Black Lion Squadron

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"Black Lion"
Hellcat Elite Black Lion.png
Insignia, 2669
Branch Terran Confederation Space Force
Parent Formation 88th Fighter Wing (2654)
Type Fighter Squadron
Motto Animosus Usque ad Mortem
Service Terran-Kilrathi War

Black Lion Squadron is a Terran Confederation Space Force fighter squadron. It is considered an elite unit. The squadron was based aboard the TCS Tiger's Claw in 2654, and flew medium fighters. As of 2654.139, the Black Lions were equipped with F-44 Rapier IIs. Known members of the Black Lions included Christopher Blair, Kien Chen, Joseph Khumalo, and Ian St. John. Indeed, it was as members of the Black Lions that Blair and St. John destroyed the Kilrathi High Command installation of the Vega Sector on 2654.287.

Operational Spacecraft