Gamma Wing (Midgard System)

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Gamma Wing
Fighter Scimitar
Wingmen Kien Chen
Other Friendly Ships Captured Dralthi at Nav 2
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Mission Failure
Iota Wing (Retreating from Kilrathi Territory)

Mission Layout


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

The Kilrathi knew we followed, and we expected a greater concentration of enemy fighters as we continued our missions. The Reavers, an elite corps of Marines, had captured a Dralthi but needed assistance in bringing their prize back to the carrier. We really needed the information from the enemy ship.

Mission Profile:

Gamma Wing, with Bossman again on my wing, was to intercept the captured Dralthi near Nav 2 and protect her on the journey back to the Tiger's Claw. We would return via Nav 3, using the asteroid field for cover.

Mission Chronology:

1. Two Gratha and a Ralari found 11,351 kilometers from Nav 1.
2. The captured Dralthi was under attack by three Dralthi 15,192 kilometers from Nav 2. We rushed to intercept.
3. Two wings of Dralthi, two ships in each, attacked when 15,001 kilometers from the third nav point.
4. Two wings of Dralthi attacked when 63,201 kilometers from the Tiger's Claw.

Post-Mission Analysis:

With hindsight, speed was the factor that made the difference. It was more a matter of luck than anything we planned. We used all our missiles against the Gratha and Ralari and took the ships out quickly. As it turned out, that allowed us to find the captured Dralthi before the attacking medium fighters had inflicted much damage. Taunts were effective.

We stayed away from the Dralthi at long distance since their lasers were an advantage. Up close, we hit them from the front and banged away with our stronger mass drivers. When they turned away, we followed with after-burners and kicked them in the tail.

Preflight Conversations


Hello, Maverick. Drinks are on the house today.
I don't really have anything much to celebrate, y'see.
I was holdin' onto this faint hope that my cousin Zach had made it...
... that somehow he was alive, hiding out on that Drayman.
I knew it wasn't true, but I couldn't stop thinking about it.
It was making me crazy, but now I know the truth.
It's all over. Zach is dead.
As dead as everyone else on Goddard. So the drinks are on me---
---until we're all too drunk to think.


Good morning, Maverick. I've been thinking about the Gwenhyvar...
Todd Marshall
Bossman keeps tellin' that the Phantom Exeter is real.
Kien Chen
There are a lot of ships who've flown missions and never been heard from again....
...with no Kilrathi ships in the area, only our own.
That's why I think the Gwenhyvar is real...
...and she's out there, somewhere.
Todd Marshall
And I think you're nuts, Boss.
Kien Chen
And you're supposed to be sane, Maniac?

Talk to MANIAC

Hey, Maverick. Still alive?
I was certain you were going to die out there today.
We're all going to die, you know. It's just a matter of time.
But I know I'm being saved for something. Something wonderful.
Everyone here teases me because I'm such a hot pilot, and I'm not afraid to say it.
But they'll see. They'll all see...
...and they'll remember ME as the man who aced the Kilrathi secret weapon.
Won't that be great?

Mission Briefing

The Commander checks his notes, then speaks

Peter Halcyon

Yesterday's mission, though crucial, tipped off the Kilrathi to our presence.
They don't know the size of our fleet, and they can't be sure...
... that we're actually following them. Let's try to keep it that way.
Lady Luck is riding with us, though. The Reavers operating in this area...
...have captured an intact Dralthi class fighter.
They're flying her back to the Claw for our techs and intel boys.
There's a lot of Kilrathi tactical data in that ship, pilots.
That data could make the difference for us. I need someone to escort it in.

Christopher Blair

I know I can do it, Colonel.

Peter Halcyon

Okay. Maverick, you're Gamma Wing. Pick your wingman.

Christopher Blair

I'll fly with Bossman again, sir.

Peter Halcyon

Fine. Here's the setup.
Head to the rendezvous point via Nav 1.
Nav 2 is your real destination. Make sure there's no danger for our Dralthi fighter...
...who will meet you there. Escort him home.
One thing. Tactical recommends that Nav 1 should be avoided for the trip home.
You are to return by way of Nav 3 and use the asteroids for cover.
Good luck, Maverick. Squadron dismissed.

Mission Debriefing