Episode 2 - Mission 3 - First Engagement

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First Engagement
Date 2668.357.1121
Fighter Gladius
Wingmen Cougar and Flakbait
Other Friendly Ships 1 wing of Rapiers
  • Primary
    • Destroy Kamekh Alpha
    • Destroy Kamekh Bravo
Previous Episode 2 - Mission 2 – Mastif Patrol
Next Destroy both Kamekhs
Episode 2 - Mission 4A - Ralatha Strike
One or more Kamekhs survive
Episode 2 - Mission 4B - Ralatha Strike

Preflight Conversations


Captain, I'm afraid there's another job for you. Not sure if you've heard already, but during your last patrol, Echo wing ran into a nasty surprise at the Weslyn jump point. There are two Kamekhs there, and they sure as hell ain't privateers. Intel believes these two must be scouting ahead of the capships that were spotted in Maginot yesterday. If any of those capships are on route to Mastif, we absolutely must destroy both Kamekhs before they arrive. Otherwise, it's going to be almost impossible to break through the jump point. So that's your mission - destroy those Kamekhs.

Mission Layout

If you ejected last mission:

Player Notes

The first capship strike mission, while Kamekhs might not seem like much, they can be devastating in pairs so be careful attacking them this mission. You are flying a Gladius. Its extra missiles will greatly help in destroying the Kamekhs. They do not require torpedoes to be destroyed, so use your guns and missiles wisely. Cougar and Flakbait are your wingmen.

If you eject at the jump point nav, even if there are no longer any Kilrathi around, you will be captured. If you eject at the intercept nav, you will also be captured. Ejection at the Firekka Nav will result in rescue.

An intercept nav exists between the Firekka Nav and the Jump Point Nav. Six Krants intercept your flight. Krants are elusive. They often like to hang at the edge of gun range and slowly eat way at your ship through hit-and-run attacks. Save your missiles for the Kamekhs as Krants can often outrun most missiles.

At the Jump Point Nav there are the two Kamekhs, three Jalkehi and five Krants. If you ejected in the previous mission there are an additional three Gothri here as well.

Jalkehi are big, slow, lumbering death. They carry a lot of missiles and their gun load out is nothing to joke about. Be careful approaching them head-on.