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2004.223 (August 10, 2004)


Welcome to the all-new CIC Archive section. The goal of this project is to collect and preserve Wing Commander related documentation and design information for future reference by historically inclined fans, fan project teams and professional developers. We've already made available several thousand pages of information in .pdf format relating to Privateer, Wing Commander 3, Wing Commander 4 and Prophecy. To navigate these documents, click on the menu links. Without further delay, I now present the reason you've come to see this page in the first place:


The archive currently contains more than 3,000 pages of Wing Commander documents! Feel free to browse by game, or enjoy some of these prime selections:

Prophecy Design Document: The infamous 'original' plan for Wing Commander Prophecy - before shooting budget considerations came into play! You can find a whole series of alternate Prophecy drafts in the archive... this is only the first one in a series of documents that tracks the evolution of the game's script.

Wing Commander III Script: The most complete WC3 script yet available - this includes all sorts of incidentals not found in the previously available web download. Just what is that TCS Victory loudspeaker saying, anyway?

Privateer Manual Art: Origin commissioned a set of 'Claw Marks' style artwork for the Privateer manual... and then never used it! This includes line art of the ships and a fully illustrated version of the 'Sheol Base' story.

Privateer TV Bible: Origin once considered developing Privateer as a television series... that would have tied in with a pair of 'bookend' games. Learn the fascinating details in this document, written by Claw Marks author Aaron Allston!

Privateer 3 Design: What did Origin have in store for Privateer 3? The project was stopped and started several times - and this was one of their original outlines.

Privateer Online Design: One of the last Wing Commander projects to get cancelled had a great deal planned for it. Read about the world which would have been Privateer Online.

NEW! Privateer Online (2) Design: Some time after the original Privateer Online attempt was cancelled, Origin pressed on with a second revitalized effort to make the game. Although it too was ultimately not released, we have three exciting and detailed documents that describe what this project would have been like.

You can read more about our project here. Enjoy the new section!

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