Epsilon Wing (Cairo System)

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Epsilon Wing
Fighter Rapier
Wingmen Todd Marshall
Other Friendly Ships 2 Venture-Class Corvettes
Medal None
Objectives Escort Venture to Nav 1

Escort Venture to Nav 2
Return to Tiger's Claw

Victory Points N/A
Notes Escort Venture to Nav 1

Escort Venture to Nav 2
Return to Tiger's Claw

Previous Sigma Wing (Tartarus System)
Next Sigma Wing (Cairo System)

Mission Layout

Preflight Conversations

Talk to Shotglass

Maverick, let me pour you a drink.
I've heard that this system is really in Kilrathi space… and that we're here on some sort of covert mission.
Christopher Blair
Yes. Have you heard anything about it?
Christopher Blair
No, nothing.
Hmm. I can't figure why we'd be here if it was, all by ourselves… unless it was for covert activities.
I guess we'll find out, if they think we need to know.

Talk to Hunter

Ian St. John
Hey Maverick, how's it going? I've been talking with Bossman here about flying.
I love flying, I'd be happy enough if that's all I had to do.
I keep having this dream where I'm out in my ship, just flying on and on.
It's so peaceful… and then I wake up, no more to it.
Christopher Blair
Interesting Hunter, do you think it means anything?
Ian St. John
Yeah, that I'd better get out of this blasted war.
It's not happening soon, so I'll just deal with it.
By the way Maverick, I wanted to thank you.
You've been a good friend through all this, I value that.
Sorry I'm getting all choked up on you.

Talk to Bossman

Chen Kien
Maverick, it's good to see you. You haven't been around much lately.
Christopher Blair
Yes, well. I've been busy. The library got a new shipment of novels in.
Chen Kien
Oh, yeah right, you've probably got a new friend.
Christopher Blair
No, it's not that, I'm just tired.
Chen Kien
You're not sick, are you?
Christopher Blair
No, I'm fine. Thanks for asking though, Kien.

Mission Briefing

Mission Briefing. Cairo System

Peter Halcyon
All right, pilots, let's get to work.
We're here to assure the safety of other Confederation ships.
There's a Kilrathi fleet heading this way, and we're pulling out…
in order to stage an attack later, while they aren't expecting it.
Tactical is guessing that it's a strike force, smaller than the fleet that attacked the Goddard colony.
But we don't know that for certain.
They may just be passing through but we just don't have the firepower to risk a big battle yet.
That day is coming soon, however, and I know we'll be ready for it. Now for your assignments.

The Colonel gives out specific orders to each wing, and then…

Peter Halcyon
Epsilon wing will be Maverick and Maniac. Maverick is wingleader.
You will follow your programmed navcomp course.
Rendezvous with the corvette and proceed to Nav 2.
You need to go through Nav 1 to avoid a minefield between here and Nav2.
I don't think the Venture could make it through.
Once the Venture has jumped return to the Tiger's Claw directly through that field.
If you meet the enemy, engage only to ensure the safety of the corvette.
If you can avoid them, do so. There's no shame in it.
That's all then, pilots. Dismissed.

Mission Debriefing

Mission debriefing.

Peter Halcyon

Welcome back, Maverick, Lets have your report.

Christopher Blair
Yes, sir. We ran into some Kilrathi fighters at Nav 1, but they were no trouble.
Then half way to Nav 2 we came across a Ralari and some Krant.

Venture Survived Venture Destroyed
It was close for a while,
Ralari Destroyed Ralari Survived Ralari Destroyed/Survived

but we scragged the Ralari and the Venture got out safely.
On the way back we met some Salthi in the minefield, but they were no trouble.

Peter Halcyon
Good, you did well then. Lets take a look at the flight recorder data.

but we got the venture out safely, the Ralari is still out there though.

Peter Halcyon
A squad is already on the way to take care of it, you did the right thing Lt.

Christopher Blair
The corvette jumped right on schedule, and we ran into a pair of Salthi in the minefield, but they were no trouble.

Peter Halcyon
That's all then.

They got the venture sir. I'm sorry, we did everything we could.

Peter Halcyon
Damnit, that corvette was important, I told you to avoid Kilrathi if it endangered the corvette. We could have sent another squadron to take care of the Ralari, you had no business chasing after it.

Christopher Blair
Yes, sir. I'm sorry, sir.

Peter Halcyon
Well it can't be helped now.
Let's take a look at the flight recorder data.

Maverick's Kills Maverick Struck Out

Your kills totaled $K Maverick.

You didn't kill a single ship. Why do I keep sending you out?

Maniac's Kills Maniac Struck Out
Maniac killed $L himself. Maniac was blanked.
Maniac Died

And then the Kilrathi took him down, damn them all.

Maniac Survived Maniac Died
You're dismissed, pilots. Dismissed, pilot.
Maniac's Funeral

Flight Deck

Peter Halcyon
We are gathered here to pay our last respects to a good friend,
and one of the Terran Confederation's boldest defenders.
2nd Lt. Todd Marshall was one of our youngest pilots, and perhaps the most mis-understood member of our squadron.
Although he often spoke of his desire to die in combat, his death is truly our loss. Farewell Maniac.
Christopher Blair
Goodbye Maniac, I guess you got what you deserved.