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Polls are tentatively scheduled to come out approximately when we feel like it and be open until we get bored with that poll. They will appear in the right side menu of most CIC pages. Please send any Poll suggestions to news@wcnews.com.

Recurring polls:
  • What kind of year will this be for Wing Commander? (view)
  • What is your favorite fighter? (view)
  • How long have you been visiting the CIC? (view)
  • Which new platform would you prefer for a new WC game? (view)
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Polls from 2017

Who should we consider the main character in Wing Commander I?
Christopher Blair
Carl T. LaFong
198 votes | Ended May 1, 2017
What kind of year will 2017 be for WC?
242 votes | Ended February 4, 2017

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