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Excalibur is a subset of the Wing Commander Collectible Trading Card Game's Fighter card type. It is based on the F-103 Excalibur spacecraft's appearance in Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger. The set includes four Excalibur cards which have identical specifications.

WCCIC Review

This review covers all four Excalibur squadrons (there are no Excalibur Elites). They all function the same in the game and you can play two identical Arrow cards at the same time.
These are your flashy heavy hitting fighters. They have high attack values, can bomb well and are very maneuverable. They have rather low defenses however. Lower than they deserve, in my opinion. Excaliburs are expensive, you're going to have to use a medal point for one of these. If you have the Power Points, go ahead and use your Excals, but you really have to watch that Defense 4. If it's scaring you, go for a Thunderbolt instead.
Rating : 6.75

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