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I've been a wingnut for about two years now, and the series is only a few months apart from me in age. I try to stay levelheaded and productive in conversation, though at times I can lose my head and be a jerk. By all means slap me senseless when I do this, I usually realize I was being an idiot within a few hours.

Much of my editing will probably occur during class when I should be paying attention, or between classes while I'm bored. I'm a bad student like that, but my grades are ok.

My Wingnut history: My FIRST exposure to the series was the movie, as taped off the Sci-Fi channel. Can't say much about it, I was sleepy. Then I saw Prophecy Advance for $10 at Meijer, bought it, enjoyed it, worked my way through 1-4, and then Prophecy. I still need to play through spinoffs like Privateer, and I haven't finished Secret Ops, but it's on my list for summer. Somewhere between playing 2 and 3 I arrived at the CIC, and they've put up with me so far, for the most part.

Not so interesting: I'm a major in computer science, focusing on game development (I'd love to one day work on a Wing Commander project, whether it be a fan effort or an official game- such is the dream, though that last bit is unlikely...), and I also publish a weekly humor series known as Burnt Toast on my facebook and's forums. It's fairly amusing to a few people, though I have no idea how this crowd would enjoy it. Maybe I'll post a link here one day, maybe not.