Advertisements & Promotional Material for Privateer 2: The Darkening

Radio Ad

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Source unknown.

Press Kit

In the news: Attached: A Real Press Kitten (2006/08/11)
View: PDF (4 MB)
Donated by: Origin Museum
Pages: 6

This is the document which introduced audiences at the 1996 Electronic Entertainment Expo to Privateer 2: The Darkening... and check out the Clive Owen headshot they attached! Heck, just the Origin letterhead makes me nostalgic.

CGR Interview With Creator Erin Roberts

In the news: Erin Roberts Interview (2010/08/11)
Source: CGR

Privateer 2-era interview with Erin Roberts conducted by CGR. Unfortunately that's all we know about the origin--full color copies were included, unattributed, in press kits put together by Origin in the United States to sell the game here!

PC Zone Preview Booklet

In the news: Highway to the PC Zone (2006/08/11)
View: PDF (30.5 MB)
Donated by: Skyfox
Pages: 20

Back in 1996, PC Zone magazine produced a special 20-page Privateer 2 preview booklet. It interviewed all aspects of the team, including programmers, the guys behind the full motion video... even the sound engineer! It was a beautiful magazine which featured many early screenshots -- look very closely and you'll see some unusual things... including an Ilia Mk. III and a set of Booth entries that didn't make it into the finished game!

Privateer 2 'Theatrical' Poster

In the news: But Wait, There's More (2006/05/17)
Date: 1996?
Source: Unknown
Scanned by: Origin Museum

This Privateer 2 poster uses the European 'eye' artwork rather than the American ship -- it's possible that this was a British advertisement.

Trips Worth Taking

In the news: Wing Commander Contest: Foundry Flair for Fans! (2013/12/23)
Date: 1996?
Source: Foundry 42

Pictured center: a giant, limited Privateer 2 poster for advertising in the UK. Uses the European 'eye' artwork. Compare to the Privateer 2 game box (left) for a sense of scale.

Advertising Card

In the news: Wing Commander Contest: Foundry Flair for Fans! (2013/12/23)
Date: 1996?
Source: Foundry 42

Pictured right: a small card / standup for advertising in the UK. Uses the European 'eye' artwork.

Crew Jacket

In the news: Jacket and Jill Went Up The Hill (2006/08/11)

Pictured here: an official Privateer 2 crew jacket.

Risk / Reward Ad

In the news: Cool, Dark Ships (2011/08/11)

A two page ad. Source unknown.

Two Page Spread Ad

A two page ad. Source unknown.

Chirichan Pirate Clan Patch

In the news: Auctions, Auctions, Auctions! (2004/02/16)

The patch was given out to team members and included as part of both "Deluxe" editions of Privateer 2.

Cast Photos

In the news: Walken Away / I Owen You One / Blessed You / This Mays Hurt (2005/11/21)
View: Gallery
Source: Privateer 2 Official Website (defunct)

These Privateer 2 cast photos were originally posted to the now defunct Privateer 2: The Darkening official website.

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