Sigma Wing (Tartarus System)

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Sigma Wing
Fighter Rapier
Other Friendly Ships Defecting Dralthi at Nav 1
Medal None
Objectives Proceed to Nav Point 1

Protect Defecting Dralthi
Return to Tiger's Claw

Victory Points N/A
Notes Proceed to Nav Point 1

Protect Defecting Dralthi
Return to Tiger's Claw

Previous Alpha Wing (Border Zone System) (SM1.5)
Next Epsilon Wing (Cairo System)

Mission Layout

Preflight Conversations


Have a drink, Maverick! We've got something to celebrate!
I just heard the news from Major Chapman on the Austin!
The Confed fleet chased the Kilrathi strike force from Vega prime.
It was kinda weird actually. There wasn't a major battle or anything like that.
The cats just closed up shop and left.
Christopher Blair
It sounds like they had somewhere else they wanted to go, Sam.
Makes you wonder, doesn't it? But still, they ran away.
That's a victory for our side, isn't it?

Talk to KNIGHT

Joseph Khumalo
Maverick! We were just talking about you, Angel and I.
She says you've been doing special work for the Colonel.
Can you tell us about it?
Christopher Blair
I'm afraid not. Not yet anyway.
Joseph Khumalo
Ah yes. Well we understand.

Talk to ANGEL

Maverick! Did you hear what happened on the last patrol?
Nearly all the pilots encountered enemy warships!
And one of the Tactical officers said that there might be more Kilrathi in this area.
Fortunately we are not alone in this sector.
If we need combat more pilots, they will transfer personnel from the TCS Austin.
I truly hope that we will not need those other pilots,
but this could be an excellent chance to compare tactics with them, non?

Mission Briefing

Command Halcyon has called you to his office for a special briefing. Tartarus System, near Kilrathi lines

Peter Halcyon
Come in Maverick, I need to speak to you.
Christopher Blair
Yes sir?
Peter Halcyon
I have a mission for you. One that's vitally important to our cause.
We have been contacted by a Kilrathi Colonel who wishes to defect.
I need you to fly out to meet him and guide him back to the Tiger's Claw .
He will be in a Dralthi, and we want that ship intact.
Do whatever is necessary to keep it that way, understood?
Christopher Blair
Yes sir!
Peter Halcyon
Good, the details of the mission are already entered into your flight recorder.
If you encounter the enemy, remember. Your first priority is the safety of that Dralthi.
If you can get a clear shot on 'em go ahead, but don't risk the mission.
You'll be in a Rapier.
That's all, dismissed.

Mission Debriefing

Mission debriefing.

Dralthi Survived Dralthi Destroyed

Peter Halcyon
Well Maverick, I understood you made it back safely with the Dralthi and Colonel Ralgha.
Christopher Blair
Yes sir.
Peter Halcyon
Lets hear your report.
Christopher Blair
Yes sir. I ran into a few wings of Kilrathi on the way, but took care of 'em.
When I arrived at Nav 1, the convoy was under attack, but we got rid of them.
The trip back was uneventful.
Peter Halcyon
Good, I couldn't have hoped for better results.
I can't give you a medal for this mission, Lt., due to its sensitive nature, but I believe you deserve one.
You have my thanks, Maverick.
Christopher Blair
Thank you, sir.
Peter Halcyon
Yes, very well then. Dismissed.

Peter Halcyon
Maverick, the loss of that Dralthi and its pilot is quite unfortunate.
Luckily, the Colonel's wingman made it through to the Austin. I couldn't tell you before the mission, I needed you to concentrate fully on your mission.
The captured Dralthi is to be modified and transfered to the claw for study.
Let's have your report Lt.
Christopher Blair
Yes sir. I ran into a few wings of Kilrathi on the way.
I eventually got away, but when I got to the Colonel, he was under attack.
He had already taken a great deal of damage.
I just wasn't able to save him, sir. I'm sorry.
Peter Halcyon
All is not lost Maverick, though we could have used that second Dralthi.
Very well then. Dismissed.

After Debriefing

Communications Officer
Colonel, Jump point is 8 seconds away… 5, 4, 3, 2.
The Tiger's Claw jumps into the Cairo system.