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Arrow is a subset of the Wing Commander Collectible Trading Card Game's Fighter card type. It is based on the F-27 Arrow spacecraft's appearance in Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger. The set includes nine Arrow cards which have identical specifications. The Arrow Elite is the rare variant.

WCCIC Review

This review covers all nine Arrow squadrons (and excludes the pair of Arrow Elites, we'll cover those later). They all fuction the same in the game and you can play two identical Arrow cards at the same time.
Arrows are your cheap fighters, but they are not necessary just fodder to use to defend capships or decoy attention from more precious resources. Let's look at the numbers. Its Attack of 2 is pretty light. You can't dent much with that. And its Support of 0 is terrible. You'd need an "Attack My Target" card just to help a wingman. On the other side, its Maneuver rating of 4 is very good. The Defense rating of 3 is only average, but you do get what you pay for. That Maneuver 4 is what's going to save you when you play an Arrow. Stock up on those Maneuver and Battle Damage cards, you'll need them. If you can find a good pilot or weapon system, those will help too. Overall, the Kilrathi opponent is able to put out more fighters cheaper and not many will be weaker than the Arrow. But play smart, don't let a generic Arrow fend for itself, and you can make your cheapest fighter a effective force.
Rating : 5.0

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