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  • What kind of year will this be for Wing Commander? (view)
  • What is your favorite fighter? (view)
  • How long have you been visiting the CIC? (view)
  • Which new platform would you prefer for a new WC game? (view)
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Polls from 2012

What's your favorite ship to fly in Privateer?
411 votes | Ended January 1, 2013
What is Chris Roberts' new project?
A Wing Commander Game
A WC Privateer Game
A Star/Freelancer Game
A Brand New Franchise
Something Else
859 votes | Ended November 4, 2012
How long have you been visiting the CIC?
1 Year or less (2011)
2-4 years (2008-2010)
Since WC Arena (2007)
6-7 Years (2005-2006)
8-9 Years (2003-2004)
Since Prophecy Advance (2002)
11-12 Years (2000-2001)
Since the WC Movie (1999)
Since CIC Grand Opening (1998)
Since WCHS (1996)
699 votes | Ended September 16, 2012
Who has the coolest sounding name?
Baktosh "Redclaw" nar Kiranka
Canth "Apeshredder" nar Kur'u'tak
Dakhath "Deathstroke" nar Sihkag
Largka Cakg dai Nokhtak
Slorth "Dark Inquisitor" laq Anchorage
Ukar dai Ragark lak Haka
Xilerks "Nikodaemus" Ki'ra
409 votes | Ended August 10, 2012
Which traitor created the most chaos?
Former Cadet Burroughs (WCA)
Zach "Jazz" Colson (WC2)
Scientist Hajjnah (WCA Game)
Ralgha nar Hhallas (WC3)
Kirha hrai Hunter (Freedom Flight)
Minister Jamison (Fleet Action)
Baron Jukaga (Fleet Action)
Governor Menesch (Privateer)
Traitor Ortiz (CCG)
Admiral Geoffrey Tolwyn (WC4)
Admiral Bill Wilson (Movie)
769 votes | Ended July 8, 2012
Who should be the enemy in the next WC game?
Border Worlds
931 votes | Ended June 9, 2012
What is your favorite Confed Cruiser?
Achilles type heavy cruiser (TPOF)
Concordia class supercruiser (Movie)
Gettysburg class cruiser (SM2)
Hades class quick strike cruiser (WCSO)
Manassas type light cruiser (Academy)
Plunkett class heavy artillery cruiser (WCSO)
Tallahassee class cruiser (WC3/4)
Waterloo class cruiser (WC2)
645 votes | Ended April 29, 2012
What game had your favorite conclusion?
WC1 (strike at Vega Sector HQ)
WC2 (assault on K'Tithrak Mang)
WC3 (Temblor run on Kilrah)
WC4 (showdown at Earth)
WCP (closing the Wormhole Gate)
WCSO (Stellar Accretion Device under control)
P1 (Steltek Drone destroyed)
P2 (Lev Arris revealed)
1157 votes | Ended March 25, 2012
What kind of year will 2012 be for WC?
495 votes | Ended January 31, 2012
What's your favorite faction to fly for?
Kilrathi Empire
Terran Confederation
Union of Border Worlds
689 votes | Ended January 2, 2012

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