Alpha Wing (Border Zone System) (SM1.5)

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Alpha Wing
Fighter Rapier
Wingmen Ian St. John
Medal None
Objectives Proceed to Nav Point 1

Proceed to Nav Point 2 (Fralthi)
Return to Tiger's Claw

Victory Points N/A
Notes Proceed to Nav Point 1

Proceed to Nav Point 2 (Fralthi)
Return to Tiger's Claw

Previous The Secret Missions 1: Operation Thor's Hammer
Omega Wing (Vigrid System)
Next Sigma Wing (Tartarus System)

Mission Layout

Preflight Conversations


Hey Maverick, how ya holdin' up?
I'd heard that we were going to get some R and R, but something came up.
Feels like we haven't had any leave since I signed on.
Blasted cats keeping us busy.
Christopher Blair
Yeah, I could sure do with a rest myself.
I think everyone could. Bossman is looking pretty ragged these days.
Maybe we'll get a break soon.

Talk to SPIRIT

Mariko Tanaka
MAVERICK! Would you care to join us?
It will be nice to have a real break, especially after operation Thor's Hammer.
Kien Chen
I was certain that we wouldn't survive that mission.
I'm glad I as wrong, at least this time.
Mariko Tanaka
Maverick-san, is something troubling you? You see distant and pensive.
Christopher Blair
No, I'm fine, I'm just tired. Thor's Hammer wore me out.
Mariko Tanaka
If you are certain then. But remember, I will always listen if you have a need.
I heard there is a chance that we may not get to go directly to R&R.
I would not mind so much if we did not, as I could not spend it with my fiancee.
He is assigned elsewhere and I cannot even be told for security reasons.


Kien Chen
Maverick! How's it going? I really hope we get leave.
I haven't seen my wife in ages. And I've never even met my daughter!
I'd really like to get to know her… so if something happens to me… she might have a chance to remember me.
She'll be a year old next month. Can you believe its been a year since she was born?
Oh, that was before you joined us on the Tiger's Claw. I'm sorry I'm so depressing, Maverick.
Mariko Tanaka
That is all right, Kien. We understand.
Kien Chen
Thank you Spirit, I've appreciated your support all these months.
Mariko Tanaka
Think nothing of it. That's what comrades are for.
Kien Chen
Yes, I suppose, still I will not forget your kindness.

Mission Briefing

Mission Briefing. Border Zone, En route to Tartarus System

Peter Halcyon
I hope everyone's been enjoying this trip so far…
because you're going to have to do some real work again.
We've received reports of a Fralthi moving to Tartarus system.
We need to take care of it now, before it arrives.
So we can maintain our mission status when we get there.
I know I can count on you to get the job done.
Michael Casey
What about shore leave?
Peter Halcyon
That's one reason we need to take out this Fralthi now, Iceman, to ensure the safety in Tartarus.
These are your assignments. Maverick, you'll be Alpha wing, with Hunter as your wingman.
You'll fly a Rapier - a good all purpose ship.
Go to Nav 1, in order to avoid the minefield between us and the Fralthi.
Destroy the Fralthi and return to the Tiger's Claw directly.
Colonel Halcyon assigns the other pilots to their duties
Peter Halcyon
Remember, the main objective is to destroy the Fralthi.
Don't risk using up your missiles on stray fighters.
Stick to your guns and only use missiles when absolutely necessary.
And something else I wanted to mention.
Hunter did a bolter yesterday, a 2 point touch and go landing.
He managed to snap off one of his ship's laser cannons, break 3 aerials and terrify the flight deck crew.
Pilots, we use the ACLS, our auto-landing system, for very good reasons.
The next hotshot pilot who tries a manual control landing will be scrubbing decks for a week.
Is that understood?
All right pilots, prepare for launch.

Mission Debriefing

Mission debriefing. Border Zone, En route to Tartarus System.

Peter Halcyon

So how did it go out there, Maverick? Did you get that Fralthi?

Fralthi Destroyed Fralthi Survived
Hunter Survives Hunter Dies Hunter Survives Hunter Dies

Christopher Blair

Yes sir! We wasted her right on schedule.
Peter Halcyon

Good, that's just what I wanted to hear.

Christopher Blair
Yes, sir! But the cats got Hunter. Peter Halcyon
That's too bad about Hunter, he was an excellent pilot.

Christopher Blair
No sir, she got away, we did our best.
Peter Halcyon
Damn, that cruiser was vital to the Kilrathi. 

Christopher Blair
No sir, and they got Hunter.
Peter Halcyon
Damn, we needed that cruiser destroyed and Hunter alive.
Sorry about Hunter Maverick.

The destruction of that Fralthi was vital.
Good work.
We can only hope another wing gets the Fralthi.
Maverick's Kills Maverick Struck out

Peter Halcyon

Well Maverick, you got $K

Peter Halcyon

Maverick, you blanked, no enemy,

Hunter's Kills Hunter Struck out
and Huntergot $L. and Hunter came up empty
Hunter Dies

and then we lost him.

Okay. Get some rest before your next mission, Lt. Dismissed.
Hunter's Funeral

Flight Deck

Peter Halcyon
We are gathered here to pay our last respects to a good friend.
One of the Terran Confederation's boldest defenders.
Captain Ian St. John never let the fatigue of battle wear him down.
His spirited attitude and passion for duty were without equal.
Now that he's gone you should all strive to find in yourselves
the strength of character that Hunter possessed.
Christopher Blair
I'll lift a glass to your memory, Hunter. Goodbye.