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  • What kind of year will this be for Wing Commander? (view)
  • What is your favorite fighter? (view)
  • How long have you been visiting the CIC? (view)
  • Which new platform would you prefer for a new WC game? (view)
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Polls from 2007

Which Wing Commander game has your favorite asteroids?
Wing Commander 1/2
Privateer/Righteous Fire
Armada/Proving Grounds
Wing Commander 3/4
Customizable Card Game
Prophecy/Secret Ops
1022 votes | Ended January 1, 2008
What's your favorite official Wing Commander guide?
WCI&II Ultimate Strategy Guide
Privateer Playtesters' Guide
Armada Playtesters' Guide
Origin's Official Guide to WCIII
Authorized Combat Guide to WCIII
Origin's Official Guide to WCIV
Origin's Official Guide to P2:TD
Prophecy: Official Strategy Guide
Terran Confederation Handbook
437 votes | Ended December 2, 2007
Which Wing Commander game do you want to see on GameTap next?
Super Wing Commander
Wing Commander 3
Privateer 2
Secret Ops
Various Expansions
1219 votes | Ended November 4, 2007
How long have you been visiting the CIC?
1 Year or less (2006)
2 Years (2005)
3 Years (2004)
4 Years (2003)
5 Years (2002)
6 Years (2001)
7 Years (2000
8 Years (1999)
Since CIC Grand Opening (1998)
Since WCHS (1996)
1568 votes | Ended September 23, 2007
Which Arena single player mode are you most excited about?
Meteor Storm
Proving Grounds
309 votes | Ended August 10, 2007
Which Arena multiplayer mode are you most excited about?
Boneyard Dogfighting
Capital Ship Combat
Capturing Satellites
One-on-one Duels
Space Station Matches
The Bearpit
426 votes | Ended July 9, 2007
Which fighter are you most looking forward to flying in Arena?
Rapier II
Dralthi IX
1053 votes | Ended June 10, 2007
What Arena feature are you most excited about?
Sixteen person multiplayer
Return of classic ships
Battlecruiser combat
Attention to WC history
Low Live Arcade price
Winning award medals
1207 votes | Ended April 22, 2007
Which was your favorite simulator?
TrainSim (WC1)
TCSN Simulator (Academy)
TOBI Simulator (WC3)
Nephele Fight (WC4)
White Pod (Prophecy)
Academy Training (CCG)
1279 votes | Ended February 22, 2007
What kind of year will 2007 be for WC?
1212 votes | Ended January 28, 2007

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