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The Star*Soldier article should really be the heart of this entry. It does an excellent job of explaining this fighter's unique history. Is it possible to use the article in its entirety or should it only be used in small portions? - Dundradal

I do not yet own WC Arena nor(or xbox) have a copy of the SSoldier article, So I am not sure if the game is considered canon as its just a arcade game and not a regular WC game.- Blitz

If it has been published, it is canon--Vinman 17:47, 22 August 2007 (CDT)

Star*soldier is available at the CIC. Download the PDF and have a look. Arena is an official title. Although the game itself is light on story, Star*soldier provides ample backstory about the locations and events seen in the game, and that material is considered canon for sure. Even if you don't have an XBOX you can still enjoy the manual. It's really well done.--AD 22:30, 22 August 2007 (CDT)

Well, for now I am gonna ignore it, I won a copy during the Bparty so I will check it out when it arrives. for now tho, I will put in data that was made before it. and if you wish to edit the pages feel free thats what the wiki is for. Blitz

To confirm, Arena and Star*Soldier are both 'canon', and both should (nay - must) be included in this project. If there's any more question about what is and is not part of the Wing Commander canon then someone should start a "Canon" entry and we'll work it out there.

That said, I want to divide the Dralthi page up - 'Dralthi' should be the Wing Commander I Dralthi only (with links to the others)... and then there should be individual entries for the KF-100 Dralthi, Dralthi Mk. II, Dralthi III, Dralthi IV, Dralthi Mk. VII and Dralthi IX.

Bandit LOAF 12:51, 26 September 2007 (CDT)

Does this still apply now? I'm not satisfied with the current breakdown of the III, VI, and VII being all on the same page, but I'm not sure how to split them. I could create seperate articles for each of the Arena ships, although current form on the Rapier II and Broadsword pages is to merge all variants into one article, and it seems to be working rather well over there.

One giant Dralthi article would be unwieldy, but it seems a bit much to split each variant off to its own page. Further thoughts, now that we're over a year past the original discussion? Max Gene 21:48, 11 January 2009 (UTC)


Class: Medium Fighter
Length: 28 meters
Mass: 14 metric tonnes
Max Velocity: 400 kps
Cruise Velocity: 230 kps
Acceleration: Good
Max Y/P/R: 10/14/10 dps
Fore Shield: 5.0 cm equivalent
Aft Shield: 5.0 cm equivalent
Front Armor: 4.5 cm
Right Armor: 3.0 cm
Left Armor: 3.0 cm
Rear Armor: 3.5 cm
Guns: Laser Cannon (2)
Missiles: Porcupine Space Mine (3), Stalker HS (2)


There is no single ship that more symbolizes the Empire of Kilrah than the bat-winged Dralthi fighter. A string of early successes combined with a distinct silouette permanently imprinted the Dralthi in the minds of its human opponents. This psychological impact was furthered by the fighter's huge production run - it was the most commonly encountered fighter in the Vega Sector theater of operations.

The first production model, the tiny KF-100, entered service in 2529; as such, it saw service during both the 2594 invasion of the Varni Republic and the 2598 battle with the Mantu. When the conflict with the Terran Confederation began in earnest, the KF-100 Dralthi remained one of the Empire's premiere medium fighters. Though superceded by later models, the KF-100 remained in service through the last year of the Vega Campaign - ultimately playing a key role in the destruction of the Pegasus Naval Station.

The second design (classified simply as Dralthi) entered service in the late 2640s. The new model featured a host of technical improvements, including extended life support and the introduction of an ejection system. They made their debut during an attack on the Epsilon Prima System, catching the TCS Tiger's Claw by surprise. Terran intelligence had failed to predict their extended range - costing the Tiger's Claw five pilots.

The Dralthi was, however, by no means a marvel of Kilrathi engineering: The huge, ovaloid wings blocked visibility to the sides of the fighter, forcing Kilrathi pilots to pitch rather than yaw during combat. Even worse, the shield generators were plauged by technical glitches - if hit too quickly, they would often fail completely.

