kilrathi you find. Get out there and stop those fighters, pilots. Dismissed.


[MISSION DEBRIEFING, ANCHORAGE SYSTEM] Halcyon: Welcome back Maverick, lets hear your report.
Maverick: There was trouble everywhere, sir. There was a Ralari at Nav 2, and a Snakier at Nav 3. They won't be troubling us any longer, though.
Halcyon: That would have been the bulk of their strike fleet, good work Lt..
Maverick: Thank you, sir. Also there were fighters all over the place, but they've been taken care of.
Halcyon: Good work, lets go over the mission report. Your kills totaled X, Maverick. Doomsday was blanked. Dismissed pilots.

Comm Officer: Colonel, Jump point is 8 seconds away… 5, 4, 3, 2.
[The Tiger's Claw jumps into the Jakarta system].

Shotglass: Maverick, what did I tell you? I bet we're going to strike that research base. Maybe not right away, but we'll get her.
Maverick: I hope so, Sam.
Shotglass: Rumor is it's where they developed the dreadnought that destroyed Goddard. Now they're supposedly working on Stealth technology. Invisible ships, can you imagine? They wouldn't show up on radar, and you couldn't see them through the canopy. It gives me the shivers, we've got to stop that.

Doomsday: Hello, Maverick. Sit down and join us. I just wanted to tell you that you're not a bad wingleader.
Maverick: Thanks, St. Claire. I do my best.
Doomsday: I've had some terrible ones in my time, and believe me, I know the difference. Since Jazz and I arrived from the Austin I've been impressed with the pilots of the Tiger's Claw. They're not bad, really.
Jazz: That's high praise from Doomsday, I've never heard him be anything but a pessimist.
Doomsday: That way I'm never disappointed.

Jazz: Hey Maverick, how are you holding up? I'm looking forward to this big offensive. I'll finally get a chance to prove myself here on the Claw, since it looks like I won't be going back to the Austin any time soon. In fact, the Colonel mentioned I might be transferred permanently soon. I'm already imagining what I could do if I was stationed here full time. It'd be great. You guys definitely need a piano in your recroom though just like we have on the Austin. I usually play several nights a week. I do kind of miss it.
Maverick: You should talk to Shotglass, he might be able to arrange it.
Jazz: Thanks, I think I'll do that.

Halcyon: Maverick, this will be the last of these secret missions I've had you fly. I appreciate your continued cooperation.
Maverick: It's no problem Colonel.
Halcyon: Here's the plan, then. I need you to fly to Nav1 through an asteriod field. The field is probably infested with Kilrathi, so be careful. Once you get there the drill is the same, Receive the transmission and return to the Claw. Think you can handle it?
Maverick: Yes sir! Will I be in the Dralthi again?
Halcyon: Yes. Lets go to it, and Maverick, fly carefully.
Maverick: Thank you, sir.


Maverick: Everything went fine, sir, at first. There were some Salthi in the field, but I took care of them.
Halcyon: How did the transmission go, anyhow?
Maverick: It came right on time, sir.
Halcyon: Excellent, we'll get that data to tactical. I appreciate your cooperation.
Maverick: It's been an honor, sir.
Halcyon: Dismissed.

Shotglass: Hello, Maverick. What can I get for you? Everything going okay?
Maverick: As well as it ever does, and you?
Shotglass: Pretty good, pretty good. Got a new shipment of Goddard special in. It'll be the last too, cause of those cats. We'll save it for a special occasion, maybe when our mission is through.
Maverick: That's a good idea Sam, I'll look forward to it.

Spirit: Maverick, I just saw Colonel Halcyon in the corridor minutes ago. He was speaking with Ralgha, the Kilrathi captain. Did you know I have never seen a Kilrathi before? I thought I would hate him, because of what his people have done to us. But I did not feel anything at all. Not hatred or anything else. Only empty, Completely empty. Sometimes I feel we have been fighting forever, that this war will never be over.
Maverick: The Kilrathi started this war Spirit, but I know we'll end it someday.
Spirit: I hope so, my friend, I truly hope so.

Angel: Hello, Maverick. Is everything all right with you? Spirit was telling me more about her fiancee. I sympathize with her, but it is hard for me to understand how she feels. I have never cared as deeply for one person as she does for Hiro. Perhaps someday, when this war is over, I will have a chance to fall in love. But I sound like a teenager, non?

