E. Masterson - Mission C (Wing Commander Privateer)

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This article is about the Wing Commander Privateer mission. For the Privateer Righteous Fire mission, see E. Masterson - Mission C.

E. Masterson - Mission C
MM - PRIV - E Masterson A.png
Date 2669
Type Escort Mission
Jumps 0 (Oxford)
Payment 10,000 credits
Objectives Go to Oxford, Nav 3

Defend Forge

Cargo Alien Artifact (1)
Designation S3MC
Previous E. Masterson - Mission B
Next E. Masterson - Mission D
Saved Game S3MC.SAV

E. Masterson - Mission C is a mission in Wing Commander Privateer. It may be accessed by talking to E. Masterson at the library on Oxford in the Oxford system after completing E. Masterson - Mission B.

Mission Description

Meet with the ship Vulcan's Forge, at Oxford system, Nav 3, and escort it safely to Oxford.

Pays 10000 credits.

Mission Layout

Location # Faction Ships Intelligence Notes
Oxford System
Nav 3 1 Merchant Drayman Vulcan's Forge friendly
4 Bounty Hunter Demon bou_3c wave one
2 Bounty Hunter Demon bou_3c wave two
Nav 4 2 Militia Gladius confident pros friendly


Mission Briefing

Initial Offer


Okay, Masterson. Those pirates won't be hassling you again.  
That will be a welcome change. How did you manage...?
Right now I'm more interested in getting into your stacks...nothing personal.  
Perhaps if you told me what you're looking for I could find it for you.
The fee for research is much lower than that required for private access.
I don't think so. This is private business.  
Might there be a large sum of money involved?
Might you be looking for disability payments?  
Really, $NM, you needn't be threatened that I've discovered your intent.
People are always coming here to research one treasure or another.
But enough of this. We have a shipment of rare and valuable books en route here.
The ship bringing them in needs an escort.
We'll pay you the usual 10,000 credits upon your return...
Accept Refuse
Okay, where can I intercept the courier?  
Vulcan's Forge is awaiting her escort at Nav 3 in the Oxford system.
Any particular reason it needs an escort?  
Several unscrupulous collectors have offered a...finder's fee for the books.
Don't worry. I'll bring them in...safe and sound.
Sorry, pal. Books aren't exactly my speed.  
No doubt. Still, this is the largest repository of information in the sector.
You'll be back, sooner or later...



So...where are my books?
Sorry Masterson...I haven't been in the neighborhood of Nav 3, Oxford lately.  
Unbelievable! Vulcan's Forge has a cargohold full of priceless books...
...she's a sitting duck waiting for you to escort her here, and you're wasting time!
If you want library access, you'd better do your job and return here with good news...
...unless you're no longer interested in that 10,000.
Point taken. I'll get to Nav 3 ASAP...
...and I promise you, none of those book collectors will get to her.  
They'd better not! Any one of those books is worth more than you make in a year!
Give me the library clearance I need, and we'll SEE about THAT...



I hope you've changed your mind. I'm against the wall, so to speak.
I need someone to escort Vulcan's Forge to Oxford.
She's carrying a load of rare books here...books many collectors would kill to have.
Vulcan's Forge is awaiting her escort at Nav 3, Oxford system.
Rendezvous with her and bring her back here.
After your successful return, meet me here for your usual payment of 10,000 credits.
This mission will count as your third installment toward your endowment to Oxford...
...which will get you access to our files...sooner or later.
Better make that sooner, Masterson.  
That depends on you, $NM. Are you in?
Accept Refuse
Don't worry. I'll bring them in...safe and sound.
No, I'm out. Books aren't for me.
I'll see you later, Masterson.  
I'm sure you will, Mr. $NM.



So what's next? Evicting bookworms? Repossessing delinquent library cards?  
How about retirement?
What do you mean?  
Our deal is null and void. You failed a task I gave you.
That's not the way to earn access to the Oxford Library, sir.
Look, I need that access. Just give me another chance.  
Impossible, I'm afraid. Now kindly leave...or I'll have security assist you out.

Privateer Playtester's Guide


Summary The next mission for Masterson is to escort a shipment of books through the system safely to Oxford. Unfortunately, a group of bounty hunters will try to stop the shipment, and it falls to you to protect yet another Drayman, the Vulcan's Forge.
Payment 10,000 credits and you've almost completed payment of your indenture to the Library.
Requirements Reach Oxford base with the Vulcan's Forge, having survived an ambush of Demons.
Opponents Meet the Drayman at Nay 3, where you are attacked by four Demons (confident pros) who want to kill you and intimidate the Drayman into going with them. A second wave of 2 Demons (confident pros) lie in wait.

This time you get to protect the Vulcan's Forge, but now you'll be going up against Demons instead of wimpy pirates. Like before, make sure you don't fight the Demons head on, because of their torpedo launchers. This mission is fairly hard depending on your ship, so choose how you want to fight wisely. — "Deetchman"

WC:CIC Game Guide


Masterson has figured out why you want access to Oxford Library, but while you are flying missions for him, he isn't bothered. And now you have another mission.


Find the ship Vulcan's Forge at Nav 3, protect it from attack, and escort it back to Oxford.

Scripted Encounters

Bounty Hunters at Nav 3


  • The "private collectors" Masterson mentioned are attacking the Vulcan's Forge at Nav 3. There are around 6 of them, all in Demons. Even two missiles won't take out a Demon, so you'll need to weaken the shields first.

User Comments

Submitted by : Junta (olainormann@hotmail.com)

Mission :

Comments : You don't have to kill all the other pirates, you only need to shoot down Rhombus (in the Galaxy). And the cargo? What the h... do you need that for? It's almost no money.

Submitted by : jt (mrmsje@yahoo.com)

Date : Sun Jan 20 01:45:12 2013

Mission : Masterson

Comments : "What do you need the cargo for?" Hey, a guy's gotta eat. And do you know how much my leather flight jackets go for? Plus that, it's obvious you don't party like I party...booze, broads and trips to Earth don't grow on trees. On top of that, I like collecting pilot slaves. Grab the loot when you can, and leave your kids something to talk about when you kick off.