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Alpha Wing
Fighter Hornet
Wingmen Michael Casey
Other Friendly Ships TCS Perez de Cuellar
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The Firekka Treaty - Finding an Ally
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Mission Layout


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

Previous Entry: The Firekka Treaty - Finding an Ally

The treaty signing was only days away when Terran Intelligence reported the sighting of a Kilrathi convoy moving through a nearby star system. Concerned about a disruption of the activities, Halcyon ordered watch patrols while we began escorting our diplomats to jump points to the planet's surface.

Mission Profile:

Via Nav 1, escort the TCS Perez de Cueller to its jump point at Nav 2. On the return leg, patrol and engage enemy targets. If the convoy is sighted, immediately return to the carrier and report.

Mission Chronology:

1. Four Dralthi attacked 9116 km from Nav 1.
2. Two wings of two Dralthi each attacked 16,369 kilometers from Nav 2. One wing was ahead, the other above.
3. TCS Perez de Cueller jumped to Firekka at Nav 2.
4. Two Drakhai flying Gratha attacked our wing just before we reached the carrier. They were advance scouts for two Gratha and two Krant escorting a Ralari.

Post-Mission Analysis:

With great success, we taunted the enemy and attacked the weak sides of the eight Dralthi who attacked before the Exeter jumped at Nav 2. We were unprepared for the Drakhai (Kilrathi Imperial Guards).

Flying Gratha, these guys were almost as good as the Kilrathi aces we'd faced in Vega. Their tactics in combat didn't conform to our expectations. They didn't just turn and run after making a frontal attack, but often pulled a fishhook to try and get on your tail. They couldn't match our speed, though, and we hit them with lasers followed by Javelins. Against the other pilots, we stuck with slides to both sides and rapid laser volleys.

Preflight Conversations

Talk to Shotglass

Hey, Maverick! Any news from downside?
I'd heard that the Firekka leaders will sign the treaty in another couple days.
Can you believe it? A new planet is joining the Confederation---
---and here we are, watching 'em create history right in front of us.
I'm scheduled for shore leave in a couple days...I should be on the planet for the treaty signing.
Now that's luck for you. I'll be up here, pouring drinks and watching it on the vidlink.
I have to say, though, those Firekka do look real weird. Kinda remind me of a parakeet I had a few years back.
Except MY parakeet wasn't very smart, an' he wasn't six feet tall, either.

Talk to Hunter

Maverick! Join us for a drink, mate!
It's great to have a real break, 'specially after that Operation Thor's Hammer.
I was certain that we wouldn't survive that mission.
I'm glad I was wrong, at least this time.
And now we'll spend a month as Honor Guard for the Confederation Diplomatic Corps.
Yeah, this'll be an easy assignment...playing nursemaid to a bunch of diplomats and aliens.
I'm looking forward to seeing the Firekka. I've never met a non-human before.
Well, you will soon, mate. They seem like good people...intelligent an' honest, very friendly to strangers.
They're just lucky their planet is so far off the trade routes, or the Kilrathi would've enslaved 'em for sure.
But there's so few jump points into this Sector, we were the first to find them.
Which was real lucky for our new feathered mates, hey?

Talk to Iceman

I challenge you to a game of Eight-Ball
No way, I'm not playing with you. You cheat.
Oh, come on! I'll spot you three balls.
But all I have is five dollars
Your five bucks will get you twenty. Rack 'em

Mission Briefing

Peter Halcyon

I hope everyone's been enjoying this trip so far....
...because you're going to have to do some real work again.
We've received reports of a Kilrathi convoy moving through a nearby star system.
We can't risk anything that could disrupt the treaty conference on the planet---
---so you'll patrol and watch for that convoy. And I'll also need some of you---
---to escort the Diplomatic Corps ships to Firekka, where they're needed for the conference.

Michael Casey

What about our downside leave, sir?

Peter Halcyon

We'll schedule you in shifts for shore leave, so you'll still get your downtime.
These are your assignments...
Maverick, you'll be Alpha Wing, with Iceman as your wingman.
You'll fly a Hornet---a fast, maneuverable ship. Escort the TCS Perez de Cuellar from the Claw to Nav 2...
From there, the Diplomatic Corps ship will mini-jump to Firekka.
We've detected traces of high energy on the direct route to Nav 2.
After the Perez de Cuellar jumps to Firekka, investigate the unknown bogey between Nav 2 and the Tiger's Claw.

Colonel Halcyon assigns the other pilots to their duties.

Peter Halcyon

Remember, if you run into one or two stray Kilrathi, you should engage the enemy.
But if you see any sign that the convoy has diverted to this system, return to the Claw immediately.
And HQ has reported encounters with the Dralthi Mark IIs in the Vega Sector---
---Dralthi with mass drivers and better shields. HQ could use some good vidcamera data on these new ships.
So if you sight any of these new Dralthi, get close and your vidcamera will get that data for us.
And something else I wanted to mention...
Hunter did a bolter yesterday, a two-point 'touch and go' landing.
He managed to snap off one of his ship's laser cannons, break three aerials, and terrify the flight deck crew.
Pilots, we use the ACLS---our auto landing system---for very good reasons.
The next hotshot pilot who tries a manual control landing will be scrubbing decks for a week.
Is that understood?
All right, pilots. Prepare for launch.

Mission Debriefing

Mission Debriefing $T, $D.

Peter Halcyon
I hope you'll have some good information for us, Maverick...
...because we need some solid vid camera data to track down and ice that convoy.
I don't know why an enemy convoy is in this system, but we'll get rid of it, that's for certain.
Your report, Lt. Colonel?
Christopher Blair
We escorted the Perez de Cuellar to their jump. They're on their way to Firekka now.
We trashed a Ralari between Nav 2 and the Claw. That convoy is definitely cruising through this system, sir.
Peter Halcyon
Maverick, your recorder shows you took out $K.
Iceman took out $L himself.
All right. I'm sending your flight recorder disks up to the Bridge---
---with any luck, we'll learn more about that convoy from your information.
Maverick, clean up, then I need to see you in my office.