Fan Edits of Wing Commander III

Heart of the Tiger Movie (final cut)

From the creator:

Well, it has been nearly a year but I'm ready to put this project to rest. The movie is finished completely. The changes this time aren't quite as dramatic as between the first two versions.

Changes In Final Version - (Length shortened to 1 hour 58 minutes)

  • Video converted to standard 16:9 widescreen (without distorting the picture). This to allow better compatibility and so the movie isn't too letterboxed.
  • A lot of audio re-dubbed for clearer sound and better transistion between scenes (Annoying pops and clicks etc removed)
  • Missions re-edited and some removed, most missions shorter to keep the pace. New background music in important missions and subtitles size decreased.
  • Unimportant scenes cut out and a few new ones added

There's a few other subtle changes but thats all. It's basically just a fixed up version of the second film, but it does flow better.



Heart of the Tiger Movie (version 2)

From the creator:

Hi, I've been into Wing Commander for a few years. I started off with WC3 and loved it, then went onto IV and Prophecy, but Wing Commander III is my favourite. I wanted to create a Wing Commander III movie. I found this website recently and figured the best place to share the movie would be here.

New in version 2:

  • Far better video quality (99% of FMV is captured from the PSX game)
  • Better video quality with ingame missions also
  • All missions reshot and made to be far more interesting and shorter
  • Storyline closer to the book, different scenes used in places





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