K'tithrak Mang System - Series 8 - Mission 2

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K'tithrak Mang System - Series 8 - Mission 2
Fighter F-57 Sabre
Wingmen Zachary Colson
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Mission Layout

  • Nav 1
    • Asteroid Field
  • Nav 2
  • Nav 3
    • Asteroid Field
  • Nav 4


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

Jazz and I, flying Sabres, drew the assignment to fly a four-point patrol and clear the area of enemy fighters. It was the type of mission we'd flown many times before.

Nav 1 was surrounded by asteroids, but we didn't find any Kilrathi ships hiding in the rocks. On the way to Nav 2 - actually we were 12,260 kilometers away - three Stealth fighters jumped us then quickly disappeared. I ordered a break and attack, then ran evasive maneuvers to keep the invisible fighters from figuring out my path. I kept a close eye on the radar screen, wanting to hit the enemy fighters when they first appeared and their shields were still down. I turned to the first fighter and dropped him with a single Dart as he raced in front of my viewscreen. The next two I hit with full guns, using my TIT'S. Jazz didn't score.

Nav 2 was clear, but two more Stealth fighters attacked when we were 43,000 kilometers from Nav 3. I took out the first ship that reappeared with a single shot - he was really close - and the second with three shots using full guns. Nav 3 was surrounded by asteroids, but clear of any enemy ships.

This turned into an all-stealth mission when four more attacked 18,740 kilometers from Nav 4. Using the same tactics, I took out two with my full guns. The others disappeared and never came back. I'm sure they were returning to base to make sure the Empire's High Command was aware of our presence.

On this mission, my flight recorder worked perfectly and I knew I had finally proved the existence of the Kilrathi Stealth fighters to Admiral Tolwyn. What a relief. After 10 years carrying the reputation of a traitor, I was close to proving my innocence in the destruction of the Tiger's Claw. Angel and I celebrated with a few glasses of bubbly on the Observation Deck that night.

Mission Briefing

Mission Debriefing