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For the F-44 Rapier II go here.

CF-117 Rapier
Type Medium Fighter
Primary User Terran Confederation
Introduction 2536
Retirement 2654
General Characteristics
Length 9 meters
Mass 9 tonnes
Crew 1 (pilot)
Cruise 250 kps
Maximum 450 kps
Laser Cannons (2)

Duel-Pulse Rotary Barrel Neutron Gun (1)

Default Missile Loadout
Missile Mounts (10)
Jump Drive Yes
Fore 7 cm equivalent
Aft "[Aft Shield" contains a listed "[" character as part of the property label and has therefore been classified as invalid. cm equivalent
Front 5 cm
Rear 4 cm
Right 3 cm
Left 3 cm
CF-117 Rapier Target Identification circa 2654
Source Wing Commander Movie
Confederation Handbook

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CF-117A RapierRapier1.jpg CF-117B RapierRapier1.jpg CF-117B-L Rapier
Source: Confederation Handbook Confederation Handbook Confederation Handbook
Class: Medium Fighter Medium Fighter Medium Fighter
Length: Not Listed 9 meters 9 meters
Mass: Not Listed 9 tonnes 9 tonnes
Cruise Velocity: Not Listed 250 KPS 250 KPS
Max Velocity: Not Listed 450 KPS 450 KPS
Guns Wing-Mounted Laser Cannons (2) Wing-Mounted Laser Cannons (2) Wing-Mounted Laser Cannons (2)
Guns Duel-Pulse Rotary Barrel Neutron Gun (1) Duel-Pulse Rotary Barrel Neutron Gun (1) -----
Missiles Missile Mounts (?) Missile Mounts (10) Missile Mounts (10)
Tractor Beam Not Listed Yes Yes
Armor (Fore/Aft/Sides) Not Listed 5.0/4.0/3.0 cm 5.0/4.0/3.0 cm
Shields (Fore/Aft) Not Listed 7.0/7.0 cm 7.0/7.0 cm
Jump Capable Not Listed Yes Yes
Life Support Not Listed 7 Hours 72 Hours
Service Entry 2536 2645 2645


Joan's Ships of Known Space - 2654

  • CF-117 Rapier
    • "Currently the primary utility fighter of the Confed space force, development on the Rapier began in 2527 and the first order of 700 was commissioned in 2536. The B model, with enhanced missile capacity and the more efficient rotary barrel neutron gun, was phased in beginning in '45, and the A model has been completely phased out. The Rapier has now largely supplanted the earlier CF-105 Scimitar, particularly in frontline operations. The Rapier combines acceleration, maneuverability and firepower to make it the premier one-on-one dog fighter in space today. Its handling superiority is necessary, since its short-range neutron guns require close approach to the enemy in combat.
      • The Rapier's most distinguishing visual feature is its rotary barrel neutron gun. The rotating multibarrel allows longer continuous neutron fire. The duel neutron pulse generators can be set to alternate or synchronous fire. Wing-mounted lasers provide longer-range fire support. It also mounts up to ten guided or dumbfire missiles.
      • The Rapier features the standard Confed Tempest targeting and navigational AI, and a jump capable drive array. Its life-support systems are rated for up to seven hours cruise time. (A LARP variant exists, the 117b-L, with an enhanced sensor package and rated for up to 72 hours life support, but lacking the neutron gun.) The Rapier is not capable of sustained atmospheric operations its wings function strictly as weapon/missile mounts. It can generate a retrieval tractor rated for up to 75 tonnes. It is capable of ejecting its pilot into a standard survival pod."

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