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The Squadron Trainsim was a combat flight simulator located in the rec room aboard the TCS Tiger's Claw.

The pilot was able to choose between four different Kilrathi fighters to fight against. These were the Dralthi, Gratha, Krant, and Salthi fighters. Once the pilot choose the enemy the simulation began.

The pilot, flying a Hornet, then had to face a series of waves of the chosen enemy fighter beginning with a single enemy with an additional enemy fighter added each wave. The pilot had a time limit to complete each wave with additional time added with the destruction of each enemy fighter.

The simulation was scored with the pilot earning score for how long they survive, plus additional points for killing a enemy fighter and for completing a wave. The trainsim then displayed the top six highscores each time a simulation was began.

Some of the pilots who had highscores were: Bishop, Kien Chen, Christopher Blair, Dibber, Goblin, Gryphon, Ian St. John, James Taggart, Jeannette Devereaux, Jefftep, Joseph Khumalo, Mangler, Michael Casey, Mongo, Potshot ,Seggallion, Sutek, Mariko Tanaka, The Man, Todd Marshall, Zoro