Duress Light Fighter ML01

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Type Civilian Light Fighter
Model ML01
Primary User Civilian
Introduction 2785
General Characteristics
Crew 2 (Pilot & Passenger)
Cost c60,000
Maximum Yaw 80 dps
Maximum Pitch 80 dps
Maximum Roll 80 dps
Acceleration 60 k/s2
Maximum 380 kps
Maximum Afterburner 759 kps
Stream Laser (2)
Mounts 2
Default Missile Loadout
Snipe Missiles (3) [Difficulty Level 3/3/5]
Brute Mk. II Missile (1) [Difficulty Level 7]
Python Missile (1) [Difficulty Level 9]
Disrupter Missile (1) [Difficulty Level 10]
High Explosive Mine (10) [Difficulty Level 3]
Mounts 6
Mounts 4
Fore 175 cm equivalent
Aft 175 cm equivalent
Right 175 cm equivalent
Left 175 cm equivalent
Front 87.5 cm
Rear 87.5 cm
Right 87.5 cm
Left 87.5 cm
Source Privateer 2: The Darkening

The Duress is the most expensive light fighter available on the private market in the Tri-System. However, its strong shields and very small profile make it very hard to damage for any attacker and this way worth every credit.

Several notable Tri-System pilots fly the Duress, including Jak Perdies and Hengist Magnusson. Due to its nature as a light fighter, however, the Duress often falls into less reputable hands. In 2790, a pair of Duresses and a pair of Heretics abandoned a load of synthetic organs bound for an Anhur Orphanage to pirates. Finbhar Cratchett, the orphanage director, placed a bounty on their heads. Pirate clans also fly the craft - another even quartet of Duresses and Heretics, this time flown by Jincilla pilots, posed as mercenaries to lure the transport ship Lubanna into a trap. A Kindred Duress assisted in that group's attack on Messineo Couriers, Ltd.'s ex-mining base at Nav Point 225. None the less, other legitimate mercenaries do continue to fly Duresses - a pair escorted Davis & Co. Armaments and Supplies ships against Jincilla attacks in 2790. Duresses also see use in the private sector - a businessman, who was hunted in that same year for having harassed Bernice Barlow, flew the fighter as a personal transport.

The Duress entered service before 2785.