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Known Single Words
ak'rah Bush native to Kilrah.
arakh Plant native to Kilrah. Arakh leaves contain a powerful intoxicant.
bak A fellow hunter. Bad taste.
birha Tree native to Kilrah. Produces red flowers.
boryangee Animal native to Kilrah.
brrajakh kar Fortress of the Dark.
chakta A prisoner who deserves honorable execution.
chee'dyachee Senior retainer.
churnah Feeble minded.
dai Honorific. Of the hrai.
dakhath Deathstroke.
dor-chak Striking Bird.
drakhai The Imperial Guard.
eshrad Ceremony.
fa'orc'al A banner awarded to pilots by the Emperor.
gatagak'vu Total annihilation.
gramma Measure of mass.
haggin A lone warrior used as a decoy.
harakh Shit (expletive).
hrai Clan & retainers.
hraijhak Tanist.
hyilghar Rank: Thrak'hra staff lieutenant.
igrathi Gas giant in the Kilrah system.
ikgara kutgaga Sacred history of the clans.
jak-ta/Jak-tu A surprise attack.
jak-ta Ga A cry of success during an attack.
jaq Honorific.
jirak A ceremonial herbal brew.
kabaka Heroic death.
kaga The warrior spirit.
kal Lord.
kalahn Rank: Commodore.
kal khantahr Rank: Vice Admiral.
kalkrath Interrogation via torture.
kalralahr Rank: Admiral.
kal shintahr Rank: Captain.
karrigle Predatory bird native to Kilrah.
kaschee A ceremonial scarf.
kass'richak An ancient expletive.
ka-tagu Honorific.
khantahr Rank: Rear Admiral.
kharak tar Venice.
kilrah'hra One not of noble birth.
kn'thrak Darkness, void, emptiness.
ko Honorific.
ko'bar yagar Torgo.
koractu A type of sword.
kovokum A forest on Kilrah.
krahnakh ghayeer Unseen Death
lak Honorific.
lan Honorific.
largkza A moon of Kilrah.
lerkrath Interrogation via chemicals.
mak Measure of distance.
merdha Small prey species native to Kilrah.
merrgha Tree native to Hhallas.
nagga Predator native to Kilrah.
nak'tara Earth.
nalga Large-clawed predator native to Draga.
nar Honorific. Of the clan.
nargrast A hell in Kilrathi mythology.
octogramma Measure of mass.
Octomak. Measure of velocity.
paki Pawns.
puckal Annual ritual of atonement.
rugalga Semi-intelligent heard beast native to Kilrah. Extinct.
sa'guk Dead to ones hrai, even though you still live.
sckviska A celebratory drink.
sczaltal Fly native to Kilrah.
sharvath Curse.
shintahr Rank: Commander.
sivistian A type of ceremonial candle.
sivar The Kilrathi God of war.
skabak The will to die for the glory of Kilrah.
tagugar A kamikaze attack.
takhars Brothers of equal rank.
thrak'hra One of noble birth.
traggil A prey species, caught in traps.
trathkhar Rank: Communications officer (literally: leader of tongues).
tr'thrak The final battle.
tuhaga The day celebrating the creation of the Empire of Kilrah.
tuka One who displays hesitation or weakness.
ukta Prey food.
ulanna Tree native to Kilrah.
urgaka Flying lizard native to Vukar Tag.
utak Lowest caste of Kilrathi society.
vak'qu A drink.
vikyah McAuliffe.
vorshaki A type of dueling blade.
vrag'chath Cloaked missile (skipper).
vraxar A curse.
warach tha Kurasawa.
xark The fresh blood of the ancient main pray species.
zaga The warrior spirit.
zarmak Measure of distance.
zu'kara Ritual suicide.

Known Phrases
"Ek'rah skabak erg Thrak'Kilrah maks Rag'nith."
For the glory of Kilrah, the Emperor and the Empire.

"Kir'kha n'ikh rakh k'har, Sharhi nar Hhallas."
I, Sharhi of Hhallas, swear to avenge my honor.

"H'as aiy'hra n'hakh ri'kahri krikajj, nai korekh sha'yi."
Beyond the eyes of my enemy, I shall prepare for the day of his destruction.

To grant the prize without struggle.

"Ja'lra rash'nakh h'rai?"
Why are you consorting with a human?

"Va ka garga ka naru ha garga."
Those not of the blood must have their blood spilt.

"Huma ta Humas."
Something for something. (Quid pro quo)

"Kilrah Tugaga Jak-Ta Haganaska duka McAuliffe"
Kilrah launches a surprise attack on McAuliffe.

"Kamekh ni'lakh, ki'ha rakra Terran'ra."
We (Kamekh) are under attack by Terran pirates.

"Krajksh nai variksh h'hassrai?"
What is your status?

"K'rakh drish'kai rai h'ra!"
Stop where you are!

"Kilrath'ra rakh, walhi drathrik. Hrashra ni'lakh rakhta. Fralkra himekh TCS Concordia, coordinates 234576, 376867."
Jazz telling the Kilrathi where they can attack the TCS Concordia.

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