Advertisements & Promotional Material for Wing Commander Privateer

Captain of Your Own Destiny

In the news: The First Centurion (2011/08/11)
View: PDF (12 mb)
Project: Privateer
Date: Early 1992
Source: Origin advertisement booklet
Scanned by: Sheppard

This early 1992 Origin advertisement booklet shows off the Wing Commander series... and features an extremely obscure piece of temp artwork for the Privateer box! This black-and-white drawing of a Centurion fighting a Stiletto is something we hadn't seen before.

GOG Digital Download Ad

In the news: A Trip to the WC Universe is Right (2012/05/04)
Project: Privateer
Date: May 2012
Source: PlaySF

This ad appeared in PlaySF digital magazine, following an article about Wing Commander and Christopher Blair.

Korean Print Ad

In the news: Privateer's Got Seoul (2006/07/13)
Project: Privateer
Date: Circa 1992
Source: Unknown
Scanned by: Origin Museum

A full page ad for Privateer, in Korean.

Where Deals Are Made With a Handshake

In the news: Classic Advertisements Highlight Wing Commander Spinoffs (2006/07/02)
Project: Privateer
Date: 1994 or 1995
Source: Computer Gaming World
Scanned by: Alkarion

This full page ad focuses on the box art with a set of mostly final screenshots. The ship dealer screen seems to be selling a Plasma Gun for a mere 15,000 credits however! It has pretty exciting taglines and text which sets the tone for the game very well.

Privateer Dev Team Shirt

In the news: Privateer Day: Shirt off their Backs (2011/06/03)
View: Gallery
Project: Privateer

Per tradition, design teams at Origin would create a team shirt for each product being developed. Working on Privateer's team would have earned you an especially cool t-shirt! Check out this awesome Centurion!

Privateer Preview Article

In the news: Privateer Day: Early Light (2011/06/03)
View: Gallery
Project: Privateer
Donated by: WingCenter
Pages: 3

A great Privateer preview from PowerPlay magazine. The most interesting thing, though, is that it's using early mockup images--check out the fully 3D ships in the cockpit image... and a cinematic scene with Demons!

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