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  • What is your favorite fighter? (view)
  • How long have you been visiting the CIC? (view)
  • Which new platform would you prefer for a new WC game? (view)
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Polls from 2000

Who is the best Kilrathi ace of WC3?
Najji "Fireclaw" nar Ragitagha
Dakhath "Deathstroke" nar Caxki
Marjakh "Stalker" nar Kur'u'tak
Bhuk "Bloodmist" nar Hhallas
Kramm "Deathfang" nar Caxki
Thrakhath nar Kiranka
Ralgha "Hobbes" nar Hhallas
945 votes | Ended December 14, 2000
Who is the best Kilrathi ace of WC2?
Ralgha "Hobbes" nar Hhallas
Kur Human-Killer
Rakti Blood-Drinker
Khasra nar Kiranka
The Drakhai
Thrakhath nar Kiranka
385 votes | Ended November 16, 2000
Who is the best Kilrathi ace of WC1?
Bhurak "Starkiller" nar Caxki
Dakhath "Deathstroke" nar Sihkag
Khajja "the Fang" nar Ja'targk
Baktosh "Redclaw" nar Kiranka
The Drakahi
627 votes | Ended November 7, 2000
What would you think about the CIC having old DOS WC games to download?
That'd be illegal.
It'd be disloyal to Origin.
It won't help anything.
They're already abandonware.
Origin won't care.
Fans would benefit.
Not sure.
2127 votes | Ended October 18, 2000
If Origin were to make another WC game, what would most appeal to you?
Early Kilrathi War
Early War Privateer
Prophecy Sequel
Privateer 1 Sequel
Privateer 2 Sequel
Privateer Online
Ultima Worlds Online: Mr. Kat
1326 votes | Ended September 8, 2000
Which Kilrathi looked the best?
Wing Commander 1
Wing Commander 2
Wing Commander 3
Wing Commander 4
Academy TV
Card Game
Mr. Kat
1232 votes | Ended August 20, 2000
Which fan project do you think has most chance of success?
Homeworld Mod (Fleet Action)
Unknown Enemy.
481 votes | Ended August 10, 2000
How much Wing Commander are you going to play/watch/read this summer?
One hour per week.
Five hours per week.
Ten hours per week.
Twenty hours per week.
All hours of the week.
374 votes | Ended July 20, 2000
How many previously released Wing Commander products do you expect to buy in the next six months?
One to three.
Four to six.
Seven to ten.
More than ten.
881 votes | Ended June 30, 2000
What do you think of the latest space sims like Allegiance, Tachyon & Starlancer?
Pale in comparison to WC.
Better than expected.
There are space sims other than WC now?
770 votes | Ended May 30, 2000
Who would make the best vice president?
Geoffrey Tolwyn.
Christopher Blair.
William Eisen.
Lev Arris.
Kevin Tolwyn.
Peter Halcyon.
Mr. Kruger.
749 votes | Ended May 15, 2000
Who would make the best president?
Christopher Blair.
Todd Marshall.
James Taggart.
Jeannette Devereaux.
Geoffrey Tolwyn.
Lance Casey.
Mr. Kat.
953 votes | Ended April 25, 2000
What's the most identical copies of a Wing Commander product that you have?
No identical copies.
Four or more.
418 votes | Ended April 15, 2000
Who is your favorite Blair?
Bluehair (WC1/2)
Mark Hamill (WC3/4/Prophecy)
Animated Blair (Academy Cartoon)
Freddie Prinze Jr (Movie)
638 votes | Ended March 30, 2000
How long has it been since the last time you saw the Movie?
Only saw it when it came out.
Haven't seen it yet.
737 votes | Ended March 10, 2000
How much would you pay per month for a Wing Commander Online?
950 votes | Ended February 20, 2000
How's the Pilgrim Truth preview chapter?
I can't wait for more!
It should have had more to begin with.
I haven't read it yet.
478 votes | Ended February 13, 2000
What kind of year will 2000 be for WC?
955 votes | Ended January 17, 2000

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