Beta Wing (Jotunheim System)

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Beta Wing
Fighter Raptor
Wingmen Mariko Tanaka
Other Friendly Ships Drayman at Nav 3
Previous Gamma Wing (Midgard System)
Next Mission Success
Alpha Wing (Jotunheim System)
Mission Failure
Iota Wing (Retreating from Kilrathi Territory)

Mission Layout


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

"The Kilrathi fleet is moving toward the asteroids, Major, and we can anticipate that they will use the fields to hide their fighter wings," Mariko noted as we headed to the launch bay. "I fear we will encounter many enemy fighters on this mission. Good luck." "It's a good bet!" I yelled to Spirit. "Save your missiles."

Mission Profile:

We were ordered to fly to three navigation points, meeting a Drayman along the way and providing escort to the safety of the Tiger's Claw. Spirit and I would fly Raptors.

Mission Chronology:

1. 20,000 kilometers from Nav 1 we met a Fralthi escorted by two wings of Salthi. Three ships were in each wing.
2. Four Gratha met us 15,079 kilometers from Nav 2.
3. Four Krant attacked when 13,560 kilometers from Nav 3.
4. Three more Krant appeared and attacked just as the Drayman we were to protect jumped in at Nav 3.

Post-Mission Analysis:

With 18 enemy fighters encountered between three nav points, we were fortunate to be flying the Raptor. The neutron guns and the array of weapons were integral to our success. We used our mass drivers against the light Salthi fighters, only switching to full guns to take out the Fralthi. We took our time against the huge ship and didn't use any missiles.

The Gratha were a nuisance, but nothing compared to the quick succession of seven Krant who attacked near Nav 3. That's when we pulled out all the stops, sending image-recognition and Spiculum missiles against the enemies after weakening them with full guns. We stayed near the Drayman, even breaking attack from fighters that tried to lead us away.

Preflight Conversations


Hi, Major Maverick. I'll pour you one of your usual.
Looks like you're survivin' this okay.
I just keep thinkin', we're so damn alone out here.
The Tiger's Claw could be destroyed, and no one would ever know what really happened.
Sorry, Maverick. I'm tired, haven't been sleeping much lately. Let me get that drink for you.


Let me tell you, Maverick, I have a bad feeling about this campaign.
A REAL bad feeling.
Everyone's getting more and more tense, the farther we go into Kilrathi space.
Maniac's not the only one who's getting close to the edge.
And I keep hearing rumors that this is a suicide mission...
... and that we aren't supposed to make it back.
Do you think it's true? No, it HAS to be nonsense.
The Colonel wouldn't do that to us....
...would he?

Talk to SPIRIT

Would you care to join me for a drink, Maverick?
There is no more news of Epsilon Station, or my fiancé.
But I will not think of that now. Shotglass believes we may fly in asteroid fields today.
I hope he is right. There is something I wish to try.
Have you ever seen Iceman in an asteroid field? No?
He does some amazing things.
If his front shield is gone, he will turn tail...
... and let his enemy come up behind him.
He performs evasive maneuvers and uses his thrusters...
... and sets course straight for a large asteroid.
At the last moment possible, he rolls out.
The Kilrathi does not always follow successfully.
Of course, Iceman prefers to do this in Hornets or Rapiers, not Raptors.

Mission Briefing

Peter Halcyon

To start, several of you have been reassigned to Raptors.
And here's what's happening now....
The fleet we're following has made an abrupt course change towards an asteroid field.
We've also received a coded communication from the last surviving Reaver ship.
We'll be bringing them home and downloading the data from their ship's log.
Your mission will be to fly to several Nav points, find the Drayman, and escort her home to the Claw.
Individual wing assignments...

Peter Halcyon

Maverick and Spirit, you're Beta Wing.
Spirit, try to keep Maverick out of trouble, okay?

Mariko Tanaka

I will do what I can, Colonel.

Peter Halcyon

Maverick, check out the three Nav points, then return to the Claw. WITH the Drayman, please.
There may be Kilrathi activity at any Nav stay alert.

The commander explains the other wing assignments.

Peter Halcyon

That's it. Be careful out there, everyone. Don't get sloppy.

Mission Debriefing