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Crew is a type of card used by the Wing Commander Collectible Trading Card Game. The set includes thirty cards, eighteen Terran and twelve Kilrathi.


Type specifications from the Wing Commander Collectible Trading Card Game Manual:


  1. Each Pilot card represents one individual pilot. Pilots are unique, such that only one pilot of the same name may be in play at any one time (even if the two cards are different, yet describe the same pilot). You may have more than one of these in your deck, however. If Colonel Blair "dies", it is considered that he is "rescued" and may be played again. If he is captured, he is considered to be still in play.
  2. All pilot statistics modift fighter statistics, raising (or lowering) the Attack, Support, Maneuver, and Defense values of the fighter to which they are attached.
  3. Pilots may have a number modifying the Bombing ability. This aplies only if the fighter they are flying has a Bombing Value.
  4. Pilots are put into play during the Mustering Phase.
  5. Only one pilot may be attached to one fighter.
  6. Some pilots have Medal Points that can be used in the Ready Area to aid in mustering other cards. This taps the pilot. If a pilot uses its Medal Points, then the pilot cannot fly that turn.
  7. When engaged in combat, a pilot's Medal Points may be used to raise any one Value. Medal Points cannot raise a Value of an attribute that does not exist (such as raising Bombing to 1 on either a Darket or Arrow fighter).
  8. Pilots who are returned to the Ready Area are separated from their attached Fighters and Weapon cards and may be redeployed.
  9. When a pilot is destroyed, the card is placed in the discard pile. Power Points are lost as described in the Fighter Section.
  10. Captured pilots cannot use their abilities, values or medals while captured.
  11. Due to the effects of certain Luck cards, a pilot may become a traitor. Pilots who turn traitor may use their abilities, values and medal for their new side and are considered members of the enemy. Neither Colonel Blair nor Prince Thrakhath will turn traitor.


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