Rodney Brunet

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Confederation Space Force pilot, callsign "Miner", assigned to the TCS Lexington in 2673. While the Lexington was stationed in the Masa System, Captain William Eisen and Major Todd Marshall defected to the Union of Border Worlds, prompting Captain Hugh Paulsen to launch a pursuit team. Brunet was a part of Colonel Christopher Blair's wing, and his wingmen included 1st Lieutenant Winston Chang and 2nd Lieutenant Troy Carter.

During the pursuit, Chang, Carter, and Blair defected to the Border Worlds out of loyalty to Captain Eisen. Remaining loyal to the Confederation, Miner attempted to defend himself against the defectors, but was overwhelmed and forced to eject when his Hellcat V was shot down.

Origin's Official Guide to Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom

Miner gave up on being a “people person” before he hit his teenage years. His home sector has a very dark sun, and he comes from the farthest planet out. The icy and inhospitable conditions didn't allow for very much people interaction. He's an audience — a people watcher. Most people feel he is cold and calculated, never realizing that he has a much clearer idea of events than nearly anyone else onboard.

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