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Battle Damage is a type of card used by the Wing Commander Collectible Trading Card Game. The set includes twenty cards, ten Terran and ten Kilrathi.


Type specifications from the Wing Commander Collectible Trading Card Game Manual:


  1. Each Battle Damage card represents additional damage inflicted on an opponent. Battle Damage cards are not unique and any number of them can be in a player's deck. They are unique, however, in that onyl one of each type of Battle Damage card may be played by a Flight in any one combat.
  2. Battle Damage cards modift enemy fighter abilities, reducing the Attack, Support, Maneuver, or Defense Values of the enemy fighter or forcing modifications to a particular battle.
  3. Battle Damage cards are played only when enemy fighters are engaged. They are played on the Flight opposite the Flight playing the card, unless the card states otherwise.
  4. You may play a Battle Damage card only after you have played at least one Maneuver card from the same fighter. After that, any number of Battle Damage cards may be played, limited only by the fighter's Maneuver Value.
  5. Battle Damage cards are played only on enemy fighters. You are not required to play Battle Damage cards.
  6. Battle Damager have a Maneuver Cost. To play the card, the Maneuver Value of one friendly fighter in the battle must be equal to or greater than the Maneuver Cost of the card.
  7. Battle Damage cards add to the total number of Maneuver cards that may be played on a particular Flight.
  8. Once played on a fighter, Battle Damage cards remain with the fighter until that fighter is returned to its Ready Area or destroyed. In both cases, Battle Damage cards are then discarded to their original owner's discard pile.
  9. No Flight may play two or more of the same Battle Damage card in the same battle.


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