Notoriously merciless ace Dakhath nar Sihkag ("Deathstroke") was credited with 78 space-to-space kills flying a Dralthi during the last years of the Vega Campaign. His fighter was shot down in 2654 by 1st Lt. Mariko Tanaka.

In one particularly unique use of surplus Dralthi, the commander of the Dioscuri System garrison issued the fighters to the planet's low technology natives, teaching them to defend their planet from human 'aggressors'. The Dralthi was suceeded on the production lines in 2655 by the Dralthi II. The Dralthi II marked the first total revision of the Dralthi design. The Dralthi II replaces the standard lasers with a pair of mass driver cannons, and also boasts a fully redesigned shield system. The Dralthi II also removes the ejection system found in the original Dralthi.

Kilrah first deployed Dralthi II to strike fleets in the Vega Sector in 2655. The fighters quickly found their way to Firekka for the Sivar-Eshrad ceremony, where flew missions against Austin and Tiger's Claw pilots.

Not all the Dralthi II at Firekka flew for the Empire: during the fighting Khantahr Ralgha nar Hhallas defected to the Terran Confederation, bringing with him the Fralthi-class cruiser KIS Ras Nik'hra and her complement of fighters. In a series of covert missions, pilots off the TCS Tiger's Claw flew the captured Dralthi II squadron in a series of reconaissance and escort missions.

Variant Comparison

Stat\Variant Dralthi KF-100(2529) Dralthi (2640s) Dralthi MK2 (2655) Dralthi MK4 (2669) Dralthi MK4 V1(2681) Dralthi MK4 V2(268?)
Class: Medium Fighter Medium Fighter Medium Fighter Medium Fighter Medium Fighter Medium Fighter
Length: 28 meters 9 meters 28 meters 31 meters 31 meters 31 meters
Mass: 14 metric tonnes 10 metric tonnes 14 metric tonnes 15 metric tonnes 15 metric tonnes 15? metric tonnes
Max Velocity: 400 kps 400 kps 400 kps 430 kps 430 kps 460 kps
Cruise Velocity: 230 kps 230 kps 230 kps ? kps ? kps ? kps
Max Afterburner velocity: 1200 kps 1200 kps 1100 k/s 1100 k/s 1200 kps 1200 kps
Acceleration: Good Good ??? kps 200 k/s^2 800 k/s^2 600 kps^2
Max Y/P/R: 10/14/10 dps 10/14/10 dps 10/14/10 deg/s 55/65/55 deg/s 55/65/55 deg/s 55/65/55 deg/s
Shields: 5.0fb cm 5.0fb cm 5.0fb cm 120fb cm 120fb cm 120fb cm
Shield Recharge: 5 sec 5 sec ? sec ? sec ? sec Default Shield Recharge 12 cm/sec/Max Shield Recharge 18 cm/sec/Min Shield Recharge 1.2 cm/sec
Armor: 4.5f/3lr/3.5r cm 4.5f/3lr/3.5r cm 4.5f/3lr/3.5r cm 80f/60lr/80r cm 80f/60lr/80r cm 80f/60lr/80r cm
Core Strength: 200 cm
Guns: Laser Cannon (2) Laser Cannon (2), Light Tractor Beam(1) Laser Cannon (2), Mass Drivers (1?) Particle Cannon(1), Meson Guns(2) Particle Guns(2), Photon Gun(1) Laser Cannon (2), Tachyon Cannon(1)
Missile Hardpoints: Space Mine(3), Stalker HS(2) 2x2 HS, 3x1 Mines 1x4 IR 1x4 Medium IR 1x4 HS
Missile Decoys: none none none 6 Decoys 6 Decoys 24 Decoys
Jump Capable: No No No No No No
Crew: 1 (Pilot) 1 (Pilot) 1 (Pilot) 1 (Pilot) 1 (Pilot) 1 (Pilot)
Service Entry: 2529-2681