Delta Wing (Midgard System)

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Delta Wing
Fighter Scimitar
Wingmen Kien Chen
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Mission Layout


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

Colonel Halcyon nervously told us that the Kilrathi had captured the Falstaff, a Drayman carrying weapon design specifications, troop movement information, and tactical maps. We would move against it, but tip our hand that we were following the Kilrathi fleet. It didn't bode well for the future.

Mission Profile:

Bossman and I were Delta Wing, and we were ordered to intercept and destroy the Falstaff at Nav 1. After completing that section of the mission, we were to cruise to Nav 2 and engage any enemy targets we sighted.

Mission Chronology:

1. Two Jalthi attacked when 71,000 kilometers from Nav 1.
2. Two Krant scouts appeared 16,177 kilometers from the first nav point, soon followed by the Drayman and a 2-Krant escort.
3. A Ralari with a two-Salthi escort was engaged 18,000 kilometers from the second nav point.

Post-Mission Analysis:

We were patient with the two Jalthi who screamed into view soon after launch. We carefully selected our shots, made sure we were at full blaster power from the rear, and concentrated. on avoiding damage. We wanted to reach the Drayman and her escorts with all our missiles and little, if any, damage. Even thought we held an 80 KPS advantage on the Jalthi, our afterburners smoked at battle's end.

We totally ignored the Drayman while we went after the fighter escort. To avoid allowing the Krant pilots to regenerate shields, I locked on targets and stayed with them until destroyed. Bossman used his missiles early in the mission, but I saved mine for the Dray-man and Ralari, and always attacked the same spot on those ships.

Preflight Conversations


What'll you have, Maverick? I'll set you up with your regular.
Scuttlebutt says that the furbags have a Terran ship with them.
I know the Kilrathi never take hostages... but maybe just this time...
No. Who am I kidding? They don't take prisoners. Ever.
My cousin Zach and his lady are dead as anyone on Goddard...
... and if the cats do have a captured Confederation ship...
You can be sure it's filled with cat food or something. Not prisoners.

Talk to HUNTER

G'day, Maverick. I was telling Mariko here how you flew against the furballs.
Mariko Tanaka
Hunter was indeed very complimentary of your flying skills.
I hope to fly with you again someday soon.
Ian St. John
Speaking of flying with Maverick --
Christopher, if you get assigned Maniac, be bloody careful.
He's been running around the last few days with his head in the clouds.
Says he's going to take out the Kilrathi secret weapon that destroyed Goddard, all by himself.
I get the idea he's got some fantasy of going kamikaze...
... against the bleedin' Sons of Kilrah.
I don't want to see you flame out because of him. Be careful, right?

Talk to SPIRIT

''Konnichi wa, Maverick-san.
I was listening to the newscast this morning.
It appears that there was a Kilrathi attack on Epsilon Station.
My fiance is stationed there...he is an officer in the Medical Corps.
Ian St. John
I didn't know that, Mariko.
Mariko Tanaka
I rarely speak of him. It is better to concentrate on our work here.
For now, we must maintain communications silence, so I cannot find out what has happened.
But soon we will return to Terran space, and I will know.

Mission Briefing

Peter Halcyon

Good morning. There have been some recent crew reassignments...
... and I'd like to welcome all pilots new to the Blue Devil Squadron.
I hope you like flying the Scimitars. If you don't, I don't want to hear it.
And we have some real trouble. The Kilrathi captured a Confederation ship at Goddard...
...the Falstaff, a Drayman-class courier transport, which is carrying....
...information that is vital in our operations against the Kilrathi.
Weapons design specs, troop movements, tactical maps...that data could cripple our mission.
The cats are familiar with some of our security measures...
...Such as our rigging of databank couriers to blow when tampered with.
Odds are good that they're taking it back to their command center...
... so that their own techs can crack it without destroying the ship.
All right. Today's mission is to destroy that transport.
Now, we WILL be tipping our hand that we're actively following their fleet.
That's why we'll use a very small task force.
With luck, we'll be in and out before they realize they've been hit.
Two wings of Blue Devils will be performing the entire mission.
Here are the individual wing assignments

Peter Halcyon

Maverick, you and Bossman are Delta Wing. Maverick is wingleader.

The commander assigns other wings, then reads Delta's mission.

Peter Halcyon

Head for Nav 1, and destroy any Kilrathi patrols you encounter.
Once you reach Nav 1, your primary objective is to destroy the Falstaff.
Afterwards, head for Nav 2. We've detected a Ralari cruiser there. Eliminate it.
And keep your eyes open for fighter patrols and escort ships, $C...
...because the Kilrathi will use every ship they have to keep the Falstaff.
Once we start this, they'll know we're here. This is our one chance for surprise.
Good luck, pilots. Dismissed.

Mission Debriefing