Episode 2 - Mission 4A - Ralatha Strike

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Ralatha Strike
Date 2668.357.1943
Fighter Gladius
Wingmen Saxman and Master
Other Friendly Ships 2 wings of Rapiers
  • Primary
    • Destroy Ralatha
Previous Episode 2 - Mission 3 - First Engagement
Next Ralatha destroyed
Episode 3 - Winning Mission 1 - Battle of Verdun
Ralatha not destroyed
Episode 2 - Mission 5 - Carrier Charge

Preflight Conversations


Reismann: Ready to give that capship a proper welcome, Captain?

Bradshaw: We're ready to go, sir!

Reismann: Good. So, let's get started. I guess these cats must be pretty worried about their missing escorts, because they've been sending message after message, trying to get some support from privateers. Having decrypted these messages, we now believe that we're dealing with a Ralatha-class destroyer. We can't use the jump point while she's there, so you absolutely must knock her out. In the meantime, the Firekka will move up to this position, and get ready to advance to the jump point the moment you finish your job.

Mission Layout

Player Notes

This is the first true capship strike mission. Ralatha have phase shields that require torpedoes to penetrate. Failure on this mission will send you onto the Losing Path for Episode 3. You fly a Gladius as it can carry torpedoes. Your wingmen are Saxman and Master. You are to be escorted by Charlie and Delta Wings, each consisting of three Rapiers.

Until the Ralatha is destroyed, ejection at the Jump Point Nav results in capture. Ejection under any other circumstances results in rescue.

There is an intercept nav between the Firekka and the Ralatha. Six Sartha attack your formation. Be careful now that you have such a large friendly force. They can do as much damage to you as the enemy at times. Make sure to stay out of their line of fire.

At the Jump Point Nav there is: the Ralatha, three Jalkehi, three Drakhri and a Gothri. In addition there is the possibility of an additional six Sartha and three Drakhri that can launch, one at a time, every thirty seconds, from the Ralatha. Destruction of the Ralatha will prevent these launches.