Halcyon: All right, people, we've got work to do. We're getting closer to the strike target… and there are some Kilrathi defenders that need to be taken out now. Maverick, you and Jazz are Iota wing. You are to fly a three point patrol to Navs 1, 2 and 3. Destroy any enemy you encounter. There have been reports of carriers in the vicinity of Navs 2 and 3. If there are carriers, they are your priority target. Any questions?
Maverick: No, sir.
Halcyon: Very well, then.
[You listen as the Colonel makes the rest of the assignments]
Halcyon: All right pilots, you are dismissed.


Halcyon: Maverick, lets have your report
Maverick: Yes sir, the carriers were at both Nav 2 and Nav 3. They won't be troubling us any longer.
Halcyon: Congratulations Maverick, that will help cripple the Kilrathi effort in this system. Well, lets go over the flight recorders. The recorder shows you credited with toasting X and Jazz didn't take down any enemy ships. Well, get some rest pilots. Dismissed.

Shotglass: Hello, Maverick. What will it be?
Maverick: The usual, Sam, Any news?
Shotglass: None to speak of. There is a rumor that the strike could be any minute now. But it's just a rumor. If you ask me, though, I think that's the smartest thing we could do right now.
Maverick: Hit 'em hard and fast, that's how I'd do it. Use surprise to our advantage.
Shotglass: We're giving those cats too much time to prepare. But, I'm not in charge and the Admiral doesn't ask me, so I keep my opinions to myself.

Knight: Haven't seen you in a while, Maverick. That's my own fault, though. I haven't felt very social lately, I'm not sure why, but I've had this feeling of doom hanging over me. Like I'm not going to make it back next time. But I've come back every time, so, who knows…

Jazz: Hey Maverick, will you join us? I was just telling Knight here about some of those manuevers you were using on that last mission. That was some nice flying, by the way, maybe some time you can show them to me?
Maverick: Sure, Jazz, after this campaign when I'm a little less tense.
Jazz: All worked up? Yeah, I know how that goes. I'm real excited about the base assault. When do you think it'll happen?
Maverick: I don't know. Whenever the Admiral feels like it, I guess.

Settle down, people, it's time to get to work. There's a convoy of Kilrathi ships coming through. They've finally realized we're going to strike their base and are rushing to get defenses in place. If we can take out this convoy it will make our job later that much easier.
[You listen as the Commander makes the assignments]
…and Maverick, you and Jazz will be Xi wing. Your assignment is a direct strike on the convoy. Fly directly to Nav 1 and wreak as much havoc as possible. Transports are a priority, as they are most likely to be carrying weapons. Other than that, take out all you can. Any questions?
Maverick: No, sir.
Jazz: No, sir.
Halcyon: That's all. Pilots, prepare for launch.


Halcyon: Report, Maverick.
Maverick: Yes sir. Upon arrival at Nav 1 we sighted 3 Lumbari a Fralthi and numerous fighters. None of the big ships survived, and most of the fighters were destroyed as well.
Halcyon: Excellent, that's just the kind of report I like to hear. Well, lets go over the details. The recorder shows you credited with killing X, Maverick. Jazz didn't take down any enemy ships. Well, get some rest pilots. Dismissed.

Shotglass: Maverick, what are you doing here? All pilots are supposed to be in briefing! You'd better get there immediately!

Halcyon: All right pilots, listen up. This is it. Today we assault a Kilrathi research base. We have proof, thanks to Maverick, that this base has been instrumental in the development of numerous weapons systems, and is currently developing and refining stealth technology. This base was also where the Sivar dreadnought, the weapon used to destroy Goddard, was developed. It's a fairly straightforward mission.
[You listen attentively as the Colonel makes the assignments]
Halcyon: Maverick, you and Iceman are Delta wing. Prepare to launch immediately, pilots.


Maverick: Got him!
[Fires a missile into the base]
Maverick: Uh-oh, better get out quick.
[Base explodes, Raptor afterburns away]
Maverick: Too close for comfort.
Male Rapier: Lt. Armstrong, this is Zeta 3, are you all right? Over.
Maverick: Uh, yeah, I'm fine, over.
Iceman: You had us all worried for a minute. We sure taught those furballs a lesson today.
Maverick: Right, lets go home.
Halcyon: Attention all vessels of strike force Delta, prepaire to make jump.

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