Phi Wing (Hell's Kitchen System)

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Mu Wing
Date 2654.287.0600
Fighter Scimitar
Wingmen Ian St. John
Objectives Protect the Tiger's Claw
Previous Theta Wing (Hell's Kitchen System)
Next Confederation retreats to Deneb Sector. Game Over.

Mission Layout


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong


Major Pitak Puzaki
Captain Reynolds Carpenter

Ship Type:

Scimitar's; assigned to the TCS Eagle's Talon


The Eagle's Talon was ordered to Nav 2 to jump to the Venice system and assist the Tiger's Claw in the final assault on the Kilrathi. In a last-gasp effort, all remaining enemy forces in Hell's Kitchen were attacking the carrier to prevent the jump.


When we reached Nav 1, two Gratha and a Ralari were heading for the Talon. We went after the Gratha first, saving our missiles for the Kilrathi capital ship.
While Carpenter rolled and turned to move above the Gratha, I turned right, hit the afterburners, and yanked the stick left for a sliding attack. I kept my finger on the afterburner switch, knowing it was the most valuable defensive weapon in my arsenal.
With constant speed changes, I avoided the incoming gunfire and slid into the slot behind the Gratha. He dropped a Porcupine that caught the Scimitar's upper superstructure, and I blasted away from the rear with the mass drivers. It took more than eight attacks to destroy the heavy fighters.
The Ralari fell to four Darts, two javelins, and constant gunfire from our two Scimitars. Taking our time, we hit the destroyer from the rear, turned away at 1200 meters, and circled to attack continuously.
We ran into four Salthi, the last in the system, 121,000 kilometers from Nav 2. Under break and attack, we de-stroyed the Salthi light fighters, using guns to weaken the shields and heat-seekers for the kill.

Preflight Conversations


The Kilrathi scum have taken Toadstool...
Just heard the news. They've got complete control of the planet.
Since Planck's Star and Alliance fell, that was our last world in the sector.
The order to pull out will have to come soon...
Damn shame, too. Millions of people dead, dozens of worlds lost...
...just 'cause the Empire of Kilrah can't stand havin' neighbors.

Talk to ANGEL

Ah, Major Blair. Bonjour.
I have heard that the Kilrathi have sent all of their best against us now.
Only our presence in this system prevents their control of the sector... we will be facing only their finest pilots from now on.
I have been reading the records of their leading aces...
And Khajja the Fang leads the Empire of Kilrah with 99 victories.
Mon dieu, I hope that none of us will be his hundredth!


Och, lad, I reckon this fight's just about over.
What a bloody disappointment it is, too...
I spent me entire bloody life fightin' the Kilrathi...
...and now they chase us 'ome, with our tails between our legs
Bloody damn shame, 'at's what it is...

Mission Briefing

Mission Briefing. Hell’s Kitchen System, 06:00 hours, 2654.286.

Peter Halcyon
Well, ladies and gentlemen, it's all over.
The last refugee transport has left Hell's Kitchen for the Home Worlds...
...and we've been ordered to pull out of the Vega Sector.
The entire Confederate fleet is falling back to Proxima Centauri... prepare for the defense of Deneb Sector.
I need a volunteer wing to fly a mission that may well be suicide.
I won't ask for volunteers until I've briefed you all on the mission.
Computer, display Psi.
The Tiger's Claw is currently here.
There's a Kilrathi destroyer -- a Ralari -- near Nav 1, here, and closing.
The Tiger's Claw is headed for her jump point here, at Nav 2.
There are dozens of enemy fighters in the area.
I need someone to head off the Ralari, and detain or destroy her...
...while the Claw prepares for her jump.
I want to point out that there are no guarantees on this one.
The Tiger's Claw won't be able to wait for you once she's ready to jump.
Whoever volunteers stands a good chance of being left behind...
Christopher Blair
I'll do it, sir. I'll take that chance.
Ian St. John
At's the spirit, mate!
Colonel, I want to fly 'is wing.
Peter Halcyon
This is a very brave gesture. Good luck out there, gentlemen.
Squadron dismissed.

Mission Debriefing

Mission Debriefing. 16:00 hours, 2654.286.

Peter Halcyon
Maverick Glad to have you back on board
We were able to follow most of your engagements on long-range sensors...
Brilliant flying...absolutely brilliant.
If we'd all flown that well throughout the campaign...
...we might not have been chased out of the sector like this.
Christopher Blair
Thank you, sir. Are we ready for the jump?
Peter Halcyon
Yes, Major, we should be making the jump any second now...
We'll go over your numbers while we wait for it...
You took out 11 of the Kilrathi fighters, Maverick...
while Hunter got 8.
That's all, then. It's all on the bridge crew from here...

End Game


Fleeing from the overwhelming Kilrathi forces in the sector, the Tiger’s Claw manages to jump out. Barely. There’ll be other sectors, other battles…