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Between Missions

Knowing there was a spy among the complement of fighter pilots on the Concordia made everyone wary. I longed for the first months I'd spent on the Tiger's Claw, when I was able to respect everyone on board. The atmosphere on this carrier was quite different, and it was difficult to sit back and relax after a mission. I was always looking over my shoulder and wondering if my wingman was going to turn on me in the middle of a dogfight.

My relationship with Angel had really changed and I often reflected on where it might lead. Since she had spurned my early advances while we were stationed on the Tiger's Claw, I wondered, and she did too, whether our closeness was based on love or on the fact that we were the only two people on board who really trusted one another. We had shared many experiences in the last 11 years, and that fact alone, in the emotional turmoil of war, could have been enough to throw us together. We hoped it was the former, but we were enjoying each other's company to much to spend a lot of time analyzing the situation. That could wait.

Now that we had the tracking data that would take us behind enemy lines in K'tithrak Mang, we knew we faced the final confrontation in the battle for the Enigma Sector. After my first mission in the sector, 10 years before, I wanted more than any-thing to be a part of the final assault. I wanted revenge.

I was worried that Angel might try to protect me from harm, and order me to fly support missions. I respected her knowledge, opinions, and background, but I knew that our personal relationship could easily overshadow a logical decision. The fact was that no other pilot could match my own experience and success as a combat pilot. Even after spending 10 years on a space station, I had proven my skills in all the new fighters, against all the new enemies, and with all the new weapons. I'd been the wingleader on the most dangerous and important missions flown from the Concordia in the last two months. I wouldn't be denied the opportunity to finish the job.

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