K'tithrak Mang System - Series 8 - Mission 1

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K'tithrak Mang System - Series 8 - Mission 1
Fighter F-57 Sabre
Wingmen Zachary Colson
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Between Missions: Enigma - K'tithrak Mang Systems
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Mission Layout


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

Previous Entry:
Between Missions: Enigma - K'tithrak Mang Systems

We were deep in Kilrathi territory and preparing for the final approach to the headquarters of the Kilrathi Empire's Enigma Sector fleet. We needed to soften up the enemy's defenses, and our next patrols would try to achieve that objective. In Sabres, Jazz and I headed out to torpedo a Ralatha destroyer. We expected significant resistance, and that's exactly what we found.

I ordered a break and attack when we found the four Jalkehi just 20,130 kilometers from the destroyer. Jazz immediately responded and raced into the middle of the Kilrathi wing, but I was surprised that I never saw him launch a missile. Even his gunfire was erratic, missing the mark by a long distance. I assumed his targeting system must have fallen out of calibration.

I fired a dumb-fire at the lead ship in the approaching wing, then pulled a right-side afterburner slide and inflicted some damage with my full guns. By the time I destroyed the first enemy with the another volley and a Spiculum IR missile, two of the Jalkehi had slipped behind me. My tail gunners took care of them, and although I ordered Jazz to attack my target, I scored the only hits on the last enemy ship and took credit for the kill.

Once the Jalkehi were taken care of, the Ralatha was simply a matter of following the standard procedure for a torpedo run. The only difference was that I waited until I was 1500 meters away to launch, and had to hit the brakes hard to avoid a collision with the exploding destroyer. I'd be more careful from now on.

We were close to the Concordia when the three Grikath attacked. The battle would have been tougher, but the carrier's gunners took out two of the ships with the phase-transit cannon. The slow Grikath didn't have a chance against the swift Sabre's full guns and IR missiles.

After returning, I checked the tally list and found that Jazz had scored fewer kills than any other pilot. I was suspicious.

Mission Briefing

Mission Debriefing