Major James Taggart (card)

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Major James Taggart
WCTCG Pilot Paladin.png
Rarity Uncommon
Equivalent none

Major James Taggart is a Wing Commander Collectible Trading Card Game card.

Card Data

Card Type Pilot (Paladin)
Card Rating 3 Muster Points
Side Indicator Terran
Artist Credit Alan Rabinowitz
Card Title Major James Taggart
Card Text Provides one Medal Point for mustering only.
Medal Value 1
Defense Value +2

WCCIC Review

Paladin is very cheap for what you get. The Defense +2 alone would be well worth 3 Power Points. You also get that bonus "muster only" Medal Point. That can definately come in handy. Of course, if you're offense minded, Paladin will be less useful, but it's hard to go wrong with this card.
Rating : 8